Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.

Not For Sale

Remember Daniel? He couldn’t be bought or sold — wasn’t for sale
Regardless of persecution, the threat of death, or jail.
No, he didn’t have his price, but rather, stood firm and true,
And only that which was right, chose to think, proclaim, pursue.

Likewise Naboth.

Daniel was a man of principle — he had integrity,
He couldn’t be bribed, he always acted ethically.
He was not afraid of man, nor one to go with the flow,
He kept his word — that is, his “yes” meant “yes,” his “no” meant “no.”

Likewise John the Baptist.

Daniel had the courage to stand alone — to speak up, speak out;
When it came to right or wrong, he chose right — wasn’t in doubt.
He was true to His Master, true to himself — trustworthy,
A man, a real man, who followed his Master faithfully.

Likewise Stephen.

When push came to shove, Daniel was there, a man for his time,
His daily witness had a heavenly rhythm and rhyme.
He refused to compromise, went by his conscience, not his peers,
And right throughout his life remained the same, Scripture declares.

Likewise Esther.

Are you a Daniel, that can’t be bought or sold — not for sale
Regardless of persecution, the threat of death, or jail?
Do you stand firm, stand alone, speak up, speak out, remain true,
And only that which is right, choose to think, proclaim, pursue?

Are you another Luther?

Or do you — via silence and inaction — simply aid ill,
And via cowardice or fear, effectively prophecy fulfil?
Oh, how tragic it would be, should you be aiding heresy,
Due to self preservation, or acting misguidedly.

Does Judas or Pilate come to mind?

It could be said — that in times of crisis — such is treachery,
For such a time is not a time for acting selfishly.
Rather, it’s time to be a Daniel, and let God’s will prevail,
To make it known to all, that come what may, you’re not for sale.

Like Mary, the mother of Jesus, who let God’s will prevail.

What the world’s in great need of, more than anything else, today,
Is men who won’t be bought or sold, men who’re loyal — don’t betray.
Yes, men who aren’t afraid to call sin by its rightful name,
Men and women — who despite the cost — will shout in Heaven’s name.

Like Nehemiah.

Whose conscience is as true to duty as the needle to the pole,
And who — (praise God) — are honest and true in their inmost soul.
Men and women, who don’t stand idly by, but dare to speak,
When others attack God’s truth, or such truth attempt to tweak.

Noah, Daniel, Job — fitting examples of righteousness — (Eze 14:14,20).

Yes, who won’t be intimidated by jeers, lies, or threats,
For any who are, both error and its source, aids and abets.
It’s time to be a hero, to follow the steps of those
Who because they weren’t for sale, the same path as their Lord chose.

Remember Jeremiah?

Let me ask you again: Are you a Daniel — not for sale
Regardless of persecution, the threat of death, or jail?
Are you a “watchman” — one who’s not asleep, but wide awake,
Who the “Faith of our Fathers” won’t betray, nor truth forsake?

Are you another Paul (2 Cor 11:23-28)?

In an age of universal deceit, telling the truth, friend,
Is a revolutionary act — that says, I won’t bend.
In other words, it takes a Daniel, who’ll let God prevail,
And who’ll declare to all, that come what may, they’re NOT FOR SALE.

This is the challenge for Elijahs in the world of Ahabs and Jezebels,
Yes, Elijahs, in whom the Holy Spirit strongly dwells.

By Lance Landall

Be An Eagle

Consider the eagle, oft mentioned in God’s Word, that you may learn from its ways,
For the eagle is an amazing bird, that the best of qualities displays.
An excellence, that God desires within the life of every believer,
Who, via claiming His promises, will become an eagle, a soaring achiever.

(We’re eagles, not chickens or turkeys)

Yes, an eagle, not an underachiever, settling for mediocrity,
That is, a chicken or turkey, instead of an eagle soaring purposefully.
We’ve been created to reach our full potential, that God receive the glory,
And we, fulfil His noble purpose for our lives, excelling abundantly.

(Eagles strive for the best)

Just like an eagle, we must keenly focus on our mission — not deviate,
Undeterred by critics, negativity — surrounded by what will elevate.
Yes, striving for the very best, committed to excellence, integrity,
With a singleness of purpose, nothing withheld, engaging every faculty.

(Eagles have keen vision)

God wants us to soar like eagles, to see like eagles — His Word lighting our way,
To see things the way He sees, to see with His lens, a lens that searches and weighs.
To look at life with a Divine perspective, aided via the Spirit and prayer,
And driven by a burning passion, a vision — yes, a willingness to dare!

(Eagles are focussed)

Yes, only eagles soar, not chickens or turkeys, for they have the wrong mindset,
They don’t have the eagle attitude, fortitude, thus goals don’t set, nor higher get.
To spiritually soar, be a real Christian, one has to be born again,
And able to withstand difficulties and trials, evil responses of men.

(Eagles patiently wait)

Yes, God wants us to be like eagles, eagles who’ll step out of their comfort zone,
Who’ll utilize resources and opportunities — where needed, stand alone.
Eagles attuned to what will further His work, eagles managing their time well,
And up with the play, with a sense of timing that the right time and place can tell.

(Eagles renew their strength)

Though eagles are born to soar, they too have weaknesses, and sometimes make mistakes,
Hence why time out for renewing its strength, (restoration), an eagle duly takes.
Likewise, there may be times in our lives too, when we need to recharge our batteries,
A time to wait upon the Lord, to rest — and more so, spend time upon our knees.

(Eagles aren’t afraid to die)

And like eagles unafraid of dying, we too must face death, trusting in the Son,
Our mission in life accomplished, and all we were meant to do, faithfully done.
Yes, our feet firmly on the Rock, hope in our heart, awaiting that time, that call
When we’ll wing our way upwards like eagles, with He who also gave it His all.

(Eagles are faithful)

Meantime, we should strive for the best in every aspect of our lives, dream big dreams,
Not letting ourselves be distracted, nor deterred by the devil’s evil schemes.
But rather, emulate the eagle, it’s patience, strength, courage and bravery,
Developing our abilities, settling for nothing less than victory!

(Eagles are victorious)

Yes, more than conquerors, not happy with average, close enough, or second best,
Empowered eagles, eagles in which the Spirit’s outpourings are made manifest.
Eagles soaring higher and higher, never content with brass, but seeking gold,
Self-controlled, focussed on the prize — that one day, the face of Christ we may behold.

(Eagles are joyful)

Yes, be an eagle, for your sake, for others sake, and much more so, for Christ’s sake,
Not bowing to peer pressure, but rather, standing firm, no matter what it might take.
Not worrying about what others think, nor taking yourself too seriously,
An eagle with a good sense of humour, thankful, joyful, vibrant spiritually.

(Yes, be an eagle)

An eagle that’s not trapped in a cage of its own or another’s making,
But rather, freely soaring to greater heights, nesting where the view is breathtaking.
Operating from a heavenly viewpoint, with the bigger picture always in mind,
An eagle representing the very best that can be found within humankind.

By Lance Landall

Both poems have been inspired by two different sermons.

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