Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.

Oh Yes, There's A God Alright

If you think that there is no God, just take a good look around you,
For the work of a Creator is so clearly within one's view.
Yes, evidence is abundant proving that a God reigns on high,
But the greatest proof of all, I believe — has to be you and I.

The beautiful sunsets that inspire, the powerful surging sea,
The mountains reaching heavenward, and the sun shining constantly,
This earth that keeps on spinning, all the planets that are held in space,
Holler with great intensity that a God made all this take place.

All the creatures that are on the land, all the creatures in the sea,
And birds that ride the airwaves didn’t appear accidentally.
No, clearly and uniquely, a Creator all of them designed,
And hence why evolutionists all their missing links cannot find.

Yes, only a Creator — that is, our Saviour who reigns on high,
Made the earth and all its creatures, and then created you and I.
And He made us in His image so that just like Him we would be,
And hence why we were never monkeys — no, that’s simply a theory.

The wonders of creation, and, humanity’s complexity,
Show that an intelligent design is behind these things we see.
For everywhere that we cast our eyes, a Creator’s skill is seen, 
Yes, a genius and beauty, showing where our God’s touch has been. 

But evidence that’s greater, is found in those lives that He has changed,
For nothing’s more amazing than a heart that He has rearranged.
As taking a sin-bound human, and freeing them from sin’s cold grasp,
Is a supernatural act — yes, a wondrous, divine task.

Oh yes, there’s a God alright, One who my own life has deeply touched,
And one who amidst my tears and pain, I with confidence have clutched.
For there’s no doubt within my mind that a Creator made this world,
And therefore, not on evolution, but on God, my faith I’ll build.

By Lance Landall