Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.

Only That Cross

Yes, only that cross — that near its crest, ‘King of the Jews,’ proclaimed,
Only that cross — that shamed humanity, yet, lost sinners reclaimed,
Only that cross — that so scandalously holiness profaned,
Only that cross — that conveyed a love that just can’t be explained.

Only that cross — with its sickening thud that terribly pained,
Only that cross — upon which cruel nails disfiguringly rained,
Only that cross — that the life of its victim heartlessly drained,
Only that cross — that a tortured body shockingly strained.

Only that cross — that an innocent man (monstrously) constrained,
Only that cross — bearing divinity, bruised, wounded, bloodstained,
Only that cross — bearing nobility that dignity maintained,
Only that cross — bearing a Saviour who never once complained.

Yes, only that cross — at Calvary — but oh, what that cross gained,
For only that cross could save — with its sacrifice, preordained.
And any who fall at that cross repentant, prostrate, broken,
Will — by virtue of the Saviour’s grace — hear the following spoken:

“Arise, my dear child, you’re saved; and over such, the angels sing,
For you’ve been born again, you’re royalty, a child of the King.
You’ve been saved by the blood of the Lamb, you’re now covered by grace,
And are also considered as righteous, for I stood in your place.”

“Yes, ’twas grace, grace alone — and not works — lest anyone might boast;
And now, dear child, the infilling of My Spirit — the Holy Ghost.
For without the Holy Spirit, you’ll never be able to bear
The fruitage I desire, and which your genuineness will declare.”

“I know your lot, dear child, I’ve lived on earth too — thirty odd years;
I came as a babe, grew to manhood, endured taunts, threats and jeers.
And there, I wore your crown of thorns, bore your cross, and for you bled,
So you’d be free from bondage — not Satan’s child, but mine instead.”

“My love will sustain you, and the Spirit will enable, so trust Me,
Follow Me all the days of your life, willingly, faithfully.
Cling to me — through good times and bad — yes, cling to me tenaciously,
And I will lead you home — where with Me, you’ll spend eternity.”

Yes, only that cross, but what a cross, and oh, how much it cost,
But there was no other way to save sinners hopelessly lost.
Yes, only a heavenly Saviour, Calvary’s cross and grace
Can offer us hope, redeem, and secure a heavenly place.

And only an incredible love would go that far, offer such grace,
Suffer such brutalization, and willingly so, for this race.
Yes, only that cross, a cross like no other, nor will there be,
For there’s only one Saviour — JESUS — only one Calvary.

By Lance Landall