Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.


Our Body

I would like you to imagine that you have just purchased a Rolls-Royce;
Yes, I can see you phoning your friends with much excitement in your voice.
And once you have finished chatting to them, you're seen driving it around,
Enjoying all the attention that this valuable sedan has found.

And once you're back inside your driveway, you give it a nice wax and shine,
Uttering admiringly, “And to think that this great car is all mine.”
And then every day from that point on, it is lavished with tender care,
For you believe this car is worth it, and mistreat it, you wouldn’t dare.

You make sure that it's always serviced, believing in preventive care,
And knowing that should you neglect such, it would fall into disrepair.
You're aware of all the do’s and don’ts, for you have an owner’s handbook,
And should there be a problem, it's inside that crisp book that you will look.

’Though knowing that it's very well made, and built to last a lifetime too,
You’re aware that it can be harmed, or even destroyed, ’though it's brand-new.
Therefore, you do everything you can do, to make sure that it will last,
Lest it be that it soon expire, or, deteriorate very fast.

Yes, I dare say that you would act this way, given that most people would
If they could purchase a brand-new Rolls-Royce, and such a response is good.
But the question I would like to ask you is, do you act the same way
When it comes down to your own body? — for such care, we all should display.

Sadly though, many people do not, hence all their suffering and pain,
Which could've easily been avoided had they let common sense reign.
You see, we cannot abuse our body without paying a high price,
And hence why so many folk have ill health, and why many, with death dice. 

So many people harm their bodies via food that they shouldn’t consume,
And then they wonder why ill health (at some stage) quickly begins to bloom.
Yes, our body's fragile eco-system should be treated with great care,
Lest in time it become unbalanced and health issues start to appear.

By Lance Landall

Disguised Mindbenders

This world is awash with antidepressants, when they’re seldom the answer, if at all, and far more harmful than good,
And indeed a crime when they’re given to children, for in their case, even greater injury is the likelihood.
And under the influence of such potent drugs, both injury to themselves and others, many users have done,
Which is hardly a surprise, for our mind and body were not meant to be assaulted so — oft seen when once begun.

Oh yes, such man-made drugs are...

Purely the concoction of pharmaceutical companies that ply the medical profession almost obscenely,
Pushing their antidepressants as if they’re some kind of wonder drug, when they’ve more to do with injury, sadly.
For they simply numb, (leaving many somewhat Zombie-like), and interfering with their health in far more ways than one,
And hence the reason why — except for exceptional circumstances, perhaps — antidepressants we all should shun.

Far too many doctors are too quick to prescribe such — indeed most, probably — and are biased alternatively,
By that I mean, they’re just pharmaceutical dispensers, less interested in what works better naturally.
And oft very ignorantly so, thus lining the pockets of those behind slick monolithic corporations,
That push their expensive, experimental concoctions, and more often, plain injurious adulterations.

Yes, the world is awash with pharmaceutical drugs as harmful as those found on the streets, and some perhaps more so,
For millions of deaths are attributed to such each year, and most having been tested on animals pointlessly.
And that’s one of the reasons why, for such testing is just a con — yes, one of the cruellest hoaxes in history,
For humans and animals aren’t compatible medically, and nor are those mindbenders with humanity.

By Lance Landall

This particular poem is based on personal experience, observation and sources.