Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.


Has your pastor let you down, did he wrongfulness display,
Has he erred, or wandered from the straight and narrow way?
Are you feeling great concern, are you feeling most upset,
Reluctant to approach him, unsure what response you’ll get?

Despite wrong he may have done, even wrong he may be teaching,
This man who’s been appointed, via love and prayer needs reaching.
Only that way approach him, for he’s human just like you,
And Satan’s out to get him, as he’s after pastors too.

Satan tries to get control of the leaders in each church,
Knowing, should he be successful, his way their flock could lurch.
So he does his very best to mislead and tempt these men,
Who what’s right should live and preach, and error rightfully condemn.

Pastors may need approaching, for there’re times when folk we must,
But as to how and when to, only in the Lord’s ways trust.
And should they react wrongly, simply leave them in God’s hands,
For these ones who err like you -- God loves, and their lot understands.

Their role’s not an easy one, hence they can get discouraged,
Thus, sometimes in their ministry, they too, need to be encouraged.
So, every congregation should surround with love and prayer
Both faithful and erring pastors, as both, need our help and care.

We all, one way or another, misrepresent the Lord,
And sometimes we drift too, from the Rock where we were moored.
So, let’s show love and mercy t’wards the pastor who drifts too,
For pastors aren’t infallible, hence wrong things they sometimes do.

Praise God for those who’re called, and accept the pastoral role,
Yes, those dedicated men who’ve a burden for each soul.
May these pastors always be faithful leaders of the flock,
Sound in word and action -- aware, they’re answerable to the Rock.

By Lance Landall