Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.

Persuasion, Not Force

I may disagree with you regarding your beliefs, but,
I’ll do so respectfully, and my open mind not shut.
Yes, I will listen to you, and chew over what you say,
But then — it’ll be my conscience — not yours, that I will obey.

You should act the same as well, and your conscience obey too,
Lest it be that you’re misled by embracing what’s not true.
Yes, make up your own mind — when what others say — you’ve thought through,
Don’t let others pressure you — force you — as, that they shouldn’t do.

You’ve a right to your own view, and to follow that view through,
Where physically or emotionally harm you won’t do.
For your rights stop where others’ rights start — which is only fair,
And surely you’ll accept that if you’re genuine and sincere.

When we pressure and force, we cross a line — we violate,
And lay bare our own darkness, provoking anger, hurt or hate.
We bring about resistance, or resistance just make worse,
Then wonder why we’re disliked, and why they, such darkness curse.

Those who force — may get their way — but true allegiance, no,
Nor acceptance — for how can they win over — when such a way, they go.
Those whose heart and mind are sound, and are holding to what’s right,
Do not resort to pressure, force, hassle, argue or fight.

It’s a form of mind control when people manipulate,
A serious invasion no one should accommodate.
Sometimes it’s very subtle, other times blatantly clear,
But whether subtle or clear, it’s unacceptable — unfair.

Yes, I will listen to you, and chew over what you say,
But please don’t condemn me should I disagree, go my own way.
And please do not pressure me, for my mind’s my mind, not yours,
Besides, it’s persuasion, not force, that often opens doors.

By Lance Landall