Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.


Pied Pipers

There’s an unpleasant legend that is of German origin,
One about a Pied Piper who lived in the town of Hamelin.
To cut to the chase: He lured children away via his music,
Just like some folk do today via charismatic rhetoric.

But having said that though, music still leads many folk astray,
Music that’s not uplifting, but groaning with moral decay.
Yes, music that’s beat ridden, self or sex obsessed, and empty,
And which is negatively affecting each society.

This music moving and shaping the masses is concerning,
And more so, given it’s doing so, without most realizing.
But concerning too — is rhetoric — that’s just as flawed and ill,
That likewise has been busy casting an insidious spell.

Yes, it amazes me how many hang on the words of men,
And as a result, get led astray, and time and time again.
How adults as well as children follow others just like sheep,
Whose attractive, but errant path, soon gives one much cause to weep.

Pied Pipers could be religious leaders or politicians,
In fact, any who are holding authoritative positions.
Or those, (and including groups), who have the influence to steer;
Which many people put their trust in, or foolishly revere.

Some people follow Pied Pipers who have delusional dreams,
Or put their trust in a Piper who isn’t as he or she seems.
Followers of Pied Pipers can make up a minority,
But here, and usually, we’re talking a majority.

It’s what I call the Pied Piper syndrome — and a real worry,
One that can intimidate, even harm the minority.
For such sneers at opposing views, individuality,
And is a kind of cloning process that seeks conformity.

Followers of Pipers bow to the Piper’s melody,
And thereby, effectively sell their soul, eventually.
For they soon become silent, lest seen to be out of step, and,
Regarding certain wrongs, cover their ears, and don’t make a stand.

Silence is by far the crime of the majority — who share
The guilt of those Pipers — who captivate, mislead and ensnare.
For they get in behind, go with the flow, and wrongly invest,
Instead of standing out, speaking up, and doing what is best.

Yes, there once was a Pied Piper of Hamelin (allegedly),
Who lured young children away via a spell-binding melody.
And so too, do those modern Pipers, who also cast a spell,
That doesn’t just lure children, but those unwise adults as well.

Pied Pipers exist because of sheep — those followers of men,
Who, sadly so, history just repeat, time and time again.
For though folk should know better, they repeat the same old mistake,
That being, trusting in others — who — often the right paths forsake.

But Pied Pipers can be anything that leads people astray;
Whatever isn’t best, isn’t right, whatever doesn’t pay.
Be it money, lust, appetite, or simply those errant men
Who mislead via their rhetoric, be that from their mouth or pen.

By Lance Landall