Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.


Play It Again, Sam

Irritating and trite, perhaps, but the following is right, actually,
That when life hands us a lemon, we should make lemonade — act constructively.
“I wish” or “If only” need to fade, for all they do is hamper, hold us back,
Have us on some miserable carousel, heading down some negative track.

Life is unpredictable, it can change at any time, and some ill can intrude,
Thus, the only protection, and sensible path, is the correct attitude.
In other words, we should make the best of a bad thing, try and turn things around,
Otherwise, circumstances will always dictate, misery no doubt surround.

Such may be hard to put into practice, but it’s always where the answer lies,
For any wrong response to ill that comes our way, that ill simply magnifies.
It’s better to cut our losses, move on, start again, and our blessings tally,
Rather than to drag our feet in worn groves, and dwell in some regretful valley.

I’m well aware that life can be unfair, cruel, stressful, painful, complex maybe,
But the only way out lies ahead, not behind, nor thinking negatively.
Surely lemonade is better than lemons, as far as life’s sour lemons go,
And if we’ve got to make our way up river, why make our boat harder to row.

Yes, far too many people are always wishing this or that, pointlessly, fretfully,
Instead of living for the day, grateful for what they have, knowing worse could be.
If only they had a better spouse, better home, better car, much more money,
If only they could do this or that, be him or her — yes, “I wish,” “If only.”

Or they’re stewing over some grievance, bringing up the past, dwelling on mistakes,
It’s somewhat like a movie set, “Take one!” “Take two!” goodness knows how many “Takes.”
Sometimes they change their partner, find another town, or job, when they’re the cause, and,
When they’re told so, it’s, “Play it again, Sam,” as anything but themselves they brand.

It’s best we face up to our flaws, accept our lot, adopt a good attitude,
For that way we’ll be better prepared and able, should negative things intrude.
It’s best to make lemonade, to think positively, let hope flow, not hope dam,
And better to not fall victim to that tired old refrain, “Play it again, Sam.”

By Lance Landall