Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.

Please Do Whatever's Needed

Gracious, loving, God above, at Your Holy feet I now fall,
Ashamed of my behaviour, and words and thoughts that must appal.
Thus, I call upon Your mercy, and forgiveness ask of Thee,
And pray that You’ll encourage this sad heart that is failing me.

No matter how hard I try, it’s repeatedly that I find
That every day that passes just has me in the same old bind.
I battle like a soldier, Lord, but things still seem to go wrong,
So please help me, Lord, please help me — seems I can’t hold on for long. 

Yes, I just feel so weary, Lord, and just so tired of it all,
And this weight upon my shoulders many times has seen me fall.
Yes, every day I struggle, Lord, for I feel so burdened down,
So please help me, Lord, please help me — only fingers grasp Your gown.

I’m a wretched sinner, Lord, with such a weakness for the world,
Hence I’ve been a long time member of the devil’s good time guild.
I’ve battled for so long, Lord, with the hold that he has on me,
So please help me, Lord, please help me — lest I lose my grip on Thee.

I want to feel the Spirit, Lord, moving deeply within me,
Transforming and enabling, 'till doing right comes naturally.
I want to see all the old ways that are rooted deep inside,
Torn from their stranglehold, deprived of life, until they have died.

Desires plague me daily for the sights and sounds of this old earth,
And some traits not made in Heaven have afflicted me since birth.
Only You can break the hold this world and Satan has on me,
For I was born a sinner, and thus reborn I need to be.

I’m willing, Lord, and I'm waiting, for that rebirth to take place,
So please cover, strengthen, fill me, with Your empowering grace.
Break the chains that bind me, and free me from the power of sin,
Please do whatever’s needed, Lord, 'till just You reign deep within.

By Lance Landall