Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.



Could it be that most people think that poetry is just poetry,
And as a consequence, don’t really take it very seriously?
And yet, enjoy listening to songs, sing along to them happily,
Seemingly not conscious of the fact that they’re enjoying poetry.

Yes, isn’t it odd how people love songs — yet, aren’t into poetry,
Or at least, not in the sense of getting involved in it consciously.
Yes, they may not pen such, nor generally read such, but what they do
Is, repeat the lyrics of a song, or songs, be they old ones or new.

Thus, I think it’s fair to say, “Everyone loves a song,” and to be fair,
Songs are attached to music, and music is so wonderful to hear.
But even though that be the case, a song is simply poetry,
Which, universally, people enjoy, even if not consciously.

Though having said that, poetry can stand alone, and most worthily,
That is, meritorious poetry, not that doodle poetry.
Yes, poetry that’s not only creative, but weighty and lofty,
Poetry that stirs, rouses, even enlightens, and shows empathy.

Sadly so, the lyrics of most songs are trite, driven commercially,
And poems are often no better, and poorly penned, lamentably.
Hence why they hardly inspire, nor benefit the cause of poetry,
That I very much believe should be taken far more seriously.

Poetry is language at its very best, creatively enthroned,
A literary art form, visionary, driven, and finely honed.
Yes, it's the finest and deepest expression of humanity, that,
Stands the test of time, and pleases both commoner and aristocrat.

Poetry is life expressed in written form, a heartfelt outpouring,
Language that can’t be contained, won’t be restricted — a fountain, spring.
Words that gush forth with great vigour, rhythmically flow, live, breathe and sigh,
And for the right to be heard, and taken seriously, duly cry.

By Lance Landall