Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.



Those who govern our country should behave responsibly,
For they affect the lives of millions legislatively.
They shouldn’t lurch to the left, nor should they lurch to the right,
But rather, always seek a balance, lest ill they invite.

They should govern openly via acting transparently,
Upholding and championing freedom and liberty.
They should lead by example, behaving honourably,
And they should wed compassion to finance and policy.

Yes, governments should have a heart, one that’s generous but wise,
For where there’s no heart, unfairness and suffering arise.
Such can lead to dismay, distress, even anger, then unrest,
Hence why in each politician’s heart love should have a nest.

When it’s their debating time, they should show maturity,
Not shouting at opponents, but acting respectfully.
And when it comes to speaking, no other voice should be heard,
For each has a right to speak and have all hear every word.

It’s no light matter, and no small thing, running a country,
But something to be treated with the utmost gravity.
It requires those who’re principled, gracious, honest and true,
Those who can’t be bought or sold — and just what’s right, choose to do.

Good politicians act impartially, they’re there for all,
And for the baubles of power, and self delusion, don’t fall.
They run to none, cater for all, know that they’re there to serve,
And all that’s in the best interest of their country preserve.

Yes, they work with, rather than against, build bridges and not walls,
Whether in power or opposition, front benches, back stalls.
They shun cronyism — and for the greater good, put self last,
And are the ones remembered with fondness when their time’s past.

By Lance Landall