Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.


Can prophets make mistakes, and also wrongfully act?
Indeed they can, for in Scripture that’s a recorded fact.
Yes, prophets are human too, which means that they’re fallible,
But though that be the case, God still via them, conveys His will.

God uses broken vessels as they’re all that He can use,
For when it comes to humans there’re no perfect ones to choose.
So, you’ll not find a prophet who won’t somehow, somewhere err,
For when it comes to humans, that'll invariably occur.

Yes, there are false prophets too, but such prophets we can detect,
If we diligently and faithfully God’s Holy Word inspect.
It’s only via the Scriptures one determines false from true,
Aided by the Holy Spirit who helps those who truth pursue.

True prophets uphold God’s Law, and call people to repent,
And often throughout history, God therefore, His prophets sent.
Although God loves the sinner, their sinning He won’t excuse,
Hence true prophets keep His Law, preach repentance, and the Good News.

In the book of Revelation this same message is conveyed,
For there we’re told that lives are currently being weighed.
It speaks of God’s Commandments, and His Judgment that has begun,
And of angel messengers with warnings from Christ the Son.

True prophets don’t just warn, for God’s love they manifest too,
In fact, that’s how we also know whether they’re false or true.
You see, it’s love that seeks to warn, for such love knows what is best,
Hence why a true prophet both warns and of God’s love attests.

But don’t expect perfection in a prophet that God has sent,
As such wrong expectations could give you cause to lament,
For even a true prophet may not get a few things right,
But you can be assured though, they’ll still be walking in the Light.

By Lance Landall