Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.

Pseudo Christians

Some say that they are a Christian, when in fact, such is hardly so,
They really just a Christian in name; it less substance and more show.
Thus within the Christian Bible, it warns how true Christians will act,
And therefore, going by that Bible, the following is a fact:

A genuine Christian person doesn’t hide behind politics,
Nor do they indulge in game-playing, or any underhand tricks.
A genuine Christian person doesn’t wilfully break the law,
Hates bigotry and prejudice, and gossip chooses to ignore.

A genuine Christian person won’t also hide behind the Church,
Misuse position or power, someone’s reputation besmirch.
A genuine Christian person doesn’t act promiscuously,
But firmly stands on principle and always act transparently.

No, a genuine Christian person won’t rape, maim, pillage or kill,
Nor indulge in backroom deals, or what cruelly fuels a rumour mill.
A genuine Christian person will not fiddle the books, or steal,
Nor indulge in lying, cheating, and shared secrets will not reveal.

A genuine Christian person keeps to promises that they’ve made,
Practicing what they preach, not acting vainly, and wealth won’t parade.
And a genuine Christian person always call a spade a spade,
Never forces another’s will, investigation won’t evade.

A genuine Christian person doesn’t violate human rights,
Never goes seeking attention or the limelight, and never skites.
A genuine Christian person defends freedom of expression,
Upholds civil-religious liberty and condemns oppression.

A genuine Christian person doesn’t spit, curse, blaspheme or swear,
But always acts impartially, and never cruelly or unfair.
A genuine Christian person — if they’re blessed with wealth — such will share,
Upholds biblical standards, shuns that extra-marital affair.

No, a genuine Christian person doesn’t verbally abuse,
Never tries to control, manipulate, or others wrongly use.
A genuine Christian person doesn’t damage our fragile Earth,
Nor tells jokes that show bad taste, never indulges in bawdy mirth.

A genuine Christian holds no grudge, seeks to reconcile, forgive,
Shows compassion, mercy, acts justly, and a moral life will live.
A genuine Christian person shows all an open-hearted love,
Honours and guards the Bible that’s entrusted to them from above.

Therefore, only those who act like Christ have the right to claim His name,
And not those who’re acting contrary, for such Christians bring God shame.
You see, either they’re a genuine Christian, or sadly, they’re not,
And those who aren't genuine are usually easy to spot.

So Christianity’s a package, not a case of take your pick,
And nor is it some Pick ‘n’ Mix, or make believe, rhetoric.
No, it’s something that must be lived, otherwise it’s just a sham,
Nothing but pure hypocrisy, which both God and the Bible slam.

Yes, Christians will make mistakes, because we’re all human, quite clearly,
But mistakes are hardly the same as one acting rebelliously.
However, the genuine Christian will try to avoid mistakes,
They knowing that it’s their behaviour that their witness makes or breaks. 

By Lance Landall

This older poem was upgraded on the 18 November 2017.

The Convenient Christian

When Constantine made Christianity very popular, the Church was quickly flooded with half-baked Christians,
That is, those who thought they’d have the best of both worlds, thus still clinging to pagan ways, still clinging to cherished sins.
Hence the worldly practices and heresy that just as quickly entered the Church as well, conveniently —
All thanks to those convenient Christians who’re still around today, and thereby, indulging in the same folly.

In other words, the “Just accept Jesus and you’re saved” brigade, come don’t worry too much about doing God’s will,
And hence the worldly practices and heresy that has just as quickly entered the Church of today as well.
Yes, the convenient contemporary Christian, still clinging to pagan ways, still clinging to cherished sins-
Cum-hardly know the Word-cum-“The end justifies the means”-cum-pretty much anything goes — oh, how Satan grins.

Yes, Hollywood has its share of them, the rock, pop and whatever else circuit too — they as worldly as the worldly,
But hey — it doesn’t matter — they’ve accepted Christ and thus are saved — don’t even need to go to church, apparently.
Well, so it’s said, but not by Christ, and such is nowhere to be found in His Word, for such is a fallacy,
One that one soon coming day will see a number of convenient Christians missing out on eternity.

We can’t accept Christ as our Saviour whilst excluding Him as Lord of our life-cum-hardly submit to His will,
For acceptance of God’s grace must include repentance, a turning from our old ways to His desires fulfil.
After all, He’s a jealous God, and Christians are meant to be His ambassadors, they witnessing correctly;
So tell me, how can they, if they have a foot in both camps? — for that’s just confusion — Babylon, actually.

The convenient Christian come lukewarm Laodicean who's thus lost their saltiness and  smothered their light,
Isn’t worthy of Heaven, for they haven’t taken up that cross that they've been asked to, thus troubles don’t invite.
That is, they hardly irritate the world by their godly difference, for there’s little difference to be seen,
Given they’re still in love with the world — and thus salvation wise, have their head resting under Satan’s guillotine.

By Lance Landall