Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.


Real Men

Okay, so you’re handy with your fists, are adept with a knife and a gun,
And thus really know how to injure folk, and mistreat animals for fun.
Well, you’re simply just a big bully, who actually, weakness displays,
A bully who has personal issues, and who on other people preys.

Therefore, you’re not acting like a man at all, as real men don't act that way,
But rather — one's higher instincts, not one's lower instincts — choose to obey.
Any fool can pump iron, puff out his hairy chest, and pridefully strut around,
But a man who's a real man, isn’t so egotistically muscle-bound.

Yes, he may well have big sized muscles, but a real man does not misuse them,
In fact, a real man is one who any form of violence will condemn.
You see, a real man is a protector — yes, the guardian of the weak,
They being, all those who are vulnerable, and who help may well need to seek.

And, let me add, kicking someone when they’re down is an unmanly thing too;
A bullish, cowardly act — yes, such is just spineless, an evil thing to do.
Such is simply the gang mentality, and such gangs are for weak men too,
For real men can stand alone, they stand for what’s right, and only right will do.

A real man will use his head, (his brains), not his fists, nor any weaponry,
For real men embrace wisdom, display love and care, compassion and mercy.
Yes, real men have a sound mind, a good heart, noble, gentle and kindly ways,
And they only use brawn where it's right to, knowing that violence never pays.

A real man treats women and children well, family, friends and strangers too,
For he is good to all, and only the ways of peace chooses to pursue.
A real man is a also a brick, a pillar — very law-abiding too,
And is always faithful, trustworthy — one who the best for all will pursue.

No, a real man isn't some bully, for he is far too manly for that,
He’s not some macho clod, stereotype, talebearer, wimp or copycat.
A real man's prepared to make sacrifices, lend a hand, put others first,
Because a real man chooses to die to self, do his best, and not his worst.

By Lance Landall

No You Don't!

Yes, men come and go — three score years and ten — well, roughly so,
And many simply make fools of themselves — it’s pride, you know.
Power goes to the head of some who aren’t humble enough,
And some have that macho hang-up — you know, have to act tough.

Sooner or later, one way or another, some oppress,
Others simply create problems — in other words, a mess.
Many are bad role models whose behaviour sometimes shocks,
And others are vain, puffed-up, and strut about like peacocks.

Some are arrogant — and when wrong, still say they’re right, justified,
Though many are plain deluded; and much that’s good deride.
And within their unsound minds, issues and conflicts reside,
That behind their bravado and so on, they cannot hide.

Many are hard and thoughtless, thus, compassion barely know,
Yes, they’re insensitive clods, coldhearted, weak and shallow.
And there’re those womanizers, who fancy they’re some Romeo,
When they’re not, but rather, a fool with an inflated ego.

Some men are little dictators, cowards who’ve weaponry,
Others like to curse and brawl, acting very childishly.
Yes, seems most haven’t grown-up, and chances are they won’t,
Until society hollers loud and clear, “No you don’t!”

Harsh? Well, you might think so, but at the end of the day, it’s true,
So, lets call a spade a spade, and face up to these things, too.
Such men aren’t worthy of positions that they often hold;
Which are better given to men who’ve broken this sad mould.

It’s time we started discouraging such behavior, and,
Sought a higher standard, applauded those who’ve made a stand.
It’s time we taught our young men to think and act like real men,
Otherwise, all that has gone before, we’ll simply see again.

By Lance Landall