Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.


Renegade Dads

So many men (fathers) abandon their own child, unbelievably,
Some before their child is born, others sometime later, tragically.
Most males who sow wild oats have no intention of staying around,
Hence why when a child appears on the scene, they are seldom to be found.

For whatever wrong reason, most cut and run, their child the casualty,
The mum left fending for herself, against all the odds, so unfairly.
Both are just left to the wolves, thrown to the wind, discarded like objects,
Oh, what kind of man (father) so coldly his own flesh and blood rejects?

Whether the result of a one night stand or longer relationship,
There’s no excuse for such abuse, for such, a child’s happiness will strip.
Fathers cannot discard their child like that without leaving wounds that weep,
Wounds that torment, wounds that fester, wounds that shatter, and rob of sleep.

Yes, the world is full of renegade dads, who leave behind misery,
Deserters, men who don’t want to know, won’t support, irresponsibly,
Men who opt out, bounders, evaders, who leave their child without a dad,
Men who left after the going got tough, or after the fun they had.

And who left behind (devoid of a father figure) a hurting child,
Often full of anger, confusion, fear, rebellious and running wild,
A child looking for meaning, answers, even feeling that they’re to blame,
All because of reckless fathers who leave scars, emotionally maim.

Such fathers rob their child of security, thus creating issues,
Issues that soon perpetuate cycles, soaking pillows and tissues,
For not just that child and its mother are invariably affected,
But others too, at whom that child’s inner conflict is misdirected.

Yes, the world is full of renegade dads, who’ve left a sad legacy,
Men motivated by self-interest, behaving uncaringly,
Fathers who deprive their child of a dad, their own flesh and blood betray,
A cruel, shameful, heartless and cowardly action — foul play, some would say.

By Lance Landall

Unfairly Deprived

Everyone needs a mother and father, and yet, so many are deprived of either one, or both, when they shouldn’t be,
Or they are deprived of a brother or a sister, all of which can leave them deeply affected emotionally.
Whether they’re adopted out, fostered out, or abandoned by some renegade mother or father, such is hardly fair,
And so often a terrible burden that throughout the rest of their tortured lives those poor unfortunates have to bear.

To add insult to injury, many are mistreated by their care-givers, and even newly assigned family,
Whether such abuse be via some orphanage come institution, or via some surrogate mother and father, and,
Amidst it all, many longing to one day find those ones they’re badly missing, so many questions burning in their mind,
But particularly one — “Why?” — a question that they will not receive an answer to if those missing ones they can’t find.

And sometimes when they do, there is a happy and successful reunion, but mostly such isn’t how it goes, sadly,
For those missing ones have either passed away or can’t be found, or if they are found, they  add to past rejection hugely.
Yes, some who are found, don’t want to be found, and to be honest, aren’t worth finding perhaps, given their coldness and cruelty,
All of which could fill the pages of so many books, and that does, though in the scheme of things, only a minority.

And hence why the world is full of rudderless souls torn from a much needed anchor — a mum and a dad, a family,
Many seemingly drifting through life like some lost child, or thrashing about in waters of emptiness others can’t see.
And hence those inner tears, tears that shouldn’t be, for all were meant to have a mum and a dad, alias a family,
And not just for a while, but for as long as life permits, given that life’s curtain descends on all, eventually.

By Lance Landall