Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.

Satan's Doing

The devil chuckled to himself. “Boy, she swallowed that one,” he said of Eve,
And he congratulated himself on his ability to deceive.
Now that Eve and her husband were dealt with, he turned his attention elsewhere,
And, with those things that our God had created, he began to interfere.

And interfere he did, with intelligence greater than any on earth,
An evil mastermind, a mad scientist, blending his hatred with mirth.
Yes, a fallen planet, now his experimental laboratory,
Where he could go about madly destroying things systematically.

Satan soon figured out how to manipulate the DNA of cells,
And in time, this planet was riddled with his devilishly devised ills.
Certain things that were harmless now became poisonous, plants developed thorns,
And harmful bacteria and parasites sprang forth, weeds, thistles on lawns.

Next Satan turned nature into a reign of tooth and claw, death and bloodshed,
But despite what he did, and the horrid results, God was one step ahead,
Thus, the devil’s meddling was minimized, counterbalanced to some degree,
Otherwise, there would have been absolute chaos, which was his strategy.

Hence why God endowed plants and animals with a certain ability
Which providentially allowed them to develop an immunity
To new diseases, and to also adapt to new conditions, eventually,
Otherwise Satan would have gained total control, wiped out humanity.

Yes, nature’s ills are Satan’s doing, not the result of Darwin’s theory,
Which, I might add, was devilishly orchestrated too, undoubtedly.
The Scriptures clearly state that our God made this earth in six literal days,
Not via a reign of tooth and claw, not via some “evolutionary” phase.

The one who inspired Darwin’s foolish theory inspired Harry Potter too,
For both are fantasy, deception, that Satan knew many would pursue.
He presents things in packages that he knows humans will quickly embrace,
But what a tragedy, when Christians too, these same things utilize and chase.

Satan hasn’t just been working on nature, but also on human minds,
Hence his love of deception, fantasy and fiction, for he knows such blinds.
Given time, falsehood and truth become difficult to tell apart, unless
One’s very discerning, clothed in a biblical and godly battledress.

Because this earth’s near its apocalyptic end, Satan’s upping the anti,
Hence the rise in spiritualistic material, activity.
And sadly, many Christians have succumbed to his bewitching New Age spell,
When they should’ve only been drinking from their Saviour’s pure lifesaving well.

Many are hooked on signs and wonders, the mysterious and beguiling,
They’re far from the narrow way, close to a precipice, and Satan’s smiling.
He knows that many foolishly think they’re saved despite their sad condition,
And he’s chuffed, for he’s the master of illusion — a clever magician.

Ever since the Fall, Satan has sought to gain complete control of this earth,
And prophecy predicts that prior to Christ’s return, a world power gives birth.
Such is no doubt Satan’s End-time vehicle for gaining control of all,
A world power that the devil’s desires will legislatively install.

And one that duly calls “fire to come down from Heaven” supernaturally,
Hence why Satan’s preparing the way via spiritualism, you see,
For once such is embraced, his fiery deception will fool folk easily,
And once again, “Boy, they swallowed that one,” Satan will chortle gleefully.

By Lance Landall