Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.

Satan's On His Soapbox

“Discipline yourselves, keep alert. Like a roaring lion your adversary the devil [Satan] prowls
around, looking for someone to devour” (1 Peter 5:8).

With the usual scowl on his face, Satan addressed his comrades angrily,
“Times running out!” he shouted, “Our enemy’s returning soon — up the anti!
Attack! Attack! Attack! Don’t let up! Pursue every Christian relentlessly,
But more so those Christians who’re attempting to live righteously and faithfully.”

His comrades nodded approvingly as they listened to his savagery,
Sometimes applauding when something particularly nasty tickled their fancy.
They were used to his ranting and raving, now occurring far more frequently,
And hardly surprisingly, given his outlook apocalyptically.

Satan continued his tirade. “Discourage them at every turn, mercilessly,
Keep at them until they give up, and then some, the faithful ones especially.
Ridicule their zeal, and hold them up as examples of fanaticism;
Liberalize! Loosen! Slacken! Destroy any forms of conservatism.”

Such provoked a standing ovation, another round of applause, hate symphony,
For despite their burgeoning workload, they relished such evil activity.
They dropped to their chairs again, awaiting more of the same, the usual fare,
“And if discouragement won’t work,” Satan continued, “Intimidate, use fear.”

He now leaned forward to emphasize his poisonous ranting. “Work from within.
Create schisms, infighting, have them at each other’s throats, erode discipline.
Turn their sanctuaries into a bedlam of noise — yes, have churches rocking,
De-emphasize reverence, delude, confuse, ’till they’re accepting the shocking.”

Another standing ovation, (unbridled admiration), roars of delight,
Satan’s vile biddings wetting their already adulterated appetite.
“Introduce corrupt theology, dilute their doctrines, distort and subvert,
And any material or focus on living righteously, subtly pervert.”

“Encourage petty squabbles, provoke discontent, resentment and jealousy,
See that pride and ambition get in the way of their witness and ministry.
Malign those who point out sin, accuse them of judging, have folk just talk of love,
And ensure that their worship becomes focused on what’s below and not above.”

More hearty head nodding, piercing whistles and foot stomping echoed round the walls.
“Yea, see that nothing but chaos and misdirection the Christian Church befalls.
Have Christians pursuing the worldly until it’s too hard to tell them apart,
Yes, tempt and ensnare them, until their lives and the Church we’ve sacked, ripped out its heart.”

The devil paused. His eyes took on a sharper glint, and his lips curled in a sneer.
“Go for the leaders!” he roared, “Most parishioners are like sheep, easy to steer.
Some even idolize their leaders, treat them God-like, which makes them vulnerable,
In other words, easy pickings for us, indirectly manipulable.”

Laughter broke out, and even Satan managed a grin, “Yea, dupe the leaders,” he said,
“For that’s one of the best ways that parishioners can be incorrectly fed.
Once they swallow error, they even defend it, and then the doors are open wide,
The Church and the Christian’s walk then laced with a cunningly blended cyanide.”

Laughter broke out again and Satan stepped up a gear. “Really hound the faithful!”
The listening legions roared with a resounding “Yes!” their bloodlust palpable.
“Yea, continually hassle them, dog their steps, send trouble and woes their way,
And see that they’re despised among other Christians who less commitment display.”

Yes, that’s Satan on his soapbox, one that we should take more seriously,
Relying on our Saviour’s armour and promises, shunning complacency.
Though God’s greater than Satan, on our side and going to win the victory,
Only those who’re committed and who faithfully endure, receive eternity.

Allow me to digress:

When I was attending school, there was a girl that some classmates picked on, mercilessly,
Why? Because she was quiet, gentle, sweet, wouldn’t do anything wrong, seemingly.
Despite being bullied, she didn’t hit back, behave like them, but kept her dignity,
Until one day she finally broke, burst into tears, responded angrily.

Well, Satan’s a bully too, one who loves to pick on those who’re living righteously.
Why? Because just like that girl, they exemplify everything he hates, you see.
They reflect the One he loathes, (all that Satan’s not), which he doesn’t want to see,
For committed, faithful and righteous Christians are a better testimony.

Yes, just like those cruel classmates, it’s his intention to break them, have them lose heart,
For he hopes that by doing so, their commitment to Jesus will soon fall apart.
He desires they sink to his level, which will make him feel better, dance with glee,
For Satan doesn’t want them receiving what he won’t receive — eternity.

Yes, Satan’s on his soapbox stirring his troops, with the faithful foremost in mind,
Hence why what he is up to, and what he is all about, I have sought to remind.
Our salvation’s no minor matter, for grace covers sinners, not sin, you see,
Hence why only those who’re truly committed and faithful, receive eternity.

By Lance Landall