Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.

Sexual Criminality

“Rape is just a power thing,” it’s often said, all too easily,
For the truth is, that there is far more to it than that — believe me.
Certainly power may be at the fore in many cases, but,
Even then, I’ve my doubts as to whether it’s really that clear cut.

A man’s sexual drive is very powerful at the best of times,
And the more it’s stimulated, the higher and stronger it climbs.
In many men, the sexual drive is problematic, too strong,
And, I believe, a factor in sexual crimes; and has been all along.

Unfortunately, there’re many men who struggle sexually,
And more so those whose sexual drive is problematic, clearly.
For them, the sexually visible has an irresistible pull,
And the way some women dress, invariably is red rag to a bull.

But as I said, men in general can struggle sexually,
And visually are being stimulated continuously.
And, I must add, unfairly so, and foolishly so, for there’s a cost,
But this is what happens when commonsense and thoughtfulness gets lost.

With women being encouraged these days to dress more sexually,
The sexual drives of men are being stimulated heavily.
Thus, many a good man falls from grace, hurting wife and family;
Or some women in general, who thought it harmless looking sexy.

Women have no idea how strong this force is that they play with, clearly,
After all, they’re not men, and aren’t stimulated so easily.
To many women it’s just a game, when it’s really Russian roulette,
Hence why their worst nightmare, or some unpleasant advance, some get.

Thus, I believe sex crimes can also be the result of frustration,
Caused by a growing sexually explicit stimulation.
Either via the media, books, magazines, movies and TV,
Or via the way women dress, in other words, provocatively.

And added to such frustration, there’s background, circumstances too,
Which is another reason why the sexy, women shouldn’t pursue.
At least not in public, that is, where predators may lie in wait,
Or where weakness, obsession, or grudge holding men, they might aggravate.

Certainly there are bad men, opportunists, who act wrongfully,
But there always has been, and will be, in any society.
Thus, when women dress sexy, these sort of men they will attract too,
Not just the average Joe, over stimulated by what’s on view.

While women may well have the right to wear what they want, anywhere,
They should also take into account what I am conveying here.
What one’s allowed to do, isn’t always wise to do, to be fair,
And why women dressed sexually in public, blame must share.

And also those women who’re willingly involved in pornography,
Thus wildly cranking the handle of sexual perversity.
Or who shed their clothing for movie producers, or some tabloid,
Fueling lust, debasing minds, hence how societies get destroyed.

All this fuels those fires burning inside of unstable hearts and minds,
Yes, all consuming fires that some evil perversion masterminds.
And there are many with such fires burning, and their ranks are swelling,
All because we’re hung up on sex, and the sexy are busy selling.

We also need to remember that most rapes go unreported,
And that there are attempted rapes, that fortunately are thwarted.
What we hear of, is the tip of the iceberg, let alone what’s thought,
For there are many who would rape, but don’t, lest it be, they get caught.

No, rape isn’t just a power thing, (which is surely clear to see),
But also, the result of flaunting what stirs men frustratingly.
Yes, frustration that’s often compounded by other things, like background,
Or circumstances, and the perverted influences that abound.

Red rag to a bull? You bet, given the sexual drives of men,
And why we will continue to hear, “Oh no, here we go again!”
Unless of course, wisdom prevails, and sexy gives way to virtue,
So that publicly, what sexually stimulates isn’t on view.

Yes, women can dress how they want to, and people can sell and watch porn,
But one day, the true cost of this sexual revolution will dawn.
It’s a runaway carriage full of dynamite ready to blow,
For there’s always a cost, when those paths that are better, we forgo.

Oh, one more thing. When men are staring at women who’re dressed sexy,
Why do those women usually look upon such negatively?
After all, it’s hard for men not to stare, given that such draws them so,
And why should those women complain, given that they’ve put such on show?

Would we tease creatures by dangling meat, (they can’t have), in front of them?
No. Such unfairness we would generally be quick to condemn.
So why’s it okay to dangle sex in front of men, teasingly,
Passersby, that is — continually confronted by such publicly?

There’s certainly nothing wrong with women dressing attractively,
And in fact, men wouldn’t want it any other way. But sexy?
One’s wife, maybe, privately — but let’s not encourage such publicly,
For such just fosters lust, not an appreciation of beauty.

Attractively dressed women will still attract the eye, and that’s okay,
But the sexy, caught in the lens of a man’s mind, triggers replay.
And as that picture persists, cranking his sexual drive within,
The wheels of unfaithfulness, and self-gratification, begin.

Yes, “sexy” is a con, for it works against women, actually,
It turns them into sexual objects — just play things, finally.
Thus, overtime it sees men treating them far less respectfully,
And is it any wonder, when women forgo virtue and dignity.

The breast hugging low cut top, those crutch hugging pants, and high skirts —
(And much more could be mentioned) — a woman’s best interest hurts.
For they draw a man’s eyes to the body, not the person, you see,
Which inevitably undermines a woman’s security.

Isn’t it intriguing how the sexual figures so highly
At a time when society’s hitting an all time low, sadly.
In other words, when anything’s going, and pleasure’s coming first,
And when the world is full of troubles and woes — appears to be cursed.

Isn’t that telling us something? Something we’re not listening to,
Or at least, not those sheep, who, behind shepherds of sexy fashion, queue.
Meantime, we’re engulfed by crime, yes, sexual criminality,
That’s fueled by society’s obsession with sexuality.

By Lance Landall

When Will Some Women Learn?

Now, I don’t mean to be hard on women — in fact, these words are penned out of concern — but when will some women learn
That walking or jogging in out of the way places on their own, or during hours of darkness, can badly burn?
That is, soon see them attacked, raped or killed, given that there are evil male predators that are lurking out there,
Who, I’m ashamed to say, (given that I’m a male as well), number in the thousands, and thus are good cause for fear.

And hence why so many women go missing, never to be heard of again, their bones much later discovered,
Though that is, only when their death, place of departure and burial, and horrific end is uncovered.
Sometimes having been held prisoner in a dungeon under some predator’s house — yes, sex slaves, we’re talking here,
Who before being mutilated, killed and dumped, terrible deviant sexual activity had to bear.

Yet, despite all the warnings, and the many cases that we hear of on the News, they’re still seen out there alone,
That is, walking or jogging where and when they shouldn’t, oft scantily clad too — yes, in the “asking for it” zone.
And why those men who care, and seek to protect women rather than injure them, shake their head unbelievably,
Unable to figure out why these women do such, for surely even a fool, the perils of such can see.

Yes, given the times that we live in, it’s very hard to understand, but perhaps one reason why some don’t see
Is, because they’re too accepting of, and even involved in, much of the rot that’s dragging down society.
In other words, they’re so used to the rot that they don’t realise just how bad things are — somehow numbed, tragically,
And many only to discover such when so assaulted — that is, sexually and horrifically.

By Lance Landall