Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.

Shout, Lord

What must the world be thinking watching the sad behaviour
That is shaming and mocking our holy righteous Saviour?
Yes, the dancing, clapping, musical hullabaloo,
Coming from hordes of Christians who’re deluded, hell-bent, askew.

Yes, look out Hollywood, Las Vegas — you’ve competition,
For many Christians are borrowing your ammunition.
They’ve bought into your ways as a means to an end — their end,
For I have never known God to such worldliness defend.

In fact, “Walk away,” God has said, “And leave the world behind,
In it, not of it, don’t let it feed and enfeeble your mind.
You’re sleeping with the devil, you’re wrongly portraying Me,
I’m a God who won’t have a bar of infidelity.”

Many aren’t just starring in these worldly type productions,
But in their own grand finale — courtesy earth’s seductions.
They’re full of explanations in attempts to justify
What God has called rebellion, and what He will never buy.

It’s a case of spot the Christian, but where does one begin?

Yes, it’s hard to tell the difference — that is, where there’s any,
And, sadly, it’s not just a few that have sold out, but many.
The devil’s got them hooked, shackled, drunk on Babylon’s wine;
It’s prophecy fast fulfilling, a tragic End-time sign.

Yes, Golden calves by the dozen, towers of Babel too,
Revelry, bedlam — forgive them, Lord, they know not what they do.
They’ve lost the plot, may well forgo the lot, eventually,
Shout, Lord, perhaps they’ll hear You amidst their idolatry.

They’re stars, celebrities, actors, entertainers — oh dear —
They even credit You, Lord, with the success that they share.
I know Your wrath is kindled, that Your Judgment’s near at hand,
Shout, Lord, shout — and loudly — for Your ways they don’t understand.

By Lance Landall

Were Christ Born Today

If instead of many years ago, Christ was born on Earth today, and in due time began His ministry,
I’m sure He wouldn’t be driving a Mercedes, but catching a bus or train — riding a bike, possibly.
And He not sporting designer labels, but more likely the clothing one finds in op shops-cum-common fare,
And when the day was done, He returning to some humble lodgings and an inexpensive meal waiting there.

And you know, I can’t imagine Christ dining at MacDonald's — well, given what He said about our body —
It belonging to Him and not us, and it being the temple of the Holy Spirit-cum-keep it healthy.
And given what we're told about one’s eyes-cum-one's mind, He’d no doubt be watching where He gazed, (and so should we),
For everywhere one looks one sees the sexually arousing, and thus every kind of immorality.

And why He’d no doubt bypass Hollywood, except to condemn its sin and warn the perishing, tears in His eyes,
And while He’s at it, any other ungodly soul destroying place that sin-cum-man-cum-self glorifies.
And I’ve no doubts that He’d be brandishing a whip like back then, given so many Christian sanctuaries,
For much that’s going on in churches today, (all thanks to contemporary moneychangers),
wouldn’t please.

And I suspect He’d be paying a visit to many Christian organisations, they far from holy,
And there, berating modern Pharisees and Sadducees, pointing out false teachers and prophets, and rightly.
I’m sure that He’d also have a lot to say to those Christians who’re courting the State — so much for their memory —
For “My kingdom’s not of this world” He said, and given the mixed multitude, such most categorically.

And along with this, reminding them that His followers are meant to be different, and thus far from worldly,
They trusting in Him, not man, and only engaging in that which bears all the hallmarks of the heavenly.
But what Christian is listening? — unless you turn off that TV, oh, and that computer and MP3. 
“Anything else?” Probably, but I’m sure you get the picture. “Do you mean lost?” Now there’s a possibility.

By Lance Landall