Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.

Silencing The Watchmen

“I have set watchmen upon thy walls, O Jerusalem [to guard its people against danger],
which shall never hold their peace day or night [are vigilant, alert, industrious]: ye that
make mention of the Lord, keep not silent [on their fidelity depends the safety of the church]”
(Isa 62:6, KJV).

Satan has always sought to silence the watchmen — yes, women too,
That is, those who guard against error, and remain faithful and true.
All those who stand up and speak out, blowing the trumpet loud and clear,
And who, despite opposition and derision, still persevere.

So he attempts to remove them, be that blatantly or subtly,
Deriding the things that they say, attacking them personally.
And he does this via human agencies, individuals, who,
Are caught up on falsehood, and who some wrongful agenda pursue.

History’s full of his efforts to silence watchmen, take them out,
Like the Pharisees tried to do with Christ — and hey, weren’t they devout!
So convinced that they were right, and Christ so wrong — classed Him a fraud,
Yes, our Lord, who ran the gauntlet of the deluded braying hoard.

Satan convinces folk that the watchmen are acting negatively,
That they’re acting judgmentally, and are causing disunity.
And soon a message goes out to the flock, something along this line:
“Let’s only say nice things, not criticize, and then all will be fine.”

Soon the watchmen are ostracized, (should they continue to speak out),
Which sees danger enter the fold, and undisciplined sheep God’s will flout.
No longer are the trumpet blasts heard above the laughter and smiles
And pleasure derived from faulty contemporary ways and styles.

Yes, Satan has always sought to silence the watchmen, and still seeks,
Hence why we hear, “You shouldn’t judge,” whilst Satan ’round the back sneaks.
Eventually he’s able to stroll right through the front doors, and,
Is it any wonder, dear friend, with the sentry boxes unmanned?

Yes, it’s bad enough when watchmen fall asleep when they’re on duty,
Or when they allow themselves to be distracted, irresponsibly.
But when they’re silenced, or sent packing, that’s plain absurdity,
And those responsible for such, God will deal with accordingly.

Remember the Corinthian church, and Paul’s rebuke, censuring?
Well, what’s going down in churches today, has a familiar ring.
Hence there’s a need of watchmen, modern Pauls, and sound church discipline,
No matter how much, such, might get under someone’s sensitive skin.

So, don’t knock the watchmen — they’re our Lord’s eyes and ears, effectively,
Who’re concerned for His Church, and the flocks well-being, spiritually.
Yes, their trumpet blasts are sorely needed, given wolves lie in wait,
Toting inducements, and heresy, that they wish to circulate.

Yes, Satan has always sought to silence the watchmen, still their voice,
And dare it be that we aid him, giving him reason to rejoice.
It’s better to heed the watchman’s warnings and remain on safe ground,
For very soon, Jesus Christ Himself, a trumpet will loudly sound.

By Lance Landall

Woe Betide Silence

Woe betide silence where silence shouldn’t be, as I’d rather fear God than man, suffer temporarily,
Yes, woe betide silence where there’s wrong within the church-cum-sanctuary, or within Christianity,
For Christianity is all about Christ, and so too each church, and thus not about man, who dares to play,
And when he does wrongly tamper, woe betide those who keep quiet and conveniently look the other way.

Oh, the damage done by those who rearrange this or that, and introduce what wised up Christians never dare,
All of which creates dissensions, divisions, and why from those same pews more honourable Christians disappear.
For what Christian worthy of the name could in all conscience stay there, lest via their presence they condone such ill?
And why their voices can’t remain selfishly silent, and where it becomes necessary, nor their feet still.

So where does one draw the line? When things have got too bad? Isn’t bad, bad enough? Does one wait until there’s more?
Thus tolerating degrees of adulteration, first allowing how many golden calves through the door?
And thus meantime submerged in false worship, and thereby, warming the pews of a corrupted sanctuary,
Where no matter how sincerely deluded folk are, God can’t accept that worship, such being like blasphemy.

Yes, woe betide silence where silence shouldn’t be, for those who’re silent share the guilt of such apostasy,
And why we all must man each church’s lookout, make sure our trumpet is oiled, whilst meantime studying deeply.
And thus when Christ appears, we’ll have no need for fear, having stood guard of all that’s His, behaving faithfully,
We having not dared to tamper with all that was entrusted to us, our trumpets always at the ready.

By Lance Landall

“Israel’s sentinels are blind, they are all without knowledge; they are all silent dogs
that cannot bark; dreaming, lying down, loving slumber [are asleep at their posts.
Unaware of danger they fail to sound a warning]” (Isa 56:10).