Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.

Sins Of Omission

My dear fellow Christian, we’re on the edge of time — the toes,
Yes, earth’s history as we know it, is in its final throes.
So many are in darkness, and Gospel workers are few,
But what I want to address here is, money’s needed too.

That is, much more money is needed to spread the Good News,
That’ll rescue souls from darkness, if Jesus they wisely choose.
Not only that, but many have needs that are not being met,
Which often need to be taken care of first, don’t forget.

Given our Christian duty, and the Gospel Commission,
It’s clear that many are guilty of sins of omission.
How? By not giving, or by misdirecting their money,
Hindering the saving of souls, leaving folk in misery.

I’m sure you know what I mean by not giving — for that’s clear,
So it’s the misdirecting of money I’ll deal with here.
But first, let me remind we’re on the edge of time — the toes,
Thus, while there’s still time, we’re to spread the Good News, help ease woes.

Yes, the need is urgent, so self should be coming last, yet,
Many are wasting money — leaving things mentioned — half met.
Via such selfish indulgence they’re neglecting their duty,
Which the Lord will not wink at -- for lets face it, why should He?

Think of the money spent on junk food, expensive luxuries,
On unnecessary clothing and fashion accessories.
On houses and cars in excess of need, or on vanity,
Or on just flitting here or there, needlessly and thoughtlessly.

Yes, one could mention more things that are diverting money,
Money that could do so much, save more souls, ease misery.
But I’m sure you catch my drift — thus, I, via my poetry
Ask that God and others be given the priority.

By Lance Landall