Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.


Such, I Won't Condone

Hi there, friend, I’ve heard that you’re “gay,” or so they call some folk today
That is, if they’re homosexual, or “not straight,” as others say.
It’s also my understanding, friend, that many are born this way,
And that right throughout their life, homosexual they will stay.

Now, if such in fact is indeed true, I feel very sad for you,
For somehow, somewhere, sometime, something obviously went askew.
For you shouldn’t be attracted to your own kind sexually,
As it is more than obvious that such was never meant to be.

Personally, I would never condemn folk who've been born this way,
For they’re suffering enough, despite much more acceptance today.
But having said that though, I won’t condone those same-sex sexual acts,
Because such behaviour — society’s good — simply counteracts.

The abnormal we shouldn’t treat as normal, for such is not right,
No, we should call a spade a spade, or disorder we’ll invite.
For tell me, where will it all end if we condone what shouldn’t be,
Like same-sex sexual acts — that with nature — aren’t in harmony?

Sanctioning such behaviour simply confuses society,
For it’s acting illogically and illegitimately.
After all, it takes what’s abnormal — that is, what’s unnatural,
And gives it respectability that's not justifiable.

Yes, every society needs to have some demarcation lines,
That very clearly and wisely so, what’s right and what’s wrong defines.
Any society without them, or that lets them slip away,
Very rapidly declines, and such decline we’re seeing today.

And hence why I cannot condone, friend, those same-sex sexual acts,
That are taking place today, or that legislation wrongly backs.
For when something’s not meant to be, like homosexuality,
We should not encourage it, or we will incur some penalty.

Even if one is born this way, it doesn’t mean that it’s okay
To indulge in such same-sex acts, or to say with some pride, “I’m gay.”
And nor should any encourage you, but instead, they should remind,
That same-sex sexual acts were clearly not meant for humankind.

I don’t doubt it’s hard for you living midst heterosexuals,
But you should still refrain, friend, from what will just cause greater ills.
We should never let our emotions, some feeling or desire,
Take us down those foolish paths that will inevitably backfire.

If you have love for another man, that is perfectly okay,
Providing that love is ‘phile,’ and not ‘eros,’ I need to say.
Yes, you can certainly love another man in a brotherly way,
That is, with natural affection, one that has not gone astray.

You see, nature is violated by same-sex sexual acts,
For they’re contrary to design, and simply ridicule the facts.
Thus, the only sexual love that is acceptable for you,
Is one you’ve directed t’wards a woman you’re allowed to pursue.

I know that life can be unfair, and some things hard to accept,
And that over misfortune, so many of us have deeply wept.
But sometimes for the greater good, we accept our lot, go without,
Thereby displaying selflessness, lest far worse things we bring about.

By Lance Landall