Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.

Tainted Testimonies

In case you misunderstand, I’m not against testimonies,
I’m just sharing a few thoughts, and expressing an unease.
Sometimes we all need to pause and reflect on certain things,
For out of such reflection a much better focus springs.

Testimonies are a fact of life, as many Christians backslide,
Or for a certain period cast their Lord and Saviour aside.
Thus, both warning and insight testimonies can provide,
But we need to be careful lest such become glorified.

Many born-again Christians give personal testimonies
That often beg the question, “Did that story our Lord please?”
Mind you, isn’t it shameful that we’ve these stories to tell,
That reveal a sinful time when we wrongly chose to rebel?

Often these testimonies have many Christians spell-bound
With similar escapades that in worldly books are found.
Well, maybe not so graphic, maybe somewhat sanitized,
But still best not repeated, publicized or glamorized.

Such tainted testimonies that so many Christians share,
Make public certain details that folk really shouldn’t hear.
Sadly, some delight in such, just like they might do a book
That’s full of spicy titbits; somewhat like a baited hook.

It’s possible such stories may encourage others too,
Who hearing of such antics, the same things may well pursue.
’Though they hear it leads to ill, some people may do it still,
Enticed by things related that intrigue and then propel.

But what must non-Christians think who hear or see such details,
That some born-again Christian via a book or speech unveils.
They’re hardly a good witness, for they show we’re just the same
As that sad rebellious people -- yes, ancient Israel by name.

’Though similar stories are found within God’s Word as well,
They’re simply there to warn us lest we suffer the same ill.
Such stories aren’t for copying -- and, do we more stories need?
For surely God’s Words enough, and ignorance we can’t plead.

Yes, I can’t help wondering about some testimonies,
Shared by born-again Christians; that our Saviour may not please.
It’s good that they’ve returned to the fold from which they strayed,
But not good when their testimonies sinful acts parade.

Christians should act prudently regarding any testimony,
Lest past wrong acts be glorified -- that is, indirectly.
It’s bad enough some backslide and carry out what they do,
Without also advertising what it really isn’t wise to.

By Lance Landall