Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.

Take Care

Now tell me, my little fur ball, how do you manage to fly?
For you’re not aerodynamic, and yet, you seem to get by.
Your wings are very tiny — that is, given your body size,
Therefore, you shouldn’t be airborne, it’s crazy — don’t you realize?

So, mind that you don’t hurt yourself, don’t go flying too high now,
In fact, should you be flying at all, given we don’t know how?
It seems that you’re taking a risk -- wait ’till we’ve figured it out,
For it’s possible that you may have been very well-thought-out.

You intrigue and mystify, we’re baffled, perplexed and amazed,
For it’s something that shouldn’t be — yet, you don’t seem to be fazed.
You just go about your business without any thought at all,
And yet, still stay airborne, never wobble, never stall and fall.

You’re such a beauty, a cutie, and you’re never off duty,
And attached to your hairy wee legs, I often see booty.
Yes, you buzz around those flowers in your black and yellow suit,
Collecting all that pollen, and this, without a parachute!

I love to watch you working — though that's from a distance, mind you,
Lest I just pose a bother, and not just pollen, you pursue.
It’s best that we keep things friendly — yes, I’m sure you would approve,
Therefore, should you hover near me, I promise that I will move.

Sometimes I would like to stroke you, but I know such isn’t wise,
For though you are nice and fury, hostility might arise.
You’re simply far too busy, too absorbed for that sort of thing,
And besides, I might surprise you, and receive a little sting.

You’re welcome in my garden, and you can visit anytime,
But if you want to greet me, preferably in summertime.
For that’s the time when I’m about, as winter’s too cold for me,
So, until we catch up again, take care little bumblebee.

By Lance Landall