Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.


That Blood-Soaked Cross

There’s a blood-soaked cross — a wooden cross — etched in history,
And nailed to that cross was a man who came from Galilee.
A Galilean, raised in Nazareth, murdered at Calvary,
An innocent man, a righteous man, convicted wrongfully.

When His life expired, hands took Him down, laid Him in a tomb,
But He rose again as a Saviour — fled that dark stone room.
He ascended to Heaven, took His place again — above,
A God who came and died for us because of His great love.

Yes, a King, a Lord — now a Saviour — who other lives saves,
A Creator, Life-giver, who one day will open graves.
A Redeemer, Restorer, who pardons, imparts His grace,
A loving God who on Golgotha willingly took our place.

This is why that blood-soaked cross is now etched in history,
A dead man’s memorial, risen Saviour’s testimony.
Yes, an open declaration that boundless love declares,
A sad, yet beautiful memory, that daily hope shares.

Thus, unto us a child was born — a promised Messiah,
Who came as was prophesized by the prophet Isaiah.
Yes, from the womb of a virgin, that is, supernaturally,
Came a babe, a man, a God — who always was and will be.

Yes, a God who has always been, a God who’ll always be,
Who became like man himself in order to set men free.
A Prince of Peace, born in Bethlehem in a lowly stable,
Who after Calvary sent the Spirit to fallen men enable.

From a manger to a cross — a blood-soaked cross — He journeyed,
Having left Heaven on a mission He knew must succeed.
And succeed it did, but it took that cross, that blood as well,
So that you and I — with our Saviour — could forever dwell.

By Lance Landall