Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.

That Defence Mode

Can’t take criticism? Then, you’ve got a problem, a big one,
For how can there be any growth where criticism we shun?
You see, we all need to be challenged, for that’s the only way
We can learn of our faults and errors, at the end of the day.

When we can’t take such, it’s due to one of two things, clearly,
We’ve either got issues, or we simply aren’t humble, sadly.
Yes, either we’re reacting to something that’s in our past, or,
We’ve an ego problem — in other words, pride is at the core.

Perhaps when we were young, we were often criticized badly,
And now, find such hard to accept, even when it’s done rightly.
You see, criticism isn’t bad if it’s constructive, and,
If spoken in love, for such is needed, you must understand.

Yes, we need others who can provide some objectivity,
Which, friend, is something that most of us lack, unfortunately.
We’re too caught up in ourselves, too close to the scene, usually,
Unable or unwilling to see those things it’s best we see.

In fact, we should embrace criticism — that is, if it’s fair,
By that I mean, appropriate, warranted, worthy of the ear.
Yes, we should welcome another’s assessment, appraisal, and,
Not see it as a brick-bat, but rather, as a helping hand.

We need to get past that silly, “Don’t judge me,” mentality,
And to stop excusing our faults and errors so childishly.
Sometimes we need a rebuke, a flea in our ear, a wake up,
Or a wrench from our “poor ole me” self-pity drinking cup.

Criticism that comes from a critical spirit isn’t good,
And as for self-righteous judging — well, tell me, friend, what fool would?
But rightful assessing, alias critiquing, has its place,
So, let’s not get things twisted, but rather, reality face.

By Lance Landall

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