Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.

That Swinging Back Door

A clear admission of failure is that swinging back door,
Through which countless disillusioned and hurting Christians pour.
No Christian church should have one, for its oiled hinges say:
That something within that church has gone terribly astray.

If shepherds neglect their flock, their flock will very soon stray,
Or wolves will somehow gain access and carry sheep away.
And so it is with members foolishly neglected too,
For they’ll wander also, or be carried off — led askew.

Yes, flocks need looking after if they’re to prove of value,
We can’t leave them to themselves and new sheep go and pursue.
Those who neglect existing sheep, in time neglect the new,
Who often join the exodus and that same door go through.

But meantime, they’re fussed over, while the others are left alone,
(And the missing are left to fester, who lack of love bemoan).
Thus, the reason the back door swings is really a simple one:
Churches aren’t truly reflecting the ways or will of the Son.

And so it goes, that the back door swings, largely due to neglect,
Bringing shame upon the Church and displeasing its Architect.
Often far too much time and attention is going elsewhere,
Thus hindering the Spirit and getting in the way of prayer.

Where members feel truly loved, missed and valued, they will stay,
And there, the Spirit will permeate like a sweet bouquet.
There, no back door will swing, there’ll be balance and harmony,
And outreach built on nurture, quality not quantity.

Yes, who would neglect a flock, not nurture, cherish and guide,
Leaving that back door swinging while busy elsewhere, outside?
No, look after those you have, and secure the foundation,
 And then you’ll have a happy, stable, fuller congregation.

By Lance Landall