Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.


The Big Kid's Alphabet

A is for Alligator, a very toothy reptile,
And B’s for Bull, a creature that it doesn’t pay to rile.
C is for Cat — perhaps a Siamese — too clever by half,
And D is for Dog, a crazy puppy that makes one laugh.

E is for Elephant, a beast with a sizable nose,
And F is for Foot, or Feet, from which odour sometimes flows.
G is for Giant, or Gnat, a pesky little insect,
And H is for Hop, which you will, should your toe hit an object.

I is for me — yes, I — not you (though it sometimes can be),
And J’s for Joke, something I play on you, or you on me.
K is for Knot, something we sometimes get ourselves into,
And L is for Look, as we do — “Say, isn’t that you-know-who?”

M is for Mend, or Mind, as in, “Mind that swinging…ouch!…door,”
And N’s for Nit, or Nits, which mothers and teachers abhor.
O is for Open, as in, “Who opened the cookie jar?”
And P is for Parrot, an oversized budgerigar.

Q is for Queue, too often found outside a bathroom door,
And R is for Run, “Isn’t that a mouse crossing the floor?”
S is for Shriek, Squeal, Scream, Scramble, including Safety too,
And T is for Table top, Tremble — "Oh, is that your shoe?”

U is for Uncle, and hopefully a rich one you’ll find,
And V’s for Virus, which even in computers we find.
W is for Wait, or Why? — a very convenient word,
And X is for Xylophone — “What’s that, I can’t hear a word?”

Y is for Yell, or Yodel, as in, “Yodel-odel-ay,”
And Z is for Zebra, a rather showy creature, I say.
And there you have it — twenty six letters — alphabetically,
The English language in a nutshell — yes, our A B C.

By Lance Landall