Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.

The Cheek Of Hypocrisy

There're prayers that God won’t answer, and some assemblies He won't attend,
That is, where hypocrisy is present, or a forbidden blend.
Yes, where repentance and humility are not playing a part,
And where divided loyalties are residing within the heart.

Hence why there’s a need for revival in the Christian home and Church,
For within the walls of both there has been a very troubling lurch.
Yes, a terrible backsliding that simply makes a mockery
Of such a Christian’s walk, and thereby, also Christianity.

It’s very clear that Golden Calves have taken up residency,
Both within the Christian home and church — that is, the sanctuary.
And that another Trojan Horse has tragically penetrated,
Simply because of what Christians have wrongly accommodated.

Therefore, it seems that a form of religion is masquerading,
And its Babylonian connection thus proudly parading.
It seems the Bride has forgotten how to blush — senses no shame,
And thereby is just trampling all over the Bridegroom’s Holy name.

Oh yes, Christians may well point the finger, but who are they to talk,
Should there be any hypocrisy in their own household and walk?
For after all, Christians should know better, and act accordingly,
That is, they shouldn't embrace the world, but rather, live righteously.

Tell me now, why in such times as these when the call is to “Repent,”
Simply repeat history, and also have much cause to lament?
I mean to say, how foolish is that, when we’ve been warned via Scripture,
And when God via history, has clearly put us in the picture?

It's ironic, isn’t it, decrying the sins of the world, yet,
Those same sins within both our home and the Church choosing to forget,
Or tolerating such, lest we offend man or get criticized,
And thereby allowing consciences to become anaesthetized.

Such wrong toleration, due to folly or fear, won’t get us far,
But rather, a door to even worse predicaments leaves ajar.
And such brings us under God’s strong condemnation, and rightly so,
For where there’s no discipline, destructive seeds very quickly grow.

Oh yes, how often we Christians bemoan the state of the nation,
And then cry out to God when we are under His condemnation.
So tell me then, what makes us think that God will respond to our prayers
When within the home and Church — that which He has condemned — our heart shares?

Yes, “These people honour Me with their lips,” our Lord says in His Word,
“But their hearts are far from Me” — their spiritual vision being blurred.
Yes, time and time again, foolish ancient Israel chose to rebel,
And here we go again — but this time it’s Christians under Earth’s spell.

Thus, within the Christian home and Church, we see those same sins of old,
And hence our Lord's call to “Repent,” and to break from Babylon’s hold.
That is, to rid our homes and churches of the same idolatry,
And from our lives also, the same selfishness and hypocrisy.

Yes, it all starts with us, hence we need to clean up our own backyard,
And rid our homes, churches and lives of such wrong, and stop the charade.
All those worldly ways and things need uprooting quickly, lest we find,
That we haven’t left for Heaven because Christ has left us behind.

By Lance Landall

Count Me Out

Yes, liberality is often just another word for ME,
And that ME? The focus of those who're acting self indulgently.
Yes, that ME — and liberality — we inevitably see
Within the lives of those Christians who are not walking correctly.

And therefore, don’t count on me to assist such liberality,
For my God won’t have a bar of such, as it’s sheer hypocrisy.
How could I be true to my Saviour, and yet go along with such?
No, for I’m no traitor, betrayer — I love my God far too much.

Besides, I have seen the sad results of such liberality,
And I have read of ancient Israel and its apostasy.
And hence why I’ve no desire to parallel that rebellious lot,
Who God’s wishes rejected, and truths distorted, even forgot.

I’m also not interested in fleeting popularity,
And neither am I concerned about what others may think of me.
For I’m no people pleaser, crowd follower, puppet on a string,
But rather, someone who desires to be faithful in everything.

And nor will I remain silent, for such silence is cowardly,
Something that aids the doer of wrong, even fulfils prophecy.
So don’t expect my support, for I won’t aid liberality,
As when it comes to God’s things, such simply isn't in harmony.

No, Heaven isn’t for liberty takers, those focused on ME,
Those who follow errant paths, and who usurp God’s authority.
And therefore, I won’t join their ranks, nor even aid indirectly,
For such liberality is simply another word for ME.

Yes, so you can count me out, for I’m on God’s side, not on man’s side,
And it is God, and not man, nor self, that I’ve chosen as my guide.
Yes, what my God says, what my God desires, I’ll follow faithfully,
And not liberality, which is just another word for ME.

By Lance Landall


Are you answering God back? How? By rejecting His will,
That is, going contrary to His Word which we should fulfill.
Sure you don’t shout it out, (except by your actions, sadly),
But you’re still answering Him back, effectively, foolishly.

“Actions speak louder than words,” it’s said — yes, even shriek,
Thus, when we don’t do His will, we effectively God cheek.
That is, if we are Christians, or at least professing so,
For we shouldn’t take on the name of Christian and say, “No.”

In other words, we should do God’s bidding, and willingly,
Which will prove we’re genuine and walking in harmony.
Otherwise, we’ll show the opposite -- that is, hypocrisy,
Which is a slap in God’s face, defiance, audacity.

Yes, we can’t get away from it, we’re answering Him back
Whenever we ignore His wishes and take the wrong track.
And that, friend, is not only rebellion, but disrespect,
A snub, rudeness, backchat — yes, answering God back in effect.

By Lance Landall