Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.

The Force

I’m grateful that there are people, who, thinking of you and I,
Are joining the police force, and waving comfort zones goodbye.
We cannot do without such folk, for should lawlessness prevail,
Anarchy would rule the day, and society would derail.

Yes, we all need to realize that they’ve a necessary role,
Upholding law and order, and keeping crime under control.
This task is far from easy, and it can take a heavy toll,
For every day they risk their lives as our nation they patrol.

It’s easy to condemn them, when some within the Force act wrong,
But who's the first to call on them, when some trouble comes along?
In every occupation, and in each organization,
Somebody, somewhere, sometime, will err or yield to temptation.

We have certain expectations, and I must say, rightly so,
For after all, they’re the law, and what’s right or wrong, they should know.
But before we condemn these folk, or point a finger their way,
Let’s first take a look at ourselves, as, what might our lives portray?

Yes, I’m grateful that there’re people who’re patrolling night and day,
People that we can call upon, should need of them come our way,
For while we are busy sleeping, or otherwise occupied,
They’re dealing with lawlessness, an accident, a homicide.

Imagine informing folk that someone they love has just died,
Or facing a gun or a knife, attending a suicide,
For although their role’s rewarding, it’s extremely stressful too,
Dealing with bar-room brawling, riots, and those thugs who ill pursue.

Yes, they're often abused, ridiculed, and by some, even despised,
Are under resourced, understaffed, under pressure, criticized.
Which is why there aren’t that many who’re rushing to join their ranks,
But to all those who have joined, I'd like to give my heartfelt thanks.

By Lance Landall