Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.


The Gavel

(Based on a short story I read, and at my daughters request)

I had a dream, a dream that was far too good to not be true,
A dream with a happy ending, one that I will share with you.
This dream took place in a court-house where I was clearly on trial,
And there I sat near my Attorney — anxious, without a smile.

As I surveyed the large court-room, somebody opened a door,
And a Judge soon appeared in view, whose bearing left me in awe.
For there was something about Him, a certain nobility,
And once He was seated, I heard Him say, “Let’s begin, shall we?”

And almost instantly, the prosecutor jumped to his feet,
An evil look in his eyes, which made my poor heart skip a beat.
And with a cruel devilish sneer that I will never forget,
He reeled off all my wrongdoings, which shocked me, shamed and upset.

He mentioned the lies I’d told, how I had cheated and deceived,
And how I had caused a lot of misery, and sometimes thieved.
And he mentioned perversions that embarrassed me so greatly,
Not to mention things I’d forgotten, that bothered terribly.

And the more that he spoke, the more my heart sank, and hope soon died;
I could see him gloating, sensing success, self-satisfied.
Thus, I couldn’t look at anyone, nor at my Attorney,
Who just quietly sat there, which I have to say troubled me.

For I had hoped He would jump to my defence vigorously,
But instead, He remained seated, which seemed most unfair to me.
Thus, the evil prosecutor continued to rant and rave,
And over what seemed like hours, a long and graphic account gave.

After a performance that any actor couldn’t better,
He demanded that the Law be carried out to the letter.
That is, that I should be punished, receive the full penalty,
Yes, "Eternal damnation," he chortled satanically.

“It’s clear that he’s as guilty as can be,” he re-emphasized,
“And there’s none who can prove differently,” which hardly surprised.
And with a smug look on his face he then returned to his seat,
So very sure of victory, and my Attorney’s defeat.

I slumped back into my chair, contemplating all that I’d heard,
And ringing in my ear was each detailed and revealing word.
Yes, I could just imagine what all were now thinking of me,
Given the prosecutor’s hard evidence and artistry.

Now it was my Attorney’s turn (just a waste of time, I thought),
And as He got up from His seat, my muscles and nerves went taut.
He asked if He could approach the bench, and just as expected
The prosecutor who’d jumped to his feet, strongly objected.

However, the Judge overruled this strong objection firmly,
Beckoning my Attorney come forward immediately.
And as He thus went forward, I heard Him say, “Thank you, Father,”
Which left the evil prosecutor fuming, in a lather.

It was then that I noticed something about my Attorney,
Yes, a royal, yet humble bearing, a familiarity.
He appeared to be someone that I knew, and then it struck me,
For it was Jesus Christ taking on our old adversary.

He now turned to face the court — yes, every bit the Father’s Son,
And He spoke with the confidence of one who’d already won.
“Yes, he does deserve to be punished, that I cannot deny,
For the wages of sin are death, and here, they rightly apply.”

“However, I died in his place, and suffered the penalty,
So that he could then go free, and live for all eternity.
And hence why I’m his Advocate, his heavenly Attorney,
Presenting his plea for grace — that is, unmerited mercy."

He then turned to His Father, stretching out both His loving arms,
And then, on the bench in His Father’s view, placed two nail pieced palms.
“And they nailed My feet also, on that cruel cross at Calvary,
Where I paid the price in full, that grace might flow abundantly.”

The Judge’s noble gaze shifted from His Son’s hands to His face.
“Has he accepted You as his Saviour, Your death in his place?”
“Yes, Father, such he has, and he has done so repentantly,
With the desire to walk in newness of life continually.”

Down slammed the court house gavel with a flick of the Father’s wrist.
“This man can go free, for Christ paid the penalty. Case dismissed!”
Oh, joy and peace flooded my heart as I followed Jesus out,
Relieved and amazed at the outcome, a Divine turnabout.

“I’ll win the next one!” the devil shouted, as he pushed past me,
So I turned to My Saviour, and looked at Him questioningly.
“It’s okay, son. All who’ll come to Me in like manner as you,
I will represent, approach My Father on their behalf too.”

“And then He will slam His gavel down with a flick of His wrist,
And they as well, will receive the same verdict — yes, case dismissed!
You see, it’s all about mercy, which Satan just doesn’t get,
For he is hung up on justice, and considers grace a threat.”

“No, I haven’t lost a case yet, where one's trust was placed in Me,
For it’s all about grace, as only mercy can set one free.
Otherwise, that old devil would always gain the victory,
For all have sinned, and without a doubt, are totally guilty.”

“My Father is on My side, son, because He knows what I’ve done,
And that via the cross of Calvary the victory was won.
That there, the price was paid in full, so that sinners could go free,
Should any repentantly seek their heavenly Attorney.”

“Yes, the devil can rant and rave, and produce his damming list,
But that’ll not halt the gavel, nor My Father’s words — case dismissed!
For I, son, paid sin’s penalty, willingly stood in their place.”
Thus, when the gavel strikes, that damming list just gets wiped by grace,

“Oh yes, Satan can rant and rave, but he’s a fine one to talk,
For he’s the very one who tries to hinder each Christian’s walk,
He hassles them all the time, sets up traps, and causes them strife,
And when they falter, he tries to rob them of eternal life.”

“My Father’s well aware of this, but He listens all the same,
When Satan, via the due process, a victory tries to claim.
But when I hold both My hands out, My Father soon flicks His wrist,
Slamming down His gavel, and once again, it is — case dismissed!”

By Lance Landall