Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.

The Grace Train

There’s a station that’s called FAITH, and there is a train that’s called GRACE,
One that's currently on a journey to a heavenly place.
Its driver is JESUS CHRIST, its rail track is His HOLY LAW,
Its engine is the HOLY SPIRIT, and REPENTANCE the door.

The grace train is fuelled by saving blood, (flowing from Calvary),
That enables and empowers via its divine energy.
Yes, such faithfully supplies the power to turn the train’s wheels,
Which the Holy Spirit then sees to when a passenger kneels.

And there are many carriages, ample room for everyone,
So all one needs is a ticket, one stamped with the words, “My Son.”
And thus, as one takes this journey, one’s proof of purchase is seen
In Christ-like fruitage that blossoms as one absorbs each new scene.

The seating is very basic lest passengers fall asleep,
And the journey is reflective, the soul searching very deep.
But sometimes danger can threaten, thus the Driver sounds His horn,
For He is not only loving, but Someone who seeks to warn.

The grace train winds up mountains, and twists through deep valleys below,
And at times it enters tunnels where there is barely a glow.
It’s also known to rattle and shake, surprise at many a bend,
But its Driver is a wise driver on whom you can depend.

Passengers get a roadmap so they can see where they’re going,
Yes, each chapter of this Bible the true direction showing.
Christ knows that the journey’s tiring, but the end well worth the ride,
And that on the way one senses a deep peace and joy inside.

Thus, I hope that you’ve a ticket and are seated on this train,
For it’s on its way to glory and a home where love will reign.
And on the way there is beauty, for many changes take place,
But only if you are a passenger on this train called GRACE.

Yes, the grace train…

A life changing experience for all those who get on board,
An incredible journey, encounter, with Jesus Christ who’s Lord.
Yes, it’s the trip of a lifetime that lasts for eternity,
An exciting, fulfilling, heavenly opportunity.

The grace train has an engine that's very trustworthy and strong,
One that’s more than capable of taking everyone along.
And where the grace train is heading, you’ll remain for evermore,
Never wanting to leave there, for each day you will be in awe.

And there you’ll be with Jesus in a land that is full of grace,
Where everywhere you wander the beauty of grace you will trace.
For there you will see others who journeyed on the grace train too,
Putting their trust in its Driver — yes, thinking ahead. Are you?

All abooooooard!

By Lance Landall