Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.


The Numbers Game

“Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly; teach and admonish one another in all wisdom…” (Col 3:16).

Remember Doctor Spock? “Don’t discipline your kids,” he said,
And with such foolishness, thousands of young parents were fed.
Well, before Spock’s death, he admitted how wrong he had been,
Having seen the sad results — enter, the rebellious teen.

Yes, a generation of teens, a major catastrophe,
And all because of one man’s ridiculous new theory.
Now we’re witnessing another major catastrophe,
But this time via a theory within Christianity.

It’s all about numbers — yes, “Pack ’em in,” it seems to go,
A faulty church growth theory, with cracks that already show.
Cracks that are growing daily, and growing deeper as well,
As biblically ignorant converts those churches fill.

That is, all those churches that have fallen for this theory,
A theory Constantine would admire, incidentally.
For he blended paganism with Christianity,
Which saw the Church enjoy a surge of popularity.

But what was filling the pews? Not converts built on the Word,
That is, the sound Word, solid Word, that each Christian should gird.
In other words, the armour of God, a strong foundation,
Needed within the hearts and minds of each congregation.

Needless to say, the Church went astray, and so it is today,
For once again, anything seems to go, while Christians play.
Yes, another man-made theory, more people taken in,
Christ’s face conveying sadness, and Satan’s, his horrid grin.

It’s quality, not quantity, that God desires, you see,
Unless, of course, that quantity consists of quality.
Sadly, the latter isn’t so with this church growth some chase,
Thus, Satan’s diluting churches where such folly, folk embrace.

Yes, “Seeker sensitive” they call it, not “God sensitive,”
And no wonder, for it’s a people pleasing initiative,
Which simply caters for their wants, and not their needs, sadly,
The result? Members lacking spiritual maturity.

In other words, they’re not truly converted, still worldly,
They’re there for the ride, not the pruning that’s necessary.
Their experience is feelings based, their walk shallow, and,
One that’s bound to collapse, given that it’s built on sand.

They may be sincere, well-intentioned, but when push comes to shove,
Their shallow experience soon betrays our God above.
They’ve been converted via a theory, one that’s flawed, faulty,
Yes, one that’s more concerned with quantity than quality.

By Lance Landall

The Two Types Of Leaders

Within the Christian Church, there are two types of leaders, those who please God and those who do not, perilously,
For Christian leaders are there to see God’s will is done, they employed by Heaven, Christ himself, effectively.
For it is HIS Church, not their Church, and not even our Church, so woe betide any who meddle-cum-interfere,
And here we’re talking: Those leaders who anger God by the following which it’s important you know, and I share.

Such leaders are either people pleasers or mini dictators, they using any means-cum-wrongful means,
Hence the wordiness, heresy, or misuse of authority within the Church amidst Earth’s closing scenes.
And such leaders are either deluded or not truly converted, and why trust must be in God, not them,
For there’re many professing that they’ve been called of God and are speaking in His name, who He’d strongly condemn.

Yes, such leaders mess with heads, they playing with their parishioners, using them to their advantage somehow,
And rather than teaching that one’s conscience should be captive to God’s Word, it’s to their word they want folk to bow.
And they oft getting folk on their side, and ensuring that certain folk get appointed to certain positions,
And they being: Those who’ll kowtow to such leaders, they thus exchanging God’s mission for countless other missions.

Yes, pastors come and go, many attempting to swing things in some direction they’ve embraced, not God — oh no —
As God’s truths, ways and will don’t change, nor recognise culture, as any keen studier of His Word should know.
And why parishioners should do their homework, for how oft have leaders led astray, and so it is today,
Many having left behind the old paths in favour of new paths, thus sneering at the apostolic way.

By Lance Landall

“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge [are lacking in a good understanding of biblical truth,
doctrine, which works to their disadvantage, peril]…” (Hosea 4:6).