Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.


The Stray

One evening I was sitting down watching the news on the TV,
When a certain news item appeared that deeply affected me,
For a homeless dog was dodging the traffic on a motorway —
A motorway that was very busy — four to six lanes, I’d say.

This homeless dog was trying to rescue another dog — a mate,
Thus putting itself at grave risk of suffering from the same fate.
And with its mouth, was trying to pull the other dog to safety,
Or at least it thought so, for its mate was now a fatality.

Yes, I was deeply moved by this hairy hero — this dear canine
That was struggling with its mate, and putting its own life on the line.
Yes, an animal, one that could teach us humans a thing or two,
A homeless dog that most citizens would no doubt yell at and shoo.

And yet, one that showed such selflessness, such courage, and love and care,
Despite those juggernauts roaring past with barely inches to spare.
Yes, despite that sea of traffic that must have loomed scaringly large,
That great moving mass, that down such motorways, one sees daily charge.

Such is quite something, isn’t it? — yes, just a waif, apparently,
A stray, a drifter, unloved, unkempt, and no doubt far from healthy.
And yet, despite its misfortune, (and health wise, much earlier grave),
It generously imperilled itself in order to thus save.

Yes, not only was I deeply moved by this, but it stirred my pen,
For such are often called dumb creatures by rather ignorant men.
However, what I saw that evening, via the news on the TV,
Told a very different story, and very eloquently.

And hence why I ask...

Would those who call a creature dumb, risk their life in order to save?
Would we risk our life in order to save, or differently behave?
Would we display such selflessness, fearlessness, generosity,
Such loving concern and courage — and as unconditionally?

By Lance Landall