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The Worrisome Drum-Kit

If a drum-kit is sitting in your church, then something has clearly gone wrong,
Because a drum-kit in God’s house and Holy worship just doesn’t belong.
You see, such is hardly an instrument, but rather, just a beat machine,
That some folk are wrongly using to bridge the Holy and secular scene.

You see, the drum-kit’s sole purpose and rhythm is completely contrary
To that higher purpose and rhythm that is both sacred and Heavenly.
Thus the rhythm that it’s designed for isn’t rhythm that is meant to be
Tickling members physically in our God’s set apart sanctuary.

Every drum-kit is designed with only secular music in mind,
And hence why in worldly music such drumming we inevitably find.
For such excites our earthly senses which to some degree may well be fine,
Though that is, of course, where any rhythmic beat doesn’t cross a certain line.

And so, outside of Holy worship some secular music has it's place,
But inside the house of our Lord such music is nothing but a disgrace.
For the music that is used for worship should always be in harmony
With worship’s sacred purpose and thus never human sensuality.

Sure melody, harmony and rhythm all have their special part to play,
But rhythm in worship music should never any worldliness convey.
And were we to try and play a drum-kit in a way that isn't worldly,
We would soon find we couldn't — that is, if it were played as it's meant to be.

But hey, what person would want to play it if they couldn’t play it the way
That it was created for, which in worship is far from what is okay?
And besides, people don’t play a drum-kit due to some heavenly desire,
But simply because they want to, for it's that rhythm that they so admire.

Yes, no matter how a drum-kit is played, a drum-kit is still a drum-kit,
Just like a chair is still a chair, despite how anybody might use it.
You see, a drum-kit is a symbol of a certain worldly rhythmic beat
That within God’s set apart sanctuary a Christian should never meet.

Therefore, whether it's on a backing tape or physically on display,
Both the drum-kit and such rhythm, not one single part in worship should play.
For the focus of the drum-kit is on what’s lower, not on what’s higher,
And therefore, rather than pleasing God, it simply panders to man’s desire.

So, please, let us keep it out of worship and out of the sanctuary,
For its presence there, and its rhythm, offends our Saviour exceedingly.
But hey, our muscling in on God’s things and seeking our own way there too,
Is nothing but a cheek, and is something that He said we're never to do.

Now cast your mind back to Aaron and his pandering to all those Hebrews
Who were dancing around that golden calf that only a real fool would choose.
Well, once again, we have other Aarons, and those who such calves still request,
Thereby God displeasing, for such foolish people shun what is right and best.

Within the Holy Scriptures, God calls His sanctuary “A house of prayer,”
But these days, prayerful meditation is something that is seldom seen there.
Oh, how many long for such quietness — yes, that deep reverential feel,
That once played its part in worship, and where any member could sit and heal.

But hey, even if time were given for Holy meditation and prayer,
There're many who'd feel uncomfortable with a drum-kit still sitting there.
For such is hardly conducive to that atmosphere that is right and best,
And neither is it hardly fitting for any Holy, heavenly guest.

By Lance Landall

This poem was upgraded on the 11 May 2016.

An electronic drum-kit? A variation on a theme,
Yes, same thing, different garb -- oh, how Satan loves to scheme.

The 'trap set' (drum-kit) was invented in the early 1900's. It's a unique instrument, unknown to Bible writers. Its sole purpose being to power jazz, blues, rhythm and blues, and all varieties of rock-n-roll.