Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.


There's No Excuse

So many lives are tragic stories, chapters of misery,
Comprised of page after page of abuse, shared reluctantly.
Yes, accounts of spouse abuse, child abuse, that never should be,
For each home should be a safe haven for the family.

Most of the stories though, that speak of such ill, will go unheard,
Never reaching the book stores, where one’s heart aches at each word.
Yes, where one reads of heartbreak that many don’t overcome,
And even worse, those suicides that end the lives of some.

Unless we’ve suffered the same, we really can’t understand
The depth of sorrow and pain that many life seems to hand.
Yes, that darkness that envelops, those scars where cuts went deep,
That so many robs of happiness, success, health and sleep.

Worryingly, even more are joining the ranks of those
Who’ve received such ill-treatment -- physical or mental blows.
And there seems no end to it, for more and more cries are heard
Tearfully recounting things that should never have occurred.

Many suffer in silence such evil abominations,
Held captive by fear, circumstances, intimidations.
For many, help seems far away, a dream that won’t come true,
Because of acts of cruelty behind closed doors, out of view.

Yes, so many lives are tragic stories that won’t be read,
Chapters of misery, pages stained with tears that victims shed.
Yes, words that won’t be written, but a great deal could convey,
Due to someone’s selfishness; seeing someone else as prey.

And ever has it been that within each society,
There are opportunists who take advantage wrongfully.
But whether random or planned, short in duration or long,
Any manner of cruelty, abuse, is plain WRONG! WRONG! WRONG!

By Lance Landall