Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.


They're Taboo

Hi, little caterpillar — my, you’re incredibly elastic,
In fact, you’re like an accordion, it’s amazing, fantastic.
Your body movements tell me that you are into the gymnastic,
But no, I won’t copy you, as the results would be quite drastic.

My, you’re outstandingly nimble — yes, a contortionist, maybe,
And you can also stroll upside-down, as you’ve stickability.
How I would love your suction pads, as there’s so much that I could do,
For I would be forever climbing, and enjoying each new view.

I often see you clinging to those shrubs that are around my home,
And it is really quite astounding just how far you tend to roam.
It’s clear that you love my garden, as I notice regularly
A row of tiny teeth marks, and a squiggly telltale trail, you see.

You’re clearly a veggie lover, a vegetarian like me,
Hence why you have made yourself at home in my backyard grocery.
It’s not that I mind sharing — but those large lettuces — please don’t touch,
As I find that summer salads suit my old taste buds very much.

You’re interesting to watch, and what is more, you are very smart,
For your ability to metamorphose is state-of-the-art.
First, you’re a caterpillar, next, a chrysalis, then a butterfly,
Fluttering your little wings at me, showing off how you can fly.

Hmmmm, yes, you’re quite a mystery, a puzzle, a marvel, in fact,
For the way that you metamorphose is a stunning high-class act.
I just don’t know how you do it, as it’s just too high-tech for me,
But amazingly you can, and yes, so very naturally.

Well, my little caterpillar, it's time that I was on my way,
So I’ll try and catch up with you some other time, another day.
Meantime, just hang around my garden — I’ll keep an eye out for you,
But don’t touch those lettuces, okay? Remember that they’re taboo.

By Lance Landall