Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.


This Man Who's In Your Life

Many men, (just like many women), have had a damaged background,
Thus, patterns of wrong behaviour in their relationships are found.
But there're also problems in general, along with personal faults,
That both partners marital happiness often hampers or halts.

A man’s lot isn't easy, as a certain drive that lies within
Requires constant vigilance, a serious degree of discipline.
For what’s presented sexually outside the marital realm,
Can sometimes (and even happily married men too) overwhelm.

Yes, it’s so easy to condemn men when unfaithful they have been,
But while such isn't excusable, it’s no wonder that it’s seen.
And women can bring upon themselves this sorry state of affairs,
When, via their sexy appearance, they create those desiring stares.

And hence why the question could be asked, “Are you married women dressed
In a sexual way that another man's eyes will thus arrest?"
For where might condemnation lie, should another wife's husband stray,
Or if your own much loved husband were to likewise, you too, dismay?

But a lot of men’s unfaithfulness can be traced to other things,
For there are many areas from which marital trouble springs.
After all, a man, (just like a woman), needs a lot of thought and care,
As a lack of attention here, can see loyalty disappear.

Sometimes it’s those (not so little things), like repetitive nagging,
For such hassling will inevitably have his spirits sagging.
Sometimes it's the wife’s appearance, for disinterest it can convey,
Yes — that he’s not worth the effort — her attire can suggest or say.

Sometimes the one who wears the trousers, as the old expression goes,
Is a controlling woman, (who via such), her marriage often blows.
And sometimes, (unjustly so), conjugal rights are foolishly withheld,
Creating (resented) frustration, which just sees more problems build.

And it must be said, that women too, unfaithfulness can display,
Thereby hurting those decent men who their wife would never betray.
And a man's loss can be even greater, when they lose their kids too,
Through unjust courthouse rulings, or some wrong thing that their wife might do.

And yes, it’s also true that there’re men who’re physically abused,
Though it’s usually women — who of such wrong — have them accused.
Hence when it comes to relationships, one's behaviour makes or breaks;
Behaviour that is largely determined by those choices one makes.

It’s patently obvious, and it's an indisputable fact
That men and women differ greatly in the way they think and act.
And hence there's a need for each wife to truly understand her man,
And where such thought has been shown, far less husbands have got up and ran.

Oh yes, a man, (just like a woman), will respond to certain things,
Which must be implemented if a wife wants those things that such brings.
A woman who displays commitment, should soon see the right results,
For patient application here, most marital problems soon halts.

Therefore, give your husband that love that in marriage both are due,
Showing that you care about his needs, his hurts, aspirations too,
Yes, show unselfish dedication, and faithfulness that always pays,
And you will find that your husband won't be one of those men who strays.

By Lance Landall