Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.


Those Boxes

Perhaps you've experienced such. You meet someone, and then you stop and chat,
And at some point, up comes that curly question whereby everything goes flat.
“So, tell me now, what religion are you?” and, "Oh dear," you inwardly sigh,
For when you give them the answer, they suddenly have some reason to fly.

I'm exaggerating? Well, perhaps I am, but that's sort of how it goes,
For there's that body language, and that look  yes, some how or other it shows.
You see, instead of them seeing you now, they’re just seeing a little box,
One that has you neatly packaged and labelled, and that sports a dozen locks.

Yes, instead of seeing you now, they can't see past what's in that little box,
One that appears impossible to empty, because of those little locks.
You’re no longer who you are, or were, but simply the contents of their box,
Which all too often, (or so it seems to me), a possible friendship blocks.

Yes, even though you're an individual, you’re no longer seen that way,
For now you’re a certain religion, or so their reaction seems to say.
It's so sad that all these biased little boxes have people pigeon-holed,
For all such little boxes do, is, just prevent any good that could unfold.

Given we’ve our individuality, we shouldn’t be pigeon-holed
Simply because of the religion that we practice, and no doubt uphold.
For whatever one’s religion is, whatever one's denomination,
There's definitely no excuse for such bigoted discrimination.

I'm simply who I am, a person, (a fact which also holds true for you),
I’m just me, not some religious label, and differently may well do.
Yes, the path that I have chosen, may be one that is different to yours,
But when it comes down to friendship, no barriers should such a fact cause.

Thus, do we really need to ask, “So, tell me now, what religion are you?”
For isn’t such totally irrelevant from a friendship point of view?
I've no doubts that there's a time and place where asking may have some merit,
But where such isn't necessary  for friendship sake, let’s not hear it...

By Lance Landall

Difference Is No Reason Or Excuse

I don’t have a problem with someone’s colour, and nor their religion, but only any negative traits,
And as far as their culture-cum-ways go — well, that’s personal taste, isn’t it? — which delights or irritates.
Thus, it’s really just a people thing, for whatever colour or faith, people have their good points and bad points,
And why it all comes down to whether someone’s behaviour, attitude and ways, pleases or disappoints.

Yes, we may not agree with someone's beliefs, nor care for some of their cultural ways, and fair enough too,
(And then there're those negative traits), but never should we treat folk badly, as that’s only what a fool would do,
For difference is no reason or excuse for such, never has been and never will be, for wrong is wrong,
And to be frank, not only folly, but the behaviour and attitude of those who’re far more weak than strong.

At the end of the day, it’s very easy for us to act badly, but harder for us to act rightly,
For the latter takes a certain inner strength, unlike that lack of control that’s displayed by any bully.
And in a sense, we’re acting like bullies too, whenever we treat folk badly-cum-very selfishly so,
But dare such be because of their colour or faith — it prejudice and bigotry — and better we should know.

Yes, we don’t have to like someone’s ways — be they cultural or other — nor their beliefs or negative traits,
But treating folk badly is quite another thing, and such, an inner weakness and unkindness radiates.
And thus how we give ourselves away, show the true state of our heart and mind, be such in some small or big way;
And every bit as much as this, another thing we need to realise is, that such behaviour doesn’t pay.

By Lance Landall