Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.



Time passes so quickly, but unnoticed, until we’ve neared our three score years and ten,
Hence why we don’t give the thought to certain things that we should have ’till sometime ’round
Yes, it’s sad but true, an oversight that in time we rue, and too often pay for,
And all because of distractions, attractions, that the hallmarks of foolishness bore.

First lost in the folly of youth, then shackled by those misdeeds, or, far too busy,
That is, caught up on pursuits that contribute little, or nothing, arguably.
Seasons of selfishness, petty behaviour — in other words, immaturity,
Moments that later haunt, miserably taunt, things we said or did injuriously.

Yes, discontented, wanting things too quickly, things we don’t need, shouldn’t want at all,
Rushing, striving, clawing, coveting, or just plain pleasure seeking, having a ball.
Often well-fed, adequately clothed and housed, and with all our faculties in tact,
Yet, still unhappy, restless, wanting more, better — oh, how childishly we act.

Such is how we waste precious seasons, moments that could’ve been, days, weeks, months and years,
Then wonder where the time went, so unwisely spent, hence our regret, sadness and tears.
Yes, instead of living for the moment, unselfishly so, and worthily too,
We simply get sidetracked, lost in our hang-ups, caught up on issues, wrong we pursue.

Time and age have a way of sneaking up on us, hence why each day should be treasured,
And the use of our three score and ten quota carefully and thoughtfully measured.
Time seems long when we’re young — an illusion — for the bulk of our years lies ahead,
But not so when we’re looking back, and then, realizing how quickly those years have fled.

Time and opportunity squandered can lead to regret, sadness, trouble, tears and pain,
And even more so, our misdeeds, which choke and chain, fall on others like acid rain.
Thus, it’s better to guard each day, mind each word, each act, and live with our head held high,
Lest midst our declining years we encounter our worst fears, inwardly sigh or cry.

Yes, time passes so quickly, but unnoticed, ’till we’ve neared our three score years and ten,
And then, we rejoice looking back, or hang our head, the fodder of gossip and pen.
Yes, it’s sad but true, that more often we rue, misspent moments, days, weeks, months and years,
And instead of happy memories, are left with heartache and painful souvenirs.

By Lance Landall

2.  Didn't Solomon Say This?

You finally learn a thing or two, try your best to change, are sorry, sincere,
But by then your health’s packing up and the cost of living’s going up, oh dear.
And you more anxious, skint and even irritable than ever, and thinking,
“I just cannot seem to win,” and hope and happiness invariably shrinking.

Yes, mistakes oft costly, life no respecter of misfortune or injury,
Be the latter one physical or emotional, someone else’s cruelty.
And your head saying, “Didn’t Solomon say this?”, and you’re dead right, ’cause he did,
And this so many learning not long before someone closes and nails the lid.

By Lance Landall

3.  Odd As It Seems, Most Don't Think

Yes, odd as it seems, most don’t think — well, as deep, broad and much as they should do — nor outside the box,
Many not wanting to entertain whatever their desire, tradition or flawed thinking rocks.
Or, they letting others do the thinking for them, such being another perilous path some take,
For when we neglect to do our own study and research, we can make a very big mistake.

Sometimes we need to dwell on that which we don’t care for, and this, in order to far better see,
We trying to put ourselves in someone else’s shoes, and more so, those who act differently.
For those who don’t, nor try to come to grips with another’s way, more often misjudge and condemn;
They also not appreciating that but for the grace of God there goes a loved one or them.

Some folk seem to live in a vacuum, “Oh, I’d never have thought that,” they say, and that’s the trouble,
For it may have served them well despite the unpleasantness or bursting of some cherished bubble.
Yes, “No pain no gain,” is often said, and such is true, for it’s best we accept reality,
And give more thought to what we often avoid, lest in our ignorance, we somehow act wrongly.

Yes, odd as it seems, most don’t think, their minds and thoughts shallow, deeper issues not understood, and
Therefore why the complexity-cum-whys and wherefores of other lives they little understand.
For such requires much thought and effort, a thinking that's outside the box-cum-imagination,
We thus putting ourselves in someone else’s place; even improving on our education.

By Lance Landall

The following poem contains a small degree of Christian content necessary for the purpose.

4.  Apparently,

I don’t know what I’m talking about, and God and Heaven imaginary,
We having come out of nothing but a bang that produced a breeding monkey.
So might as well eat, drink and be merry, and who came up with morality,
That outdated behaviour that’s tied in with thought and responsibility?

Yes, who needs Christianity with its talk of love, truth and eternity?
Hope just a crutch for those who can’t stand vice and that dog-eat-dog brutality.
They simply incompetent at decadence, aren’t au fait with debauchery,
And to be honest, are simply irritating the rest of society.


I don’t know what I’m talking about, and marriage and faithfulness plain silly,
Those one night stands and shacking up together working more conveniently.
Hence using-cum-bedding in order to find the right one making far more sense,
And as for sexual diseases, just fling them over someone else’s fence.

Yes, men will be men, so give them a break as they have come by it honestly,
They staking their claim right from the word go going by Darwin’s hairy theory.
And women shouldn’t worry too, but rather, emulate whatever men do,
Thus boozing themselves silly, shouting “Get it off!”, swearing just as foully too,

And then there’s pornography.


I don’t know what I’m talking about, and the genders an illusion, really,
Same-sex sexual acts quite normal and who am I to say differently?
Hence a penis and vagina immaterial, no his or her body,
And nursing breasts not reality,
But such things simply mind over matter, so welcome bi-sexuality.


Why should women stay at home to raise kids who’re hardly that important, surely,
Working being much more satisfying given that one can earn heaps of money.
After all, we only live once, don’t we? — and why self is clearly a priority,
And confusion nothing to get hung up on, nor nonsense like integrity;

Drat those who think differently.

Yes, apparently I don’t know what I’m talking about and have got things wrong,
And those who’ve been throwing out values, standards and principles right all along.
So who’s in need of boundaries and demarcation lines if anything goes,
And given that the wisdom of these modern libertarians clearly shows?

Yea right.

By Lance Landall

The following poem contains Christian references and was penned December 2011.

5.  2012 They Say

There have always been those who have attached significance to some date, be that correctly or incorrectly,
And yes, 2012 is one such date, and why two very important things I would like to clarify:
The Mayan Long Count calendar is not a prophetic calendar, and as far as things go biblically,
The Bible states that no one knows the date of Christ’s return, nor the date of Earth’s fate apocalyptically…

The latter two occurring at the same time, by the way — a date that even angels don’t know, apparently.

Thus, if the latter two did occur in 2012, such would simply be a lucky guess, quite clearly,
Though if the error filled date setting of the past is anything to go by, such seems rather unlikely.
Yes, certain things may well occur in 2012, for going by the Bible, and its accuracy,
The likes of calamities, pestilence, famines, wars, violence and lawlessness will occur more frequency…

And it even says that a tyrannical religious-political power will control humanity.

Hence why one could argue…

That it’s surely better to live rightly and find that there isn’t a God, and that the Bible is incorrect,
Than to live wrongfully, (out of sync with God’s will), and find that there is a God, and that the Bible is correct.
And at the end of the day, hope counts for a lot, and those principles and beliefs found in Christianity,
For the flip side is, “Why bother doing what's right, for what’s the point?" — a “Dog eat dog” and “Who cares?” society…

And there goes accountability.

Well, regardless of what lies ahead, joy and peace is found in doing good to others, and keeping our conscience clear,
And though we will not be free of troubles and suffering, much of such, via the right attitude, we’ll elsewhere steer.
And when all is said and done, what will be will be — and hey, when has anybody benefited from worry?
So meantime, let us lovingly do whatever we can to improve and ease the sad lot of humanity.

By Lance Landall

This poem contains a degree of Christian content necessary for the purpose.

6.  Are You Balanced?

Scales are balanced for a very good reason, and so should people be too,
For how else can we weigh things properly, figure out what’s false, better or true?
And why when folk swing to the left or right they compromise their ability,
And more so the further they swing; and hence those greater injuries that we see,

And not surprisingly.

And yes, such is seen within the Christian Church too, come that same left or right swing,
Ultra-conservatives and liberals battling, which good or ill’s seen to bring.
For on the one hand there’s talk of pre-advent perfection, and on the other hand
There’s all those excuses for continued sin, which a gracious God never planned.

Yes, Christ saw it all in His day, hardline Pharisees and reckless Sadducees,
The former going by the Book, (or so they thought), and the latter as they please.
And it’s just the same today:
Hardliners on the right holding sway, or those on the left who equally dismay,
For neither are truly balanced; bias, self or error getting in the way.

So come elections, say,

Always look for balance and heart, (integrity rather elusive, sadly),
And on your journey through life, maintain your own balance and heart, and constantly.
For any swing to the left or right, (though there’s really only wrong, right or best),
May simply hamper or thwart your growth, stain your heart and rob you of peace and rest.

By Lance Landall

7.  The Trouble With Truth

The trouble with truth is that it’s seldom welcomed because it’s seldom what folk actually want to hear,
For truth can challenge our preconceived ideas, even our beliefs — yes, erroneous things that we hold dear.
Or even worse — well, in the eyes of many, that is — most disturbingly peel back an unhealthy veneer,
One that’s protectively covering cherished delusions that the light of day holds at arms length due to fear.

Yes, truth has an irritating way of pricking the conscience, and it’s a spoiler, one that gets in the way,
For truth oft calls for change, change that many don’t want — they preferring some wayward way-cum-what doesn’t pay.
Well, we can try and keep truth at bay for as long as we like, but somewhere we’ll be forced to face its verity,
For truth is truth no matter how far we run from it, and why wherever we are, there it’s still bound to be.

The trouble with truth is that it’s seldom desired, for it oft reveals what folk should give up, but don’t want to,
And don’t! — well, not until they have to, are somehow forced to — and then their folly they’ve serious cause to rue.
And all because of their resistance, even their insistence, for oh, how folk defend what suits–cum-delights,
Hence those damaged relationships we see, most courtesy of heated arguments, another word for fights.

The trouble with truth is that it doesn't always mirror our life, for truth clearly calls for transparency,
Such being another word for honesty and integrity, which denial spurns, given its refusal to see.
And so it goes, we thereby just fooling ourselves, which one could well argue is a form of insanity,
For rebuttal where truth registers hardly reveals a sound mind, but rather, one that dumps wisdom for folly.

By Lance Landall

8.  And Don't Forget Truth

Some time ago, Burt Bacharach composed a song called, “What The World Needs Now Is Love,” and who would disagree?
But you know, it could’ve been called, “What The World Needs Now Is Truth” — in other words, honesty and transparency.
For no longer can we rely on anyone’s word, it seems; without me naming some common offenders,
Who, for whatever reason, fudge, lie, deceive and betray; and profit from their selfish and wrong agendas.

Yes, there’s no question that this world needs love, for self-interest-cum-preservation has gained the ascendancy,
Hence why we see many feasting and feathering their own nest while others starve or struggle with poverty.
But much of the suffering that abounds can be traced to underhand goings-on — yes, things behind the scene —
Though there’re those who’re getting rich on the backs of others who do the hard grind, the larders of the latter lean.

Well, such has always been how it is, you may well say, and such is true, but never more so than now, sadly,
For what love there is on this Earth has been lessening, and with it, truth-cum-nobleness and integrity.
Hence why such is needed as much as love is, as this world is growing darker due to the lies that abound,
For light’s only found where there’s truth, and love where there’s light, and why on Earth we’re needing love and truth pound for pound.

Yes, love’s all very well, but without truth, its doomed to fail, and hence why it is failing — a sign of the times —
For where love and truth aren’t combined, there’s no rhythm or rhyme, no clear direction, and hence why trouble soon climbs.
And why there needs to be accountability, a thirsting after truth, and a ferreting out of lies,
Lest deception somehow ensnare the whole Earth, for of its evil intent-cum-plans, it hardly notifies.

Those who mislead oft claim to have our best interests at heart — and remember that trickery is an art —
Though there’re those who deludedly think that they do have our best interests at heart when something foolish they start,
And hence their treacherous sincerity, but whatever may be the case, one thing's clear: Careful we must be,
For falsehood oft parades as truth, and beguiling ways oft as love — hence why the real deal’s our priority.

By Lance Landall

9.  Standing Alone

It’s a lonely thing to stand for truth, because truth isn’t popular theses days,
Most believing what they prefer to be true, going their own various ways.
And so, when one tries to correct, one oft treads on specially manicured toes,
And why the heralder of truth has very few friends, and often many foes.

So, it doesn't matter if you’re right, because many prefer darkness to light,
Or simply that which suits them, folly no respecter of the learned and bright.
Hence why any heralder of truth must learn to stand alone, take any flack,
Because one thing’s for sure: Wherever truth is, it’s under ferocious attack.

By Lance Landall

10.  Nobody Wants To Know

Yes, four very sad words indeed, for when they’re strung together, they state a tragic truth — a prophecy,
That being, that only trouble can come of such, for not wanting to know what we need to know is folly.
But such is how it is today, though not absent from history, and why those who seek to enlighten
Are very seldom welcomed, often dismissed, maligned and mistreated, for they get under people’s skin.

That being: When people don’t want to know the truth, for such quickly irritates, pricking their conscience, clearly,
Which forces them to confront what they’re trying to avoid, and all because it doesn’t suit, selfishly.
Hence why we’re seeing what we are within society, for such a state afflicts the majority,
Who simply want an easy life — in other words, nothing disturbing their ostrich like mentality.

Well, who can break through such utter absurdity, and hence why little is achieved in that direction,
For how can one help those who just don’t want to know, or who consider they don’t need any correction?
Such could be said to be the biggest problem we face today, outside of prejudice and bigotry,
Though such leads to that, as well as ignorance and arrogance, and so many other ills that we see.

Yes, four very sad words indeed, that when strung together, largely convey why this world is in a mess,
For people just don’t want to stop what suits them, and hence why with their life they’re just foolishly playing chess.
And why and how others suffer, and why and how things are steadily getting worse, unsurprisingly,
For nobody wants to know what they need to know, and why we’re all in a sinking ship, effectively.

By Lance Landall

11.  Worth Bearing In Mind

The three crucial keys to good governance are: Integrity, balance and heart;
No deception, no foolish left or right swing, and no horse without its cart;
The heart connected to the head, the head connected to the heart, as should be,
That all may be well, sound and fair; and that their worthiness to rule, we may see.

And so, we not voting for our own ends, but the good of all, society,
Every government and each MP thinking in terms of humanity.
The past a lesson book, foresight and wisdom good friends, the future in our hands,
Which only the responsible voter and trustworthy MP understands.

By Lance Landall

12.  Why Governments Oft Poorly Govern

“Why are people cynical of politicians?” Fay asked her father, “Some folk disliking them intensely.”
Her father put down the book he’d been perusing, he taking his daughter’s question very seriously.
“Well, Fay, there are certain positions that quickly show the true nature of someone, where they stand morally-
Cum-how ethically or not they behave, whether they keep to their word, are transparent and trustworthy...

And here of course, we’re talking politicians...

Of whom so many have let us down, if not in some big way, in lots of other ways, irresponsibly,
Oft disregarding the fact that they’re there on behalf of us, they pursuing their own ideology.
In other words, their own agenda, they oft feathering their own nest despite their perks and high salary,
And midst such, pointing the finger, behaving harshly towards the vulnerable within society.”

“Yes, on the one hand selling the country’s assets — treason, some say — and adopting slash and burn policies,
Or simply changing things too fast, their head not connected to their heart, they seemingly doing as they please.
And on the other hand, there’s a pandering to this group or that group, an imprudent liberality,
The hearts of these politicians not connected to their head, hence the entrance of many foolish things we see.”

“Most politicians run to the beat of a left or right drum, rather than they wisely acting neutrally,
Hence that seesawing when power changes hands, and all because of that tired old left and right mentality.
And adding to all this is the fudging, stalling, the dodging of questions, the withholding of information,
The playing with stats and figures, the what suits compromises, the bending and twisting of information.”

“Are you talking about skulduggery, Dad?” Fay interjected, “And certain behind the scenes activity?”
“Well, politicians are just as capable of such as anyone else,” her father replied cautiously,
And we’re living in treacherous and changing times,” he added, “Hence all those conspiracy theories out there,
They often referring to secret goings-on, behind the scene players-cum-interference, which may steer...

And all such even messing up the plans of a good politician or party.”

“But such is another subject in itself, (though certainly connected), and possibly better skipped here,
Lest you somehow lose sight of the general run of things that we’re discussing here, and thereby, elsewhere veer.
Perhaps we could discuss such another time, though I’d encourage you to research such very thoroughly,
For all should be well informed lest they err, or be taken in by something or someone, most perilously.”

“The truth is, that wealthy politicians are far more likely to be out of touch with the man in the street,
And then there are those who’re just seeking the baubles of power, they quite clearly undeserving of their seat.
And both of them thus no doubt lacking in understanding, empathy and required sensitivity,
They being driven by dollars, ambition and personal desire, rather than a love for humanity.”

“Thus it’s often a case of having to pick the best of the evils, both party and politician wise —
If you understand what I mean here — for their shortcomings, untruths and shenanigans, neither advertise.
At the end of the day, a government is only as good as its politicians, those that we elect,
And getting back to where we came in, such is why few politicians, (or their parties), have earned our respect.”

“Thus, as it is with soldiers and policemen, a politician’s only as good as his or her heart and mind-
Cum-his or her standards, values, principles, and love for their country, which of such, far too little we find.
Hence why we shouldn’t get caught up on looks, for those who look the part, often have an unsound mind or heart,
Or are charlatans in disguise, as it were, who a self-serving, corrupt and injurious path soon chart.”

“I guess that’s why some folk don’t vote,” Fay volunteered. “I’m sure it is,” her father agreed, “But utter folly,
For such can even worsen things, is most immature, and shows a complete lack of responsibility.
Such folk clearly don’t value the privilege of such, or not like they should, taking for granted liberty-
Cum-their freedom-cum-democracy, and why it pays for all to be knowledgeable politically...

And given the above — why governments oft poorly govern."

By Lance Landall

"There is nothing government can give you that it hasn't taken from you in the first place."
Winston Churchill

13.  Pacifisim — A Noble Stance

Both pacifism and pacifists, (and even without due thought), are oft maligned, misunderstood, and the butt of satire,
When at the end of the day, the pacifist’s stance is the only one that holds out some hope — a stance to which all should aspire.
And those who are the most anti-pacifism, are oft those who are caught up in patriotic fever-cum-hysteria,
Which can fuel an errant leader’s unjust cry for war, or for some so-called righteous revenge, over which there should be no, “Hurrah!”

The truth is, that there’s really no alternative to the pacifist stance, for all that we are left with is those weapons and war,
And as long as this world keeps turning to such, we’ll see no end to all the carnage and misery that has gone on before.
Therefore, preaching love, peace and harmony whilst taking up arms, is not only an irony, but a form of hypocrisy,
For the intent of those who take up arms isn’t to preserve but to destroy, and they, simply killers granted legality.

Yes, its all just so back to front, given people are justifying war when they should be justifying the pacifist’s stance,
For until weapons, soldiers and warmongering are no longer glorified, nor seen as being the answer, we don’t stand a chance;
And in time would no doubt discover — and far too late, that is — that pacifism was what we should’ve glorified instead,
That is, pursued just as vigorously, and all of this, amidst surveying the unrepairable, and soon joining the dead.

No, warring never solves anything, for its method can’t — thus, at best, it’s like a band-aid — given that surgery is needed,
And hence why the surgical skills of a pacifism that's coupled with peace activism, should now be applied and heeded.
And why, as John Kennedy implied, the conscientious objector should be honoured just as highly as any soldier,
For all those ones who actively oppose war, and want no part in such, seek the noblest of the noblest, and thereby, hardly err.

By Lance Landall

"War will exist until that distant day when the conscientious objector enjoys the same reputation and prestige that the warrior does today."
American president, John F. Kennedy (1917-1963)

"Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired signifies in the final sense, a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed. This world in arms is not spending money alone. It is spending the sweat of its laborers, the genius of its scientists, the hopes of its children. This is not a way of life at all in any true sense. Under the clouds of war, it is humanity hanging on a cross of iron.”
Dwight D. Eisenhower (1890-1969), American politician and Army general

"The most shocking fact about war is that its victims and its instruments are individual human beings, and that these individual beings are condemned by the monstrous conventions of politics to murder or be murdered in quarrels not their own."
Aldous Huxley (1894-1963) — The Olive Tree

"Every war is an atrocity, but every war that could have been avoided is a crime in which soldiers became criminals."
The Author

14.  Pacifists

If we were all pacifists, there would be peace and harmony,
As violence would be abhorred, and war unnecessary.
Given no one would raise a hand, nor rely on weaponry,
Disagreements and disputes would be settled more thoughtfully.

Yes, pacifists do not initiate or perpetuate
Any violence or wars, and nor such even contemplate.
For they consider life sacred, treat all the same, live in peace,
And if we all lived that way, war and violence would soon cease.

Violence is a sickness, one that has plagued society,
And until we all refrain, this earth won’t be violence free.
Hence, all should be pacifists, and preaching peace and harmony,
Thus working side by side until violence ceases to be.

If we all became pacifists, war would simply cease to be,
And violence would disappear, for we’d all live peacefully.
Yes, we’d destroy all the weapons that line pockets, kill and maim,
Be the generation that war and violence overcame.

By Lance Landall

You may wish to read my Christian poem Pacifism, My Take which is in an orange
box so titled, Christian section; or my article The Pacifist, Pacifism, Violence And War which is on my Foes Of Humanity page, purple box, secular poem list section.

15.  Silly Monkey Business

What! We all came from monkeys? Hey, you’ve got to be kidding, right?
’Cause that’s just a hairy theory, and one that’s not very bright.
I would suggest you change your mind before you’re convinced it’s true,
And given Darwin himself said that it was just a view.

Yes, it’s purely monkey business, a theory devoid of facts,
Just a very hairy theory, and one that common sense lacks.
’Cause no matter how hard he tried, Darwin couldn’t make it fit,
Not that it’s stopping others though, who’re convinced that it’s a hit.

Although I don’t think I’m handsome, I still can’t accept the view
That I somehow came from a monkey which into myself grew.
And therefore, I can’t accept that they might be my next of kin,
’Cause that’s nothing but an insult, ’though I’ll take it on the chin.

No, I’ve never seen a monkey even halfway getting there,
And I know that nothing close is ever likely to appear.
Nor that there’ll be another who will witness such a thing,
’Cause one thing we simply aren’t, is another primate’s offspring.

And don’t try to tell me also that we all got here by chance,
Via some sort of cosmic ‘big bang’ that saw life on Earth advance.
’Cause that’s just another theory that some have spawned and nursed,
And why I wouldn’t be surprised if we haven’t seen the worst.

So, when next you see a monkey, I’d take a look at its tail,
And remember that ‘evolution’ is likewise just a tale.
One that’s also very hairy, and right out there on a limb,
Yes, the musings of a man, a notion, a fanciful whim.

One that’s full of missing links that evolutionists can’t find,
’Cause they have embraced a theory that’s simply all in the mind.
Yes, it’s purely monkey business that’s completely up a tree,
Where monkeys have always been, and where monkeys will always be.

So, it’s time folk left them to it, and displayed more commonsense,
By not repeating such nonsense in evolution’s defence.
Those monkeys may be a giggle when swinging from tree to tree,
But I don’t find it funny how they say one turned into me.

Though imagining it were true that some monkey became me,
Would it have been a large baboon, or a noisy chimpanzee?
Or possibly a gorilla, or cheeky orang-utan,
That somehow metamorphosed after that so-called huge ‘big bang.’

No, I wouldn’t believe it, friend, nor repeat what such folk say,
’Cause all this silly monkey business is leading folk astray.
It’s such a foolish theory, and one that’s hiding the true facts,
’Cause it’s clear we’ve been created, which unbiased research backs.

By Lance Landall

See my page Refuting Evolution which is near the top of my poem list page, left side.

16.  The Stephen Hawking Folk

Why are folk like Stephen Hawking seemingly so determined to depress us,
Leaving many without hope that there’s a life-giving Saviour who’s called Jesus,
And given we’ve that spiritual side, hence those forays into New Age stuff,
Many sure there’s someone or something out there, a support base when life gets tough.

Yes, the Stephen Hawking folk leaving us without purpose and point, and thereby
No accountability too, and hence why over more lawlessness we sigh.
No hope nor accountability leaving folk no longer caring what they do,
Hence why love, principles, standards, morals and boundaries are vanishing too.

So thanks, guys, we’re all the happier, aren’t we? No, quite the opposite, sadly,
Hence those kids who’re running amuck, ending up with some mental difficulty.
Enter suicide, because what’s there to live for, the unknown plain scary,
And what’s great about having supposedly developed from something hairy?

“If there’s no God, then everything’s permissible,” someone has said, and it’s true,
’Cause only God via His Word talks about law and judgment, which now, most pooh-pooh.
The Stephen Hawking folk having done a great job of trying to destroy things,
And to think that they’re even applauded, few caring what further ill such brings.

By Lance Landall

17.  Spammers

It’s said that small things amuse small minds, and some folk just can’t help themselves, clearly,
They unable to get past their childishness, alias immaturity.
And so it is with spammers, and the easily upset who retaliate,
Because they can’t handle others’ opinions, and aren’t into healthy debate.

Or maybe they’ve too much time on their hands, boredom prone to mischief, like spam, say,
The product of folk who have chosen a petty path, unintelligent way.
But what goes around comes around, so all they’re doing is inviting trouble,
Which life returns to fools and aggravators, who thereby, burst their own bubble.

By Lance Landall

18.  We Salute You

In our hour of need, (whatever it be), we remember those who treat us well.
Though here my thoughts particularly turn to those who work in a hospital.
The surgeons, the doctors, the nurses and staff in general who show they care,
Both in manner and application, and do their best to quieten any fear.

Hospitals can seem a scary place, ones life in the hands of others, and so,
Those who enter looking for reassurance, particularly if they’re low.
Hence the way they’re treated meaning everything to them, and their family,
Who so appreciate those kindly words and acts that express sincerity.

And therefore, praise and gratitude forthcoming, and my own acknowledgment here,
Having appreciated how I was treated, which made things easier to bear.
And I knowing that such kindness isn’t always acknowledged like it should be,
Though far more precious than gold, and such restoring ones faith in humanity.

So thanks to all of you—we salute you—so dependant on your help and care,
Aware that you’re often under pressure, and some unpleasant tasks have to bear.
I guess it’s all in a days work for you, those shifts that tire, but hey, in our mind,
It remains forever etched; so may this encourage come stress or daily grind,

And why as well,
yours sincerely,
Lance Landall,
this poem’s signed.

19.  Thank You!

It’s about time cleaners were really appreciated,
And high time that the role of cleaner was elevated.
It’s time cleaners were also financially compensated,
For the importance of their role can’t be overstated.

Without the cleaner, or the waste remover, where would we be?
For the roles of both are critical, a necessity.
Though they’re roles that few desire, both protect society,
Helping to prevent ill health, death, widespread calamity.

Cleaning’s not a pleasant task, nor waste removal either,
Hence why it is that most people will choose to do neither.
However, when neither are done, folk are quick to complain,
For they don’t like the results — that pile, that mess, smell or stain.

Both are tasks someone must do, though unpleasant they may be,
And tasks that in our own sphere we do individually.
But those who go beyond such for the sake of others too,
Deserve an elevation, and wage that hollers, “Thank you!”

By Lance Landall

20.  Well And Truly Duped!

People have fallen for the biggest fashion con of all time, those holly jeans,
New pairs having purposely been holed in the factory, hence those crazy scenes.
People walking around looking like the down and out, those beggars that one sees,
A decent pair of jeans having been mutilated, torn and ripped, if you please.

Now there goes good money, they hardly lasting as long, but how utterly silly,
A fashion craze that defies belief, such buyers truly fleeced of their money.
Sense having gone out the window, that daffy flock of sheep growing by the day,
New clothes with holes normally returned for a refund — oh, what more can I say?

By Lance Landall

21.  You Can Be Anything You Want To Be?

You cannot be anything you want to be — that’s a lie! — outrageously cruel,
Many having sought and tried only to end up even looking like a fool.
You can run for president, but your chances of success are another thing,
Yet, to that full of holes “You can be anything you want to be,” folk still cling.

Yes, many have sought, tried and failed — and that’s life — but hey, good on you for trying!
There nothing like a tryer, ’cause without the effort there’s no hope of flying.
And many do succeed, but many don’t, and this why you should mind that big lie,
It all part and parcel of today’s New Age nonsense that far too many buy.

The truth is, this world’s full of know-it-all gurus, books on this, books on that, and
People being taken in everywhere, lining someone’s pocket as planned.
You can be this, you can do that, when the truth is a “Maybe” or “No,” and so,
We giving something a go, but with our feet firmly planted until we know.

Yes, the impossibilities more numerous than the possibilities,
Which anyone who is level headed and in touch with reality sees.
Yet, the multibillion dollar sham industry pushing its spiel, some lie,
Like, “You can be anything you want to be,” when you can only simply try.

By Lance Landall

22.  Love Yourself? — Who Told You That?

The truth is, that it’s not about loving ourselves, but all about learning to accept ourselves as we are,
Our worth being in our very existence, and not in our loving ourselves — which, to be honest, is quite bazaar.
And another truth is, that contrary to what’s being hollered, self love is today’s plague on society,
Even the Bible condemning those who’re “lovers of themselves,” such love being narcissism, and thus unhealthy.

The “love yourself” gospel is simply repackaged New Age mumbo-jumbo fuelling current introspection,
Such being an injurious preoccupation with one’s self, with its pity party, pampering connection.
It’s time we forgot about ourselves, and lost ourselves in others, the truth being that we love ourselves too much,
Hence our selfish indulgences, our looking after number one, that vanity that has folk in its clutch.

Even our partaking of food is oft done in order to make ourselves feel better-cum-sooth our feelings,
And oh, how we spoil ourselves-cum-treat ourselves, and consider our own interests more in all our dealings.
Yes, it’s not that we don’t love ourselves, (for we clearly do and far too much), but that we simply fail to see
That our worth is based on our very existence — and that acceptance, and not loving ourselves, is the key.

Our birth is a miracle in itself, our value beyond pricing, and we, a link in humanity,
Not the chain itself, but a precious link, our worth no less or more than others — so skip pop psychology —
Such being where that “love yourself” gospel derived from, such appealing to our natural selfish tendencies,
And why it’s been grabbed so fast — and wrongly — for when we love ourselves, it’s more ourselves that we seek to please.

By Lance Landall

The following poem contains Christian references.

23.  Beware The Eckhart Tolles

(Re Eckhart Tolle — Author of A New Earth)

Yes, beware of the likes of the Eckhart Tolles who are popping up everywhere today, unsurprisingly,
For we’re living in a time where anything goes, where anything’s embraced, folk having lost their way, sadly.
A time when many are confused and are running after this and that, their feet no longer firm on the ground,
And hence why opportunists — many in the form of New Age gurus-cum-spiritual teachers — abound.

Yes, it’s all been seen before, and therefore, is hardly due the title New Age, for it’s ages old, actually,
And such deluded or deliberate charlatans having long been proven to be just that, and rightly.
In other words, yogis, swamis, mystics, psychics — call them what you will — who’re raking in heaps of money,
And all because so many are caught up in the so-called “New spirituality,” Eckhart Tolle folly.

Now, I’m not knocking the man, but just his version of New Age mumbo-jumbo that’s doing the rounds today,
Such being the outcome of an unhappy childhood, his seeking some mystical healing — oh, how people stray —
For there’s no such thing, but rather, a learning to live with our injuries, a refocusing of our thoughts,
And not an emptying of the mind, for thoughts are meant to constantly come and go, which medical science supports.

In fact, once we empty our mind of thoughts, we expose our mind to hypnotic influences we can’t control,
Such meaning: Any outside force could fill that vacuum with what it wants to say, thus misleading some poor soul.
But regardless of such a grave danger, we hardly need the added confusion of New Age mysticism;
Its sources being one’s imagination, the occult, Eastern religions and primitive paganism.

And yes, some Christianity thrown in as well — a right old potpourri — or,  Christianity-cum-such,
As many Christians have mixed such with their Christian beliefs and practices, though their Bible conveys, “Don’t touch!”
For this New spirituality-cum-New Age concoction is far from sound, a fusion of confusions,
A subtle and not so subtle blend of truth and error spread by the Eckhart Tolles nursing their delusions.

Yes, we live in a world where the enlightened aren’t so enlightened, a world where foxes guard the hens, where
Soldiers shame their flag, where Christians shame their Lord, where leaders lie, fudge, plot, fiddle, fornicate and wrongly steer,
Where men hide behind religion, where some seek to rule the world, where the truthful are oft tagged as liars, where
Liars are oft saying they’re not so, and where fiction, fantasy, falsehood and heresy are held more dear.

Yes, we live in a time when Christians have exchanged their trust in God for trust in man, (turning to arms as well),
A time in which morals have been traded for lust, discipline for appetite, and some say, Heaven for hell.
Yes, a time in which principles have been exchanged for opportunities, standards for convenience, and,
Where billions are spent on sheer indulgence while others live in abject poverty, and die, though close at hand.

Thus, it’s no surprise that people are confused, and are chasing this and that — answers being right under their nose —
For when sense, wisdom, fact and truth are exchanged for fiction, fantasy, error and nonsense, that’s how it goes.
We’re meant to live with the realities of life, and to work within them, and not go chasing the mystical,
And nor go exchanging the tried and true for some New Age gobble-de-gook-cum-flawed and experimental.

By Lance Landall

24.  The Cheek!

Oh, did I upset you? Said something you didn't like? Sorry, how wrong of me.
I guess I got carried away with one's right to free speech — oh yes, and liberty.
I shouldn't have said anything but what you actually wanted to hear,
For after all, who wants folk to disagree with them, or opposite views share.

Yes, how thoughtless of me, I should've kept my thoughts to myself, just zipped my lips,
But I guess it's so easy for us to say what we think, and so out it slips.
Sorry, I shouldn't be myself, should only consider what you have to say,
Rather than letting my selfish individuality get in the way.

By Lance Landall