Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.


Too Accommodating

Accommodation. Oh, how you hear that word such a lot today;
“We’ve got to fit in and get along with them,” you hear people say.
Well, up to a certain point I can accept such, but then that's it,
Because compromise and integrity together seldom fit.

Yes, compromise seems so fashionable today, a way of life,
As more and more people attempt to avoid some hassle or strife.
Rather than be unpopular, or tread on someone else's toes,
They begin those incremental steps — yes, you know how it all goes.

It’s like those little white lies that people tell, that begin with one,
One that inevitably snowballs — yes, soon breaks into a run.
For what at first makes people feel guilty, tends to ease in time,
As those little wee fibs, or incremental shifts, begin to climb.

And hence why so much goes astray, thanks to such accommodation —
Yes, giving in — in an effort to avoid some aggravation.
And with every foolish bend, (backwards, that is), in order to please,
Sound principles, standards, morals and values, soon feel that old squeeze.

Yes, there is a time and a place where compromise is quite okay,
But hey, usually it goes well beyond that, I have to say,
For it's one thing to be accommodating, and thereby fit in,
But far too regularly, compromise is where troubles begin.

One should be true to their conscience, and regardless of what the cost,
Lest in order to please people, things far more important get lost.
And in fact, that is what we have seen, and are dealing with today,
And why we, the pros and cons of such, should very carefully weigh.

Compromise where it's unwise, acts like a cancer — it eats away,
Destroying incrementally until things collapse and give way.
And hence that need for care, lest we, in order to please or fit in,
Accommodate something that in the end will see nobody win.

Yes, so don’t be afraid to say, “No,” for via such, much strength you'll show.

By Lance Landall

Be Who You Are

Don’t ever be afraid of being different to the rest, and nor of being thought of as eccentric, odd or strange,
In other words, just be yourself, for that is who you are, rather than the outcome of what other folk might change.
Yes, far too many bend to suit the selfish whims of others, or due to certain pressures that are brought to bear,
Which stifles their individuality, their uniqueness, their specialness, that no one’s meant to steal or steer.

And hence why many people don’t make some stand that they would have, too concerned over what other people might think,
Or too concerned over how other people might react, which soon sees them from a certain path or action shrink.
Yes, a path or action that they’ve a right to take, or even should take, but due to other folk, decide not to,
And as a consequence, allow wrong to have its way, or, something that could prove beneficial, they don’t pursue.

Nothing makes life more interesting than our differences — that is, all those unique or odd ways of others,
Which some unfair, forced, and unnecessary conformity, or someone’s interference, just spoils and smothers.
That is, if one lets such smother, or bows to the wrongful pressures of others, who’re often the majority,
For this world appears to be full of sheep — those who’re seemingly quite prepared to forgo their own identity.

And that identity is found in being just who we are, not in what others desire, unless we’ve some bad traits,
Which, if we’re sensible and receptive like we should be, we’ll do something about, for doing so, liberates.
But what’s uniquely us, be it seemingly eccentric, odd or strange, we shouldn’t try to change, but just accept,
For such is what makes us the unique and special individual that we are, and therefore, is far better kept.

By Lance Landall