Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.

Unlimited Love

Sometimes we may rage and question, “Why?” when things overwhelm,
But there’s a God who is good, and who’s clearly at the helm.
He understands our heartache, feels our pain, hears each request,
Yet, midst it all, this God who’s real, will only do what’s best.

How can mortals understand the ways of God — Jehovah,
Or those things that He allows that cause us pain, moreover?
The window humans see through is but misty at its best,
Hence we’ll never understand — all, or fully — and that’s best.

Yes, some things are best not known — we’ve pain enough for today,
And were we told, would we understand, given that we’re clay?
Not until we reach that home where our Saviour sits enthroned,
Will we truly comprehend, have our insight finely honed.

Meantime, God won’t cut us off, turn His back, nor walk away,
Just because we let Him down, show lack of faith, or from Him stray.
No, He’s a God who’s faithful, a friend indeed, who woos, persuades,
Despite our childish murmurs, sulks and threats, petty tirades.

Should any become downcast, resentful, He’ll still show His love,
By sending midst the shadows Divine blessings from above.
Yes, He’ll still love and help them, for He knows such wins the day,
As only love, unlimited love, can heal or gain sway.

Only love, unlimited love, can melt a heart or heal,
Yes, only love that’s heavenly, love that’s lasting and real.
That’s the kind God has for us, He who sees each sparrow fall,
He who watches tenderly, He who hears each anxious call.

Though we may not understand, we can rest assured God cares,
And that He notices not just sparrows, but falling tears.
He knows we’re clay, broken vessels too, and it breaks His heart,
Because love, unlimited love, never wanted us apart.

By Lance Landall