Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.


What's Child Abuse?

Tell me, what exactly is child abuse? Why am I asking? Because I’m confused;
After all, what age is a child, and how does one determine that they’re being abused?
Is it a smack (as some claim), a beating, or rather, sexual molestation,
Or could it also be what we don’t think it is? — oh, please, some clarification!

Could child abuse be ridiculing them, or yelling at them uncontrollably,
Perhaps not scarring them physically, but certainly so emotionally?
Could child abuse be a bad example, one that has them acting as wrongfully,
Or parents steering them in the wrong direction, passing on hang-ups, sadly?

Could child abuse be introducing a child to life-threatening activities,
Or giving them unhealthy food — perhaps in order to quieten them, or to please?
Could child abuse be introducing a child to substances that could injure them,
Or that might create an addiction, from which trouble and heartache might later stem?

Could child abuse be teasing them, leaving them on their own in a car, or at home,
Or neglected discipline, an unsecured gate whereby onto a road they might roam?
Could child abuse be not taking them to a doctor when taking them would be wise,
Or sending them to school without lunch, giving them nasty frights that could traumatize?

Could it be exposing them to pedophiles via dressing them up sexy, publicly;
I’m referring to daughters, barely school age, sporting makeup, dressed in what’s skimpy?
In other words, child beauty contests, where little girls are made to look adult-like,
Which the corrupted and villainous desires of a pedophile must excite?

Could it be exposing their very sensitive fragile hearing to injury,
Via home or car stereos that thump away pumping out some harmful frequency,
And whilst that child is trapped (as it were) inside their home, or buckled in their car seat,
Having no control (whatsoever) over that excessive volume, mind numbing beat?

Could it be exposing their hearing to those praise sessions that one hears nowadays,
Where musicians via electric guitars and drum-kits crank it up in order to please?
Mothers holding babies, children seated near the front, volume far to loud for all;
And if not at praise sessions, some noisy concert, or noisy function in a hall?

Could it be exposing their hearing to the likes of sports events where crowds often roar,
Or noisy racetracks, or indeed anywhere where noise and voices too loudly soar?
Yes, to any injurious noise at all that could be avoided, and that should be
Wherever there is sensitive fragile hearing that could be damaged very easily?

Could it be exposing their innocent eyes to any violence on TV,
Or that which is seen via computer games, cartoons, comics, or even publicly,
That being, what’s seen on TVs on display in shops, on billboards, buses, magazines, books,
Or to be more precise, almost anywhere that the innocent child nowadays looks?

Could it be exposing their eyes to adult sexuality that’s also seen,
Images beyond their maturity, (violence so often a part of that scene),
Images seen too early, and some that shouldn’t be seen at all, shamefully,
Images that young minds can’t assimilate correctly — perhaps try to copy?

Oh, could child abuse also be encouraging a child to play with a toy gun,
(Via giving them such), effectively teaching them that pretending to kill is fun?
Or perhaps it’s a knife or sword that suggests approval of such violent pretense,
Overlooking that later in life real violence may occur as a consequence?

Yes, many a love affair with weaponry has turned into a calamity,
A love that so often is encouraged early via imitation weaponry.
And it’s early that most harm is done, I suspect, and no doubt some unwittingly,
But it’s surely still abuse, whether it be done knowingly or ignorantly.

Could child abuse be not being there for them when they need you -- that is, when you could be, And when you should be, and willingly -- not just sometimes, but whenever necessary? 
Could it be leaving them in another's care when they're in need of your company, 
Or not providing them with a sound foundation -- a moral compass, effectively?

And tell me, what about marital shouting matches, and all those breakups we see,
In other words, the disintegration of a child’s required security?
Surely these things outweigh a careful smack; and they certainly lead to injury,
Yet, are they considered as child abuse, and also outlawed legislatively?

Why’s there a penalty for certain child abuses, but not the rest, seemingly?
What kind of signal are we sending here? Are we simply displaying hypocrisy?
Is some child abuse acceptable? Do we only outlaw that which seems worse to us,
And over the rest just mutter our disapproval perhaps, not make any fuss?

Hence why I’m seeking clarification, for there’s a glaring inconsistency
Given that these other things I’ve mentioned are harmful -- yet, not outlawed legislatively.
Seems a smack, a beating, and sexual molestation are the preoccupation,
And why I ask: What exactly is child abuse? Please further my education.

(Yes, I could have mentioned more abuses).

By Lance Landall

“What is done to children, they will do to society.”
Karl A. Menninger, Psychiatrist (1893-1990)

"Child abuse casts a shadow the length of a lifetime.”
Herbert Ward

2.  Mind How You Treat The Young

Be patient with the young, 'cause their emotions are tender, fragile, and they, lacking in maturity,
Given experience comes with age, and the longer we live, the more such we gain, naturally.
And with experience comes maturity, better understanding, more self-control, hopefully so,
'Cause in such areas, even adults can be lacking, and certain things not appreciate or know.

Youngsters need that gentle touch that gives them room to learn and grow, though knowing where firmness is needed,
'Cause those who neglect such importance soon see wisdom, instruction and boundaries not being heeded.
A wise and loving firmness where such is clearly needed gives young people a sense of security,
'Cause the gentle touch is one thing, but folly another, 'cause we're all to learn responsibility.

But first must come that gentle touch, lest some youngster lose heart — and oh, how they can so very easily,
More so if their tender feelings and over concerns are laughed at, made light of, most insensitively.
And even more so where put-downs come their way, 'cause they need encouragement and others who believe in them,
'Cause too many are quick to spot a young person’s failings, and rather than helping, destructively condemn.

Many youngsters go off the rails due to accumulated thoughtless hits they’ve been subjected to, sadly,
And there're those who commit suicide, be that consciously, or midst drug and alcohol morbidity.
Hence why we need to be careful regarding youngsters, and given that they don’t see through older eyes,
Which is why they do crazy things, just like their parents did when younger, which now, totally mystifies.

 By Lance Landall

This poem was upgraded 10 February 2020.

3.  Television — The Kid-napper

What parents choose to watch is one thing, but what they let their kids watch is quite another, obviously,
Given that TV is a dangerous moulder of young minds, hence that copycat behaviour we see.
Yes, a medium where heroes are as violent as their enemies, thus an even greater threat,
'Cause such use weaponry and fists in order to gain some good — and do kids copy their heroes? You bet!

Even more so.

Oh, that daily diet of gratuitous violence coupled with the sexual — but wait, there’s more —
All of it saturating young, fertile minds, which, faulty heroes and bad role models come to adore.
Yes, minds shaped by the warped school of television, where so much is distorted, where wrong’s oft taught as right,
And we wonder about kids today — the raunchy, twisted, ghoulish-cum-blood and gore often in their sight.

And we may wonder why women are seen as objects — well, check out what your boys are watching on TV,
'Cause there, throwing themselves on men as they tear off their clothes are groaning women  hyped up sexually,
Or they allowing lustful men to do the stripping, roughness all part of the scene, and so on it goes,
As daily the vulgar, smutty, crass, shallow, senseless, silly, cruel, nasty, feigned and false  harmfully glows.

Yes, what a cocktail, kids immersed in a world of fantasy and fiction, their parents joining in too,
While standards, principles and morals are trashed in front of their glued eyes, a world that’s toxic and askew.
A world where the programmes-cum-movies and ads are full of anything but what’s best,  hence how we invest
In a future that can only get worse, 'cause television’s a curse, and why its removal I suggest.

Not just a kid-napper, but a pied piper that leads adults away as well, so very easily,
It the black sheep of the family, a rebellious influence — and oh, how it acts so stealthily.
Hence why kids want to do little else but stare at its beguiling contents, midst snacking unhealthily,
Thanks to irresponsible parents who’ve lost control, or who the dangers of such, can’t (don’t?) want to see.

By Lance Landall

This poem was upgraded 10 February 2020.

"Violent heroes are more harmful than even violent villains. Children imitate more often the characters whom they like and find most appealing."

 Dr. Joseph Strayhorn, child psychiatrist Medical College of Pennsylvania.

"TV is the single most significant factor contributing to violence in America."
Ted Turner

"TV is the most powerful thing that has ever been invented."
Ozzy Osbourne

4.  Mind Harry Potter

I’m appalled and amazed by the naivety and irresponsibleness of parents that I see,
Who encourage their kids to dabble in the occult — well, effectively, that is, and perilously.
When I mention the likes of Harry Potter, you may well jeer, but just like there’s soft porn and hard core porn
So it is when it comes to the occult, Harry Potter being a stepping stone of sorts, hence why I warn.

The fascination with such territory, which the likes of Harry Potter stirs, could well lead to ill,
'Cause there’s certainly an evil supernatural force, one known to beguile, corrupt, enslave, kill.
And many who have dabbled in the occult can testify of such, having struggled to be free of such,
And struggle they have indeed, 'cause it’s a force that doesn’t like to let go once you're in its evil clutch.

The only place one finds good wizards is in books, given good wizards don’t exist, they’re imaginary,
'Cause the world of magic wands, spells, flying broomsticks, vampires, ghosts and more, is an evil one, you see.
A world where blood sacrifices (both animal and human), sexual initiations, orgies,
The ghoulish, bizarre and hellish are common fare — a world that seeks to destroy whoever it can seize.

These books (movies) that effectively condone and promote such, are influencing a generation,
Which won’t know fact from fiction, so lost in fantasy, a truth and error fusion, exaggeration.
A generation that’s becoming hooked on the occult, a territory once condemned, and rightly,
But which is now enjoyed in homes right across the globe, where it dangerously mesmerizes nightly.

Oh, how such is made to seem harmless — just a book, a movie — however, such is still seizing young minds,
And why in time a migration from soft core to hard core occultism one inevitably finds.
What seems harmless is oft not so, but rather, a subtleness that lures and addicts incrementally,
And in a case like this, ensures a generation ripe for the plucking, which most parents fail see.

By Lance Landall

This poem was upgraded 26 February 2020.

"I get letters from children addressed to Professor Dumbledore, and it's not a joke, begging to be let into Hogwarts, and some of them are really sad. Because they want it to be true so badly they've convinced themselves it's true."

K.J. Rowling herself speaking to Newsweek

"Any time the dark side of the supernatural world is presented as harmless or even imaginary, there is the danger that children will become curious and find out too late that witchcraft is neither harmless nor imaginary."
Lindy Beam, Focus on the Family

5.  You Can Keep Your Hobbits

Personally, I’ve never really been interested in science fiction or fantasy,
And certainly not the underworld, I preferring beauty, normality, reality.
In other words, I’ve no desire to be absorbed in tales that fill one's mind with black arts and ill,
And those ugly, distorted creatures-cum-beings, who, only in the realm of the satanic dwell.

Oh yes, they so far from light, truth and right, and yet, via the likes of certain novels and movies,
They’re oft presented differently, or titillatingly, in order to hearts and minds seize.
And seize they do, people thus applauding and delighting in what simply comes from the occult,
And hence how the realm of darkness gets exalted, and why many folk, mediums oft consult.

Oh yes, how the realm of darkness is being milked for all its worth, as if there is some agenda,
Its so-called heroes acting and behaving just as wrongly as any outright offender.
Such wizards and the likes turning to spells, weapons, craftiness, and that “end justifies the means,”
A faulty approach that’s constantly repeated, and oft midst ghoulish, bizarre and nasty scenes.

Is this one reason why the world’s getting sicker, and why bad’s being seen as good, and wrong as right?
And should we be surprised? — for via these disturbing tales, we’re now seeing darkness being wed with light.
Yes, a merging of the two, the black arts now associated with some good, weird creatures too,
Who’re now taking the place of humans who’re more worthy, and who right via wrong means wouldn’t pursue.

But who’s concerned? Cinemas, bookstores and television wildly promoting such injury,
Which, sad to say, is even being embraced by an errant Christendom sanctioning apostasy.
Well, as far as I’m concerned, you can keep your hobbits, as such certainly don’t interest me,
For long ago I discovered that light and darkness were never designed to keep company.

It’s bad enough that my generation were raised on macabre fairytales and nursery rhymes,
Without the blatant propagation of the occult that’s seen in these confused and lawless times.
And as if to sanction such movies, a moral lesson here and there, albeit a two-faced one,
And what next, a moral lesson here and there via porn movies? — all why such toxic stews I shun.

If we want to convey something good, let’s do it via something good, and not via that which is soiled,
For tell me, who among us would eat vegetables that in polluted water had been boiled?
Yet, these books and movies akin to such, any good there being conveyed by wrong and sullied means,
Hence the likes of those wizards, witches, fairies, pixies, elves and hobbits filling pages and scenes.

By Lance Landall

Christian content or degree.

6.  Those Disney Dragons

I guess you’ve seen those Disney movies featuring dragons — kind of cute, aren’t they,
Deceptive too, because dragons aren’t cute at all, despite what’s shown today.
The Bible telling of a devil it calls a dragon, one cast from Heaven,
A very evil being who’s the cause of suffering and what is called “sin.”

Oh, he’s real alright, many having experienced him like many have Christ, who
Has warned of this dragon’s plan for Earth, and how he’s truly after me and you.
Yes, him and those other angels who sided with him, and who shadow us too,
All in order to ensnare (one way or another), and they aren’t just a few.

So please don’t fall for that Disney nonsense that makes those dragons look good to us,
Because there’s no such thing as a good dragon, all why we’ve been warned by Jesus.
We in the middle of a battle between good and evil, and care should take,
Because this dragon the Bible warns of is deadly serious, no Disney fake.

By Lance Landall

7.  Hi There, Son

Hi there, son. I was just thinking of you, as I oft do, and it had me feeling melancholy, sad,
'Cause we’ve had our clashes, haven’t we, and I midst issues of my own, haven’t always been the best dad.
Thus it could be argued that I shouldn’t have had kids, son, though if I hadn’t, there wouldn’t have been you,
And yes, I do love you, though in my own flawed way, and those clashes and my wrong behaviour truly rue.

Naught prepares one for fatherhood, and each child is different, thus mistakes are oft made right to the end,
And by that I mean, when one has raised kids, and then you still learn things, or only then fully comprehend.
And hey, our mums and dads weren’t always the best role models, we thus oft repeating their mistakes, sadly,
And consequently reaping what they reaped, a cycle oft perpetuated, albeit unconsciously.

But at least I've learnt to say, “I’m sorry, son," 'cause though you oft rebelled, I sometimes responded badly,
Though not without seeking some help, help that wasn’t there for me, or at least not as much as help should be.
And that’s part of the problem for dads, men being men and all that, though help oft isn’t there for mums too,
Many of them caught in the crossfire, torn between their feelings for both, sometimes not knowing what to do.

Anyway, I’m sorry for where I’ve erred, wish you all the best, and I'm hoping we can have more contact,
Time together, 'cause fewer years are left for me, and health is waning — and oh, how things can distract.
Though my father erred too, I wish he were still around, as these days, I see things rather differently,
And as time goes by, no doubt you, son, for the years teach much which the days never know, unsurprisingly.

Love, Dad.

By Lance Landall

This poem was upgraded 10 February 2020.

8.  Dear Daughter

A father’s love will never be without its flaws, and thus imperfect, sadly,
For fathers are very human, and why any husband will err too, you see.
But despite a father’s failings, those things that can disappoint, irk, hurt or mar,
Father’s still have their child’s best interests at heart; and faults on both sides there are.

And so it is within marriages, for though one partner may be mostly to blame,
How the other responds or reacts to such will either improve or inflame.
Therefore, remembering this will prove a blessing, but forgetting it a curse,
And so too those real or imagined grievances that humans are prone to nurse.

And daughters so prone to that knight in shining armour bubble that’s bound to burst,
Both their father or husband falling short, thus neither fully quenching that thirst.
But sometimes daughters or wives contributing to that less pleasing picture, and,
Why knights in shining armour can lose their sheen, and thus things not turn out so grand.

So please don’t be too hard on your father, for in time you’ll learn a thing or two,
And by then your father may’ve died, and his good and bad traits showing in you.
And how will you explain that to your kids? Probably no better than he can,
We all a bit of everyone, and a man geared to think and act like a man.

Hence those problems between the sexes, and they not about to go soon, clearly,
Though fathers clashing with sons, and sons with fathers — it not just daughters, you see.
But both seeing through different eyes, and we all having issues of some sort,
And why my door is always open; and best you remember that life’s too short.

By Lance Landall

9.  Is This You And Your Dad?

Hey, Dad, I’ve been in a lot of trouble, even been in prison, and you know:
I reckon that you’re to blame — well, somewhat so — and I’ve no doubts that Mum thinks so.
After all, you weren’t too big on discipline, said “Work things out for yourself, son,”
And I did, but not too well, for one day I figured that I could use a gun.

Yea, I’m just like you, Dad, love my beer, oft smoke the odd joint, and bed women too,
And I wouldn’t be surprised if ’round this neck of the woods I’ve a kid or two.
Yea, I oft scan the same adult mags, have an eye for those raunchy bodies too,
And I guess that’s why I love and leave women — use them — am unfaithful like you.

Seems I’ve wasted a lot of time — half my life — and not amounted to much, so
Haven’t exactly improved on your record — and yes, we do reap what we sow.
But having said that, you hardly showed me a better way, be that via word or deed,
And now I’m thinking I wish you had — say, where’s mother now? — oh, how she must bleed.

Remember those movies we used to watch? Pretty hard-core for a kid, really,
Violence kind of standard fair, half clothed women too — yea, Mum cursing the TV.
She no prude, by the way, but certainly more concerned about things than you were,
And yea, she never liked your language, that smuttiness, how you were hard on her.

I guess I’m a carbon copy, don’t like that mirror image, but there it is,
And hence that trail I’ve left behind, even kid that someone’s bound to say is “his.”
Well, I wouldn’t know, never had much time for morality or whatever,
And how I guess I joined the ranks of those who consider themselves more clever.

I have thought of changing but don’t know much about change, am so used to being me,
Or is it you? — and one’s past kind of gets in the way, dam people’s memory!
And why I was thinking I might as well catch up with you, though perish the thought,
For I’m sure that we would just feed off each other and even more trouble court.

Yea, wish I could get a break, find myself on a better path, or so I hope,
For the one I’m currently on isn’t level but more a slippery slope.
And slipped I have, scars too many to mention and they not just adorning me,
But others I’ve pulled down with me, Dad, or hurt, which your folly failed to foresee.

By Lance Landall

10.  The Young Aren't Stupid

Young folk don’t like pussyfooters, but rather, like to know all the facts, the truth of the matter,
And this, so apparent when young people get together and amongst themselves duly chatter.
Yes, no messing about for them, they calling it as it is, and thus into reality,
For pussyfooting just wastes time, it weak where one oft needs to be bold and clear in their duty.

Yes, the young aren’t stupid, so we shouldn’t treat them like fools, but call a spade a spade, help them see,
Be it via the home, pulpit or classroom, so that whatever’s said be taken seriously.
In other words, no PC nonsense, nor mistaken kindness, for such never serves anyone well,
And more so the young who don’t want to be wrapped in cotton wool, and to whom the truth we should tell.

At the end of the day, we live in a harsh, cold world, one that’s in serious trouble, sadly,
And one reason why is, because homes, pulpits and classrooms have gone soft on instructing clearly.
Or aren’t instructing at all, nor dispensing that discipline that gives the young security,
For love knows that there must be boundaries, a sound foundation, followed by accountability.

So let’s tell the young what they need to hear, and no messing about, for they need such direction,
And we shoring this up with an interested understanding-cum-empathy and affection.
Yes, tell them the truth, share values, principles, standards and morals, and not from some pious tree top,
But meet them where they are, not leaning on some weak, selfish, pussyfooting around, PC prop.

The truth is, that young people appreciate honesty, and admire courage, (though don’t we all),
They looking for solid rocks midst life’s unpredictable waves, swirling waters, hormonal squall.
And why things will hardly improve until straight talking’s back in fashion, love sometimes acting tough,
For it knows that there’s little value in that misguided, pussyfooting around, PC stuff.

By Lance Landall

11.  Wake Up Humanity!

Wake up, humanity! — can’t you see? — there’s a battle for the mind, and young minds especially,
They tender and ripe for the picking — yes, they street wise, perhaps — but lacking in maturity.
Though how many young folk are taught to value truth, sense, standards, nobleness and integrity?
And why they’re easily lead astray by the forces at work-cum-this time in Earth’s history.

Danger can lie in what we fail to see.

Yes, we’re right in the thick of a battle, and once the mind is conquered, so too the heart and soul,
The individual then dancing to the tune of whichever puppeteer is in control.
And such no wonder if wisdom’s been discarded, ears and eyes not attuned to dangers that lurk,
And thus shame on those parents who fail to instil what they should, and due prudence and research shirk.

Danger can lie in what we fail to see.

Yes, there’s a battle for the mind going on, every mind under attack, two forces at play,
We either on one side or the other, for there’s no in-between, and thus no room for being blasé.
And hence the need for deeper thought and wiser choices, and why more informed everyone should be,
Bearing in mind those baleful influences reaching into homes via each TV-cum-movie.

Danger can lie in what we fail to see.

And why we’ve reason to fear the future, for look at what folk are being fed — a smorgasbord of trash —
Their minds full of everything but that which edifies, their focus more on pleasures, things and cash.
And many Christians too, shamefully — for they should know better — and thus poor examples they are,
And why they’re kidding themselves that they’re saved, they slurping from the same pungent, poisoned reservoir.

Danger can lie in what we fail to see.

And why humanity needs to wake up — Earth only as good as its inhabitants — they ill,
For once again, look at what they watch, listen to and read — discernment lacking — for where’s the will?
And they therefore easy prey, their children more so, for right from young they’ve been soiled by so much ill,
Hence why wrong’s so familiar now, even cherished, seen as right, and why Earth’s begun to chill.

Danger can lie in what we fail to see.

Yes, there’s a battle for the mind going on, and this no coincidence, but carefully planned;
An evil, beguiling and disguised pied piper luring humanity — destruction close at hand.
And why each uninformed, soap besotted, pleasure focussed, money driven, moral knocking person
Must shoulder some blame, for they’ve played a part, and will have cause for regret, for things will soon worsen.

Danger can lie in what we fail to see.

So wake up, humanity! — take the scales off your eyes, or has the battle for your mind been won,
You no longer able to pull back — nor wanting too, perhaps — the damage well and truly done?
Well, I pray not — sense prevailing — and you regaining your mind, not gifting it to the enemy,
But why foul your own soul and harm others while you’re at it, such being mindlessness and treachery.

Danger can lie in what we fail to see.

We need to remember that we become what we feed on, (take in), be such what we’re fed as well —
Such manipulating our mind — but we consenting one way or another, under some spell.
And you know, trash doesn’t maketh a man, (or woman), and what does such do to the younger mind?
The battle seemingly won come the next generation, and oh, where will that leave humankind?

Yes, wake up, humanity!

By Lance Landall

12.  Mind Those Young Ones

Especially when your children are young, you should treat them very tenderly,
Installing within them a love for others via that example they should see,
For as the twig is bent; though children should never be treated differently,
But as if they’re a fragile flower, their heart and mind damaged so easily.

Sure they’ll need disciplining, and there’s a need and time and place for such, but hey,
Always err on the side of love lest they’re seen to doubt and perilously stray.
And bearing in mind that they’ve the mind of a child and therefore won’t always see
Until they’ve made those same mistakes that you might have made, and as regretfully.

The truth is, that your children don’t belong to you, but are entrusted to you,
Therefore, you should prove worthy of that trust, minding everything that you say and do.
For little ears and eyes take in much, and why they should be kept from much, for hey,
This world’s full of errant people, much that injures, soils, corrupts and leads astray.

But regarding those errant people,

Dare one be you, for there’s hardly a worse enemy than that one who’s within,
And whereby kids can’t escape some baleful influence or violating grin.
And why they’re in need of that love and care that wouldn’t dream of any cruelty,
Nor knowingly act in some deleterious way, but rather, rightfully.

By Lance Landall

Contains a degree of Christian content neccessary for the purpose.

13.  A Confused Generation

We’ve a confused generation, and as for what’s ahead — pity help us — for come their offspring,
And given things are getting worse (no surprises there), I hate to think what the future will bring.
And some reasons being, because they’re told that violence is wrong, and yet, violence are being fed,
Such saturating computer games, books, magazines, movies and TV, and hence other’s dread…

For we become what we behold — such violence desensitising — enter brutes and bullies,
Our future kids more callous and apt to turn to such, and here, they having a certain expertise.
Yes, for come the school playground, or wherever else, they act such out, their computer killings honed,
They studied in the art of violence, used to blood, gore and plotting, weaponry even owned.

Been watching the News?

(And forgive this digression, but don’t you think it’s quite odd how we condemn animal cruelly,
And yet, gorge on them, are expert in killing and cooking them? — such sending mixed signals, surely.
And then there’s vivisection, sanctioned torture, cruelty and violence having their place, it seems,
Though one could argue here, and I do, that such is humanity coming apart at the seams).

Well, love one hurt one, love one kill one, love one eat one...

Yes, it’s no wonder we’ve a confused generation — once firm foundations shaken to the core —
Kids being reared by homosexual and lesbian couples, nothing clear nor certain anymore.
And hence gay marriages, the aberrant sanctioned by law, and tell me, what’ll be next through the door,
For while such folk shouldn’t be mistreated, shouldn’t sound principles be behind every law?

Even more confused kids coming up.

You see, we can talk about acting humanely until the cows come home — or of human rights —
But any law based on aberrance (Nature clear enough), a new script for society writes.
And one that tips everything upside down, we deludedly thinking we’re acting more humane,
When the truth is, we’re exchanging one problem for another, and have far more to lose than gain.

And as far as God goes — if kids are taught about God — seems He’s who and how one perceives Him to be,
And just as silly, seems Heaven’s also for those who willingly continue to act badly,
(Just so long as they’ve accepted God, apparently), and hence why more Christians are acting badly,
For such a belief hardly improves one’s behaviour, and to be frank, makes this a reality...

Yes, if folk can still get what they want whilst doing and remaining the same, they will, believe me,
For that’s how most folk are, and hence those professions of faith that are lacking in sincerity.
Oh yes, such folk may believe, acknowledge things mentally, but as far as true commitment goes,
It’s seldom that such folk pass the acid test, such being something that the Bible says God knows.

And doesn’t it say something about obedience?

The truth is, that we can’t get past the fact that we need morals, principles, standards, values and
Certain boundaries-cum-sound, protective laws, for where they are absent, things soon get out of hand,
Which they have, for society has turned its back on sense, hence why we see every kind of offence,
And what can we expect given that we’ve been busy pulling down every wise and needed fence?

You know,

I was thinking about competitiveness, and how as a Christian such I cannot endorse,
For such pits person against person, is contrary to the putting others first Christian course.
In other words, the Gospel appeal to die to self, and that “Do unto others as you would
Have them do unto you” principle, which to be honest, most aren’t living up to as they should.

Well, as I pondered on such, I thought about non-Christians too, and the following came to me:
We’ve two choices, to live by Christian principles or that each one for themselves mentality,
Which, by the way, belongs with the theory of evolution-cum-no accountability,
As no God, no moral foundation, and thus no day of reckoning, which seems crazy to me.

Let me see now, what can I get away with?

You see, if non-Christians want a world where there’s love, hope, fairness and order, then one thing’s clear:
They’ve no choice but to accept Christian principles for living, for such aren’t plucked out of the air.
And if they do not accept such, then they’ve really no choice but to accept the alternative,
And that being: That anything goes, survival of the fittest approach, via which so many fools live.

And any laws based around or upon such are as changeable as the wind, and built on sand,
They at the whims of whoever is in control, or the fickleness of those throughout each land.
Yes, no absolutes, no guiding light-cum-clear direction, and thus no safety or certainty,
Hence why despite how some folk feel, certain things shouldn’t be allowed — but have been, disastrously!

When a generation (and more), is raised on a visual diet that corrupts their heart and mind,
They’re not only negatively and harmfully moulded, but conscience wise, left deaf, dumb and blind.
And they thus rudderless ships at the mercy of any current or wave, and destined for rocks,
And why we, given the current state of society, are in for more turmoil, pain and shocks.

How many parents join their children in watching and listening to what can only harm them,
And then when their kids copy such, (become what they behold), such hypocritically condemn?
If they don’t want their kids playing around, getting into this or that, nor ending up in jail,
Then best they put those fences back up that they’ve helped pull down, replacing every paling and nail.

Yes, we’ve a confused generation, one ripe for the plucking.

By Lance Landall

14.  Listen Up, Kids

It’s easy for kids to knock their parents, point out their faults, and accuse them of this or that, but hey,
Parenting's learn as you go, despite all those books out there, and all those things many know-it-alls say.
And this kids discover when they've kids of their own, unless they’re amongst the very fortunate few,
Who, due to a number of fortunate things, don't suffer from many problems that most parents do

(Yes, good parents too), 'cause despite the best they do, kids are kids, and there's all that peer pressure out there,
Along with things in general that work against a parent's best, and that injuriously steer.
Thus no matter how hard parents try, their best intentions often go astray, or get torpedoed,
'Cause they’ve not only their own demons to fight, their own background issues, but those bullets that others load.

And like I said, kids are kids, they don't have older heads, and they seem to have to learn the hard way too,
Hence why despite the best of care, advice and training, the craziest things they so often pursue.
Aside from acting like they’re bullet proof, they're prone to rebellion (disrespect), which can really rile,
'Cause parents are human too, and midst it all (their own heavy load), can’t always grit their teeth and smile.

There’s no such thing as perfect kids, and nor is selfishness uncommon, but there’s another thing too,
Each kid is different, hence why parents are always learning — and along the way, messing up too.
All why they need some leeway, 'cause raising kids is the hardest thing to do, and more so, I must add,
When parents are beset by struggles of their own, past or present, and the proper help haven't had.

By Lance Landall

This poem was upgraded February 2020.

15.  Should Mums Stay At Home?

Cindy had just returned from choir practice, she opening the oven that contained her meal that had been kept,
Though when it came to her doing her own cooking — or dressmaking, for that matter — she was far from inept.
Yes, a very capable fourteen year old, her mother having trained her well — and she much loved and cared for;
And a very level-headed girl too, who all the hallmarks of a good member of society bore.

“Do you think that mothers should stay at home, Dad?” she inquired of her father, he responding attentively.
“Well, as far as a child’s best interests go, yes — such being the ideal — but not always possible, Cindy,
And hence why many mothers are out working these days, most wishing that they could stay at home, undoubtedly,
And I being so glad that my mother was one of those who was able to remain at home, actually.”

“If you’re happy for me to continue, Cindy, I’ll share a few things with you that may well prove helpful here.”
“Sure, Dad,” Cindy replied nodding her head. She grabbed her plate and fork and moved to a more comfortable chair.
Her father leaned back against the cupboards. “And, by the way, when a mother’s at home, there’s lots she gets to see,
Unlike those mothers who tend to miss so much when their children are placed in a childcare centre, daily.”

“Those initial years provide a special bonding time, the most time a mother spends with her child, actually,
For once school starts, that time together becomes limited, and more so when that child starts work, naturally.
And those first few years are far more crucial than many realise — moulding wise, that is — hence that need for great care,
Lest the influence of other children and adults impact negatively, and that they oft do is clear.”

“Thus, it’s a question of whether one should take that chance, and of how important one considers such to be,
Given that the more time spent with her child, the more say that mother has in forming it’s character, you see.
And then there’s how much it means to a mother to closely observe those first years-cum-changes, gone so quickly,
And yes, kids left at childcare centres can feel less wanted underneath, and once at home, their mum so busy.”

“A slight digression:

From tiny to near the end of my school years, I benefited from the security and certainty
Of my mother always being at home, and thus being there when I needed her come sickness or anxiety.
And believe me, nothing beats a mother’s tenderness, fathers oft too masculine for their own good, sadly,
Let alone their wife’s and child’s good, and why my dear mother listened with greater empathy and sympathy.”

“And you know,

When a husband truly loves and protects his wife; and she is able to stay at home as a full-time mum,
She’s less stressed, more happier, able to give more time to him and their child — and oh, teenage years oft troublesome.
Enter me, and my mum seeking employment near the end of my school years, and that’s when I got into strife,
For it’s just so much easier for such to happen when a woman becomes a working mother and wife…

And children are on their own at home.”

“Yes, a wife-cum-mother’s role is so much easier when a woman is able to stay at home each day,
And with her being there, her children have access to immediate help, and thus are far less likely to stray.
All thanks to those loving and watchful eyes, and that house where mum’s less absent, and more focussed on love and care,
She having the time for such, her loyalty not split between home and work, for oh, how such can interfere.”

“When a man goes to work, leaving his wife at home, he feels like he’s really looking after her — well, more so —
She more able to relax and enjoy life, she being treated more like a princess — somewhat cocooned, you know.
And by that I mean, he sheltering her from the rough and tumble of working life, that big bad world out there,
Where his looking after her, and her children, makes him feel more like a man, she waiting for him to appear.”

“Yes, nothing beats that warm home, that yummy smell of food, that attractive dress, and that “I’m home!” cuddle and kiss,
Which as far as I’m concerned, blows the socks off any drug on the market, be such champagne or cannabis.”
Cindy laughed. “Oh dad, I can’t wait to get married.”  “Well, all in good time,” her dad replied, a smile on his face,
For what man doesn’t want the best for his wife and children, and why I believe that home is the better place…

For wives-cum-mothers, that is.”

By Lance Landall

A more hard hitting poem in regards to latchkey kids is found under my poem "What's Child Abuse?" and is entitled "To The Angry Young" — orange box, left side of secular poem list.

Recommended reading: Home By Choice by Brenda Hunter, Ph.D. (Raising emotionally secure children in an insecure world). This book details and exposes the emotional scars-cum-serious consequences that can occur due to placing babies, infants, toddlers-cum-preschoolers in childcare centres.

Benjamin Spock, who told an entire generation of parents to not discipline their children, stated this before his death:

"We have reared a generation of brats. Parents aren't firm enough with their children for fear of losing their love or incurring their resentment. This is a cruel deprivation that we professionals have imposed on mothers and fathers. Of course we did it with the best of intentions. We didn't realize until it was too late how our know-it-all atitude was undermining the self-assurance of parents."
CETF magazine, March 2009

16.  Reason To Be Frightened

Children raised by parents lacking morals, principles and standards, will be worse,
And their children worse again, and thus this world under a self-inflicted curse.
Oh, the sins of the fathers.
And this sad prospect why we’ve reason to be frightened, it real and underway,
Humanity becoming less humane, the appalling growing by the day.

The sixties sexual revolution and its rebellion on a mass scale
Has resulted in every boundary being lashed by its selfish gale.
And there’s no letting up, women oft as bad as men, and their kids worse than them,
Undisciplined and criminals-in-waiting hanging on their rudderless mother’s hem.

Yes, soon to be pub crawlers, bed hoppers, trash watchers, junk eaters, arm prickers,
And foul mouthed, self absorbed, authority bucking, God mocking, virtue kickers.
No, not a pretty scenario is it, but occurring before our eyes,
And given those children of those so-called enlightened hippies, it’s no surprise.

Yes, I have heard and seen the talk and antics of such parents in the work force;
Oh, if only their partners knew, though most as bad, equally askew and coarse.
Those wise Christian-based morals, principles and standards now largely discarded,
And for what? Nothing able to match them, and hence that destructive damp and rot,

The madhouse of folly about to fall, humanity blowing its last shot.

By Lance Landall

What is done to children, they will do to society.”
Karl A. Menninger, Psychiatrist (1893-1990)

"At the rate America is decaying morally, we shall have to change our national symbol from an eagle to a vulture."
Vance Havner (1901-1986)

"If God doesn't destroy Hollywood Boulevard, He owes Sodom and Gomorrah an apology."
Jay Leno

17.  Surely Not Your Child

Why did you bring me into this world if you’re not working to make it better?
The tears of oppression, poverty and suffering making the ground wetter.
And I, your child, am traumatised by images that haunt, many on TV,
Which you, Mum and Dad, allow to flicker in my presence unconcernedly.

I’ve seen you blotto, Dad, Mum too, but those drugs you take say even more to me,
That it doesn't matter what we put in our mouth, do to our brain and body.
And I guess that is why nothing much really changed when Mum was carrying me;
Too bad about my appearance and health, but this planet another story.


Why aren’t you busy trying to do all you can to improve society?
Because that’s what I’ve been born into, and surely you’re wanting the best for me.
Well, so I would’ve thought, but it’s as if you’re not around, otherwise busy,
And I left chatting to builders and painters, those delivery guys I see.

And hey,

That family across the street needs help, they appearing most unhappy,
Their kids worse off than me, and oft getting into mischief, unsurprisingly,
’Cause they get away with so much, and haven’t been taught much either, and therefore,
Will probably turn out to be trouble makers with no respect for the law,

No real example having been set, and before I forget,

Why did you bring me into this world if when I die that’s it, nothing beyond?
You not believing in God like others do, but more Harry Potter’s daft wand.
My ancestors monkeys, you say, their beginnings some big bang, apparently,
Hence no reason for us being here, and why you’re showing less concern, maybe.

So I guess I’ll just find my own way, think and do what I like, basically,
I emulating you, and doing just as little to change society.
Though for some reason, I hoping not, because such seems the whole problem to me,
And why there’s surely more meaning to life, though finding it, coming down to me,

Otherwise, why would I want to have a child of my own, such surely unfair,
I having no sound reasons to offer him or her, and maybe just a beer.
Yes, my child asking the same questions, and if I don’t have sound answers, oh dear,
There may will be another bothered child, one wondering why he needs to care,

Or she.

By Lance Landall

18.  Tragedies Of The One Night Stands

There’s naught better on TV than those programmes where people are reunited after many years,
And seeing again (or even for the first time), their siblings, mum or dad, and this, midst hugs and tears.
And the reason for those missed years oft being adoption, or some orphanage-cum-emptiness and pain,
And hence their seeking of answers as well, which might soften and heal their hurt, and certain things explain.

Thus joy and sadness, 'cause their reuniting can’t undo things — and the cause? Oft one night stands, sadly,
Because boy met girl, and well before wedlock that never took place, they got involved sexually.
Hence those solo mums (or dads), those kids without a mum or dad, and so oft without their siblings too,
All because of a short relationship, that lack of control, those passions of youth, which many rue.

Oh, how such offspring suffer, they feeling a big hole in their life, even affected mentally,
And by that I mean, they struggling emotionally, troubled, listless, depressed — they victims, clearly.
Though I'm not unmindful of the failings of youngsters, given good judgment oft only comes with age
(And thus oft results in injured offspring), I can’t help but over such injury quietly rage.


Well, it’s such a sad thing that these kids suffer so, all because of casual sex, effectively,
That indulging in sex outside of wedlock, now viewed as being okay, when how can such be?
'Cause such can lead to kids — in other words, an abortion, adoption, or some orphanage, sadly,
Thus neither we nor the martial institution ever benefiting from promiscuity?

By Lance Landall

This poem was upgraded 6 February 2020.

19.  Nine Times Out Of Ten

Monsters are made.

So if your child’s one, don’t look elsewhere, but at what you haven’t done, and then act,
Though now may well be far too late if you’ve left it far too long, and that’s a fact.
Strict in the early years, less ill in the later years, for both your child and you,
So don’t let your child get away with what it shouldn’t — yes, do what you should do,

Minding what your child does, what it watches, what it reads, and what it listens to.

You ruling, not your child, and threats just a waste of time if they’re not followed through,
And spoiling your child is a sure way to ruin your child, who later, won’t thank you.
Selfishness, thoughtlessness, folly and lawlessness soon marking that child’s life, who,
When all’s said and done, a better and brighter life would’ve pursued but for you,

And what you didn’t do.

By Lance Landall

Includes some Christian content.

20.  The Concerning Generation

Everyone must choose for them self, this path or that path, this way or that way,
All why there comes a time when every grownup kid should have their own say.
Be it beliefs or viewpoints, be it right or wrong, they must choose for them self, and
Accept the outcome, and thereby, possibly innocent or guilty will stand.

But what chance has the kid who right or wrong hasn’t been taught, and who discipline
Has hardly received, nor been exposed to that hope that’s known to each Christian.
And “Spare the rod and spoil the child” not some draconian teaching, I must say,
All why I’m mentioning the following incident that I witnessed one day.

As his dad watched, a little kid stomped his gumboots in a puddle, as they do,
And fair enough, but when he tried to sit in that puddle, then things went askew.
His father rightly having none of that, and thus quickly lifted him away,
Only to suffer a hullabaloo, that kid determined to have his way.

Yes, a short, sharp smack would’ve done the trick, but such outlawed, ridiculously,
Thus that dad struggling with flailing arms and kicking legs — a rebel, quite frankly.
Oh, how embarrassed and helpless that father looked, and hey, no surprises there,
Because that naughty little boy had been deprived of corrective healthy fear.

Such reminding me of that lack of healthy fear found amongst many Christians,
Who foolishly think God’s grace will spare them from ongoing deliberate sins.
They deluded and devoid of healthy fear, ’cause “Repent!” God has said, which means:
“Stop your rebelliousness, ’cause there will be results,” and yet, still those lawless scenes.

All why the current generation is running amuck, which many can see
Who work in schools and childcare centres, or employed with the constabulary.
Yes, cheek and lawlessness abounding, and so too a lack of love, thought and care,
And it’s no wonder when kids know that there’s little that will happen if they dare.

If I’d been a kid to whom little would’ve happened should I have misbehaved,
Misbehave I would have, despite how regarding my welfare, my parents slaved.
After all, we’re all born self-oriented, and hence that need of discipline,
And that other healthy fear, that day of reckoning known to each Christian.

And healthy fear being respect and an appreciation for what might be,
Like that early smack that spares both kid and parent from hassles and misery.
Bad behaviour having risen with that hands-off law, because smacks bear more weight,
And have naught to do with child abuse, but halting further ill and some sad fate.

By Lance Landall

A small correction was made to this poem on 5 April 2021.
After smacking was outlawed in New Zealand in 2007, child abuse increased
(just as I predicted).
See poem below, and the quote under it too.

21.  The Seat Of Learning

“Don’t smack,” they say, but hey, who’s giving kids health robbing, mood altering junk food,
And letting them watch what’s violent, lawless, debased, plain silly, false and crude?
Yes, it's often those very parents who thus stand condemned of hypocrisy,
And why their kids are no better off, or worse; as if a light smack hurt any.

Remove a parent’s last resort — smacking — and enter serious frustration,
That sudden explosion that erupts one day with far greater devastation.
And no wonder, for our bottom’s not called the seat of learning for nothing, and
Why cheek and daring grow bolder where there’s not that healthy dose of fear-cum-hand.

Yes, imperfect world, imperfect means, for we’re all born with a rebellious bent,
And why undisciplined kids become selfish monsters who annoy and torment.
And so it is with most of us too, for remove those laws that govern the land,
And who’d be a model citizen, and guiltless before a jury could stand?

At the end of the day...

A smack is simply a smack, it's not a punch, clout or kick, but a vehicle,
One with no intention to harm, but rather, deliver kids from any ill.
For oft it's only that authoritative jolt that carries any real weight,
And why “Don’t smack!” yells aren’t in touch with reality — but this, oft seen too late.

Oh, how folk swing from one side to the other, sense and balance always the cost,
And thus by the time they've woken up, much that was actually right, gone, lost.
And meantime that hypocrisy, they protecting here but endangering there,
Seemingly less concerned about where their kids go, what they do, watch, read or hear.

By Lance Landall

Benjamin Spock, who told an entire generation of parents to not discipline their children,
stated this before his death:
"We have reared a generation of brats. Parents aren't firm enough with their children for fear of losing their love or incurring their resentment. This is a cruel deprivation that we professionals have imposed on mothers and fathers.
Of course we did it with the best of intentions. We didn't realize until it was too late how our know-it-all atitude was undermining the self-assurance of parents."
CETF magazine, March 2009

22.  Tell Someone

Dear child, suffering from savage deeds that still remain hidden, please tell someone,
Because such evil should never remain hidden; it’s time that justice was done.
And I’m sure you’re longing for such, in need of healing too, but such will not come
Until both the ill and that perpetrator are revealed, time beating a drum.

We’re aware of the tears, that inner cry within you, ’cause you’re one of many,
When there shouldn’t be any, such vile wrong knowing nothing of love and mercy.
So, it doesn’t matter who it is, you must tell someone, someone who’ll help you,
Not letting fear gain your silence, ’cause who knows how much you’ve already been through.

Yes, all the trauma, hurt and pain, it seeming like an eternity, no doubt,
And hence why that darkness needs sunlight — in other words, for the truth to come out.
And that time could come now, if you’ll just choose, not worrying who you betray,
'Cause they’ve betrayed you, and to every such ill done, there needs to come a day.

By Lance Landall

You might wish to check out my Christian poem on the same subject called Don't Worry Little Boy which is found in the orange box titled Stop The Charade!, Christian section.

Contains Christian content or degree.

23.  A Crime That Enrages Heaven

Any man of the cloth who uses his position to molest young children,
Seriously stirs the wrath of God, who, for a future date, records that sin.
And grave that sin is, as if they’d done it to God himself, hence that coming day,
Because no one will get away with such (in the end), thus justice on its way.

Oh, how dare they misuse the Church, how dare they violate the innocent young,
And how dare they shame the God of love, who, because of sin, on Calvary hung.
Oh, what an insult — yes, left, right and centre, a crime that enrages Heaven,
And where God in judgment sits, so woe betide that errant man, so-called Christian.

By Lance Landall

24.  The Paedophile's Shadow

I’d be the first to condemn the act of a paedophile, believe me,
But paedophile paranoia isn’t good either, quite honestly.
And such is why innocent grandfathers can feel very uneasy
When they’re alone with their grandchild, or when acting affectionately.

Or, when near public toilets, I might add — all of which is most unfair,
And a concern to them, lest they, a paedophile seemingly appear.
I’m talking, those furtive glances they can get, that can make them feel so,
And why some, a trip to a public toilet with their grandchild may forgo.

Yes, I am aware that paedophilia and child porn are widespread,
But let’s not go responding in a way that fills many men with dread.
Men like grandfathers, fathers, male teachers, who’d never ever molest,
And who, paedophilia and child porn, totally condemn, detest.

The concern being expressed, is, that innocent actions may be misread,
And why rather than teaching, some men will take up something else instead.
Or why some granddads will ease off the affection, not be around as much,
Lest someone look at them suspiciously, misinterpreting a touch.

These concerns are certainly very real, given the paranoia,
Which effectively operates as a reputation destroyer.
By that I mean, all those aspersions cast upon innocent men, who,
The evils of paedophilia would never condone, nor pursue.

Sadly so, such seems to be a male’s lot these days, universally,
Thanks to a paedophile paranoia that’s gripping society.
And which no doubt is impacting on some grandchildren negatively,
And on children in need of father figures — some worthy male company.

Yes, I would be the first to condemn paedophilia, believe me,
But paedophile paranoia is also destructive, unhealthy.
And like I said, hard on grandfathers, fathers, male teachers, innocent men,
Whose unfortunate plight, I’m bringing to your attention via the pen,
And asking: Please don’t let the paedophile’s shadow fall on good men.

By Lance Landall

Recommended reading: Epidemic by Lori Handrahan, PHD. America's trade in child rape.

25.  Child Beauty Pageants

Little girls are meant to act just like the children that they are, and therefore, they should be dressed accordingly,
Rather than being dressed and taught to act like mature women, who these days are often  called hot or sexy.
In other words, skimpily clad and acting out certain sensual movements, and likewise facial expressions,
All of which it could be argued has connections with certain adult joints and some dubious professions.

Such child abuse just plays into the hands of paedophiles who must watch with rapt and deviant attention,
Eager to see any victim that they capture dressed and acting the same, let alone what I won’t mention.
But such seems lost on all those mothers who glory in their daughters innocent mimicking of adult ways,
Aided by sophisticated makeup and attire that arouses the one who on little children preys.

It seems far from right that these mothers treat their daughters so, who the repercussions of such would hardly know;
One being the possible risk of abduction, which if they knew, they might well attempt to tell their mothers, “No!”
But what wise and loving mother would want her dear daughter leered at, which undoubtedly is a certainty,
Whether such deviants be amongst those at that beauty pageant or simply watching such on the TV.

Yes, a little girl is meant to act just like the child that she is, and therefore, should be dressed accordingly,
Bearing in mind that a certain innocence that’s lost too soon can affect a child very negatively.
And hence why any parent needs to take great care, and not allow their ego or desires to wrongly steer,
For such is not only selfish, thoughtless and unwise, but a risk in which blame and heartache they may well share.

By Lance Landall