Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.


What's Done Is Done

Okay. So you made a big mistake, acted foolishly,
Perhaps accidentally, deliberately, criminally.
A bad mistake, one that has caused you or others much pain,
And you’re sorry, real sorry, and your remorse can’t contain.

Well, you’re not alone, we’ve all made mistakes, acted wrongly,
And many of us dreadfully so, and publicly.
Yes, made fools of ourselves, and maybe shamed our family,
And as a result, lost something that we cared about dearly.

What am I trying to say? Stop beating yourself! It’s pointless,
You’re just sawing sawdust, and creating a bigger mess.
Others have done worse than you, and yet, they’ve weathered the storm,
And to tell you the truth, big mistakes seem to be the norm.

If you’ve good health, have all your limbs, good hearing and eyesight,
There’s still so much to live for, should your attitude be right.
Forget the finger pointing, the nose rubbers, the critics,
And dust yourself off, move on, leave behind what you can’t fix.

You’re not what you were yesterday, (except you choose to be),
But rather, what you choose to be today, courageously.
Let others think what they like, and they will, so why worry,
It’s your life, and if you’ve changed, you’re acting differently.

Enjoy yourself, find a hobby, a cause, and make new friends,
For though you may have blundered, that’s hardly where life ends.
You can still make others happy, leave something good behind,
Despite any negative memories that might remind.

Yes, too many take their life, or dwell on their misery,
When often they could improve things, and significantly.
It’s better to shrug our shoulders and learn from our mistakes,
And in order to find joy again, do whatever it takes.

By Lance Landall