Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.

What's Going On?

My, what a busy little ant — you’ve quite a load, I see,
It’s somewhat bigger than you, and clearly far more heavy.
Boy, I wish I had your strength, for it would come in handy,
Mind! Overlooked the width, huh? Wow, you made it — though barely.

Yes, back and forth, back and forth, you go — so intriguingly,
Toting this or that — a leaf, some food — my, what energy.
It tires me watching you, makes me feel dozy and dizzy,
I don’t know how you do it — you’re busy, busy, busy.

So, tell me, do you sleep, or just catch forty winks, maybe,
Tumble into bed and tumble out again, sleepily?
Seems you’re always on the go, darting about franticly,
Tell me, is it steroids, or some obsessive tendency?

Judging by the trail I see, you’ve got lots of company,
Aunts and uncles, cousins, nephews, siblings — undoubtedly.
They all seem just as busy, and as full of energy,
Yes, it seems this odd behaviour runs in your family.

You’re up and down the driveway — everywhere, actually,
You’ve got me scratching my head, you’re really bamboozling me.
Perhaps you’re on a mission, or is it tomfoolery,
Come on now, you can tell me — say, is it insanity?

No! I’m not anti-ants, it’s just your antics that baffle me,
All that rushing back and forth — perpetually, seemingly.
Yes, that tugging and lugging, lifting and shifting, dear me,
That just never seems to stop — it’s crazy, crazy, crazy.

Okay, I admit I’m jealous, would love your energy,
But even so, you’re overdoing things physically.
Oh, by the way, I don’t like ants in my jam or honey,
So you can wipe that grin off your face — it isn’t funny!

By Lance Landall