Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.


What Big Bang?

Apparently we got here by chance. BANG! See what I mean?
We never existed before, you see — just weren’t, hadn’t been.
We simply came out of nothing, just appeared, seemingly,
Or evolved over millions of years, inexplicably.

First we were amoebas, perhaps — then apes, evidently,
Downing bananas, hanging from vines, swinging from tree to tree.
And then, would you believe it, we became us, humanity,
But not before being cave men or women, presumably.

Yes, all this just happened. BANG! And here we are, you and I,
No longer downing bananas, but fizzy, pizza, pie.
My, how we’ve progressed, come so far, and out of nothing too,
And all by our little selves, over millions of years — phew!

Yes, no longer cave bound, nor club in hand and wrapped in fur,
But civilized, not that the up and coming I mean to slur.
They being, those potential humans who’re evolving still,
And who somewhere on this planet as a something may dwell.

Yes, it’s all too untidy, full of holes — just a theory,
Delusional, surely — gobbledegook, airy-fairy.
Evolution, they call it — foolishness, if you ask me,
The result of one too many — insomnia, maybe.

It hardly makes sense; besides, what hope does such offer? None.
It’s purposeless, devoid of meaning, when all’s said and done.
Yes, it’s just a big yawn, certainly nothing to swallow,
And as far as I’m concerned, farcical, faulty, hollow.

What if evolution malfunctioned — reversed, eventually?
Would we return to being cavemen or women — a monkey?
Sorry to alarm, but isn’t it a possibility?
What’s that? Evolution’s lost its appeal? Well, don’t blame me.

Mind that thing!! It could be anyone.

By Lance Landall