Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.


What On Earth Is Going On?

What on earth is going on? — for thousands are dying every day,
Yes, thousands that could be saved, if we all just sense and heart display.
It’s such a shocking tragedy that the money that such could aid,
Is so inexcusably, and so cold-heartedly, being waylaid.

Think of all the billions that are spent on those wars that shouldn’t be,
On all those weapons that destroy; produced and sold prolifically.
Think of all the billions that are spent in casinos 'round the world,
On pornography and drugs, and at those amusement parks folk build.

Think of all the billions that are spent on alcohol and cigarettes,
On jewellery and cosmetics, on fireworks and on pampered pets. 
Think of all the billions that are spent building spaceships pointlessly,
When it's down here that we’re meant to be, caring for earth’s family.

Think of all the money spent on things in excess of what folk need,
Or that is spent on selfish pleasures, which, “I’ve a right,” folk will plead.
If people were more contented, and more modest lives chose to live,
There’d be a lot more money that to the suffering they could give.

There are so many folk in this world who have far more than they need,
And who’re simply adding to their treasure, propelled by self and greed.
If they only kept what is needed, gave the rest to those in need,
Literally thousands throughout this earth we would soon save and feed.

Oh yes, in this sad old world today, self indulgence reigns supreme,
And hence why excess after excess most disturbingly is seen.
While thousands die and suffer, many others thoughtlessly parade
Their mansions (that are filled with objects) where self and pride is displayed.

Yes, so much money is wasted daily on unnecessary things,
And is being used in other ways that just ill health and trouble brings.
Thus, with so many folk in need in this world that we’re living in,
Such is a grave misusage of money — cruelty, a crime, a sin.

By Lance Landall

Yes, Life's Unfair

Someone who’s got a house inherits another, sells it, splurges the money,
While someone who’s related and who needs a house remains without one, sadly.
Now where’s the fairness in that?
So let’s put it in rhyme, it far better out than in, for such can truly sting,
And is another very sad story with that oh so familiar ring.

Yes, life’s unfair, the first people having failed their test, and where my case I rest,
As one should move on, grudge holders possibly as cursed, and via such, they less blessed,
For why let someone’s greed or thoughtlessness start a fire that can only but burn,
And why it’s more healthier for us when the other hard done by cheek we turn.

The truth is, some build sandcastles while others plant seeds that bless more folk as well,
Or give more than they keep back for themselves — God bless that generous carousel —
For pity help those in a desert whose tank is full but padlocked while nearby
Someone has an empty glass which if its not filled will see them suffer or die.

Yes, money seems to get an unholy grasp on many when it comes their way,
They oft still pleading poverty though doing well before — and yet, how they play —
Yes, “Got to watch my money,” they say, tripping here and there, buying this or that,
While someone nearby shivers with cold, goes without, gets the proverbial pat.

Yes, life’s unfair, some pulling up the ladder behind them, others stuck below,
And they oft blamed for their own predicament and left in the rain, hail or snow.
So much for mercy, too bad some have learnt from their mistakes, for it’s “Take a walk,
Let me get on with polishing my Merc, I’m about to head off to New York.”

Well, sort of thing, money having come their way, though even if they’ve worked for it,
They’re still far better off, but that they are their brothers keeper they won’t admit.
And some of these folk even searching those op shops meant for the less well off, who,
Thereby benefit less thanks to these better off folk who can afford the new.

Yes, life’s unfair and always will be given that entrenched “me” mentality,
Which hollers, “Keep your cotton pickin’ fingers off what’s mine!”, or, “It’s my money!”
And why life calls for courage, an acceptance that makes things easier to bear
For nothing worsens our situation more than those things we refuse to bear.

But to those of you who’re better off, please give a little more.

By Lance Landall