Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.


When Parents Err

Perhaps your father hurt you, or your mother did, maybe,
And you’re still feeling angry, and quite justifiably.
Well, you’re not alone, my friend, for such happens commonly,
And sometimes it can take years to heal emotionally.

However, I’d like to share with you what over time I’ve found,
And that is: Parents are a product of their own background.
Perhaps they too, were mistreated, harmed emotionally,
Or simply influenced poorly, even unconsciously.

Now, I know that’s no excuse, but it should be borne in mind,
For we’re all somewhat programmed, and the past seldom leave behind.
Thus, what happened to you may have happened to them, in some way,
Therefore, your parents also, are casualties, I dare say.

So be kind, try to forgive -- plus, that’s the best way to heal,
Otherwise, all that resentment, future happiness will steal.
Remember: They may be nursing hurt too, struggling as well,
And you, friend, may not know that, for some find such hard to tell.

We all swear we won’t do this or that to our children, but,
Sadly, we often do, as things are never that clear-cut.
Thus, very few get through life unscathed, scarless, issue free,
Hence why your kids too, will have an axe to grind, probably.

Your parents may need your help just as much as you need their’s,
And many who’ve hurt their kids, have also been shedding tears.
Sadly, we often do things we regret, things we don’t mean to,
And sometimes they’re pretty bad, or a case of deja vu.

It’s easy to knock your parents, hang their faults on the line,
But how many kids -- when they’re parents -- their parents outshine?
The truth is: Parenting’s not easy, hence that wake up call
When you become a parent, and your own kids rebel, appall.

By Lance Landall