Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.

Who's Coming First

With body refreshed and cleansed, they soon vacate the bathroom,
On goes the deodorant, the aftershave, or perfume.
Their eyes survey their wardrobe in search of what would be best,
And soon a mirror reveals someone very smartly dressed.

Their hair is carefully groomed, possibly lacquered or sprayed,
And as they exit their home, their best attire’s displayed.
They give folk the impression that they are going to meet
Someone who’s very special, someone they can’t wait to greet.

Now, I can’t think of anyone who’s more special than our Lord,
And that time or place of worship where Christians His love laud.
Surely who we go to greet, and that grand occasion too,
Deserves our best attire, the best we’re able to do.

Isn’t that how we witness, where we’ve the money and means,
For surely the opposite, both God and occasion demeans?
In the eyes of observers, surely dressing up conveys
That both God and the occasion all other things outweighs.

So, why is it we’re seeing many Christians dressing down,
Regarding corporate worship, but dressing up for ’round town,
Or for that someone special, that occasion or ceremony,
Effectively suggesting what’s viewed more importantly.

Many go to church these days sporting casual shirts and jeans,
Or wearing certain clothing that t’wards the immoral leans.
It seems that anything goes, hence the attire we see,
Worn when worshiping, without concern, and inappropriately.

Admittedly, there are those who are decked out pridefully,
Contrary to the warnings that God conveys biblically.
But whether you’re dressing down, or dressing to draw attention,
I don’t believe that either were ever God’s intention.

By Lance Landall