Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.

Who's The Victim

Even though we should never excuse any wrong that folk commit,
There are often reasons for those wrong things — a complex composite.
Yes, very few are left unscarred by the assaults that this life brings,
Which is why we so often witness many bad and tragic things.

Nobody fully knows why it is that within the minds of some
Certain distortions occur, and why so evil some folk become.
The mind is extremely fragile, and thus is easily impaired,
And who knows why it is that some folk are harmed and others are spared.

In the minds of those who are very young, sad seeds are often sown,
Which can lead to consequences, some of them known, and some unknown.
Such seeds are often nourished by the many wrong things that they see,
That are accepted and applauded throughout their society.

Yes, it’s very easy to condemn someone who commits a crime,
And even more so, should it appear to have no rhythm or rhyme.
But who truly knows what has occurred, or when it occurred as well,
Deep within that person’s brain, and that eventually led to ill?

Hence why there’s a need for caution when we witness a wrong that’s done,
Lest we respond incorrectly, or that person wrongfully shun.
So, even the worst of offenders, let’s not wrongly treat or hate,
And where punishment is needed, let’s also rehabilitate.

Yes, we could well reveal a problem that within our own self lies
Should we rage about another, or delight in their sad demise,
Or should we clamour angrily for their quick incarceration
When they have been a victim too, of someone’s evil creation.

Could the victims of a wrong be the products of our creation,
In other words, have some seeds that we’ve sown spawned that violation?
And are victims caused by victims — mostly, often, or just sometimes,
And do we thereby share in the blame for that crime rate that still climbs?

By Lance Landall